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posted a comment on Drax - Drax Two. over 2 years ago
"Middle Earth" is the cut on here, for me. I'd say it's aged better than anything else on this record. Wouldn't have been out of place on a Likemind release, although it's got a tough edge that a lot of those tracks lack.
posted a review of Delta (2) - Sex Implosion. over 4 years ago
Came across this in my collection the other day, having barely listened to it since the day I bought it in 1996. The A side "Sex Implosion" really hasn't aged well, but the B side "De-Escalation Of Time" makes this worth picking up.

It's a spacey ... See full review
submitted DJ Uncle Al - We Come To Party. over 5 years ago
submitted DJ Taz (3) - Chant 4 The Crowd. over 5 years ago
submitted Various - Freestyles From The Album Bootleg Booty. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Apogee - Tales From The 2nd Moon EP. over 8 years ago
During 1996 I did the odd set on jungle-centric London pirate Rage FM. One morning at around dawn I played the A2 track "Horizons Forgotten" and the sleepy MC was suddenly invigorated, calling for a rewind and then delivering an animated diatribe about ... See full review
posted a review of Leo Anibaldi - Nothing Has Changed. over 12 years ago
Really baleful EP of excellent dark techno. And when I say "dark" I don't mean distorted or ludicrously hard, though - it's dark in that every track has a ghostly and fearful atmosphere to it, with discordant tones and unsettling human-like sounds fading ... See full review
posted a review of Round Two - New Day. over 12 years ago
Another comment added here, perhaps pointlessly. The vocal only mentions the title of this track around four minutes in - all the verses basically end without a chorus - and at the point where the title line comes in, there's a subtle key change in which ... See full review
posted a review of Robert Hood / Silicon - The Feel / Electron Push. over 12 years ago
An excellent pair of tracks here. Robert Hood's organ-driven dancefloor cut "The Feel" is the one that most DJs would probably go for; it comes across sounding a bit like one of his housier Floorplan productions, but retains a banging quality that really ... See full review
posted a review of Analog~1 - Untitled. over 12 years ago
The EP of delicate, understated and beautiful electronics contains no dancefloor tracks, but is instead reminiscent of early 1990s "electronic listening music" (the term that was used before "IDM" became ubiquitous). It's not impossible to imagine these ... See full review
posted a review of Mike Dred - Macrocosm. over 12 years ago
While the B-side track "Oxycute" is a bit more along the lines of Dred's work on Rephlex - very raw 606 & 707 drum sounds, chaotic sound of three or more 303s competing for attention - the A-side track "Macrocosm" is in a fairly different mould.

It's ... See full review
posted a review of The Martian - Particle Shower / The Voice Of Grandmother. over 12 years ago
"Particle Shower" is fairly representative of the UR/Red Planet techno style of the time - pacey enough, nicely layered without sounding overproduced, with an energetic funk-laden spikiness to the overall sound.

"Voice of Grandmother", however, is the ... See full review
posted a review of 2000 And One* - Adonai Elohim. over 13 years ago
"Adonai Elohim" on side A is a highly crowd-pleasing Detroit-influenced piece of dancefloor techno. The long introduction could prove to be a bit too drawn-out for some, but if played at the right time and in the right place it could be extremely ... See full review
posted a review of Ibrahim Alfa - Daltonista E.P.. over 13 years ago
The two A side tracks on this release are dependable and solid enough for dancefloor deployment, but you should flip over to the B side for the standout tracks. "Sidewinder" especially is an impressive and highly individual piece of electronic music, ... See full review
posted a review of Mesak - Modern Stalking. over 13 years ago
Extremely strong electro release, with the standout cuts being "Back to the Future" and "Katutaso". The extremely energetic A1 track is a solid crowd-pleaser, while Katutaso is a bit more in the mould of the Surface Effect releases - spacey electro, with ... See full review
posted a review of Gemini - Hibernation. over 14 years ago
Mid-tempo Chicago house EP from Spencer Kincy. A more mellow and electronic take on the sound is being deployed here: each of the tracks are pleasant enough, although none of them really leaps out at you.

The B-side is where the action is for me, with ... See full review
posted a review of Insync Vs` Mysteron* - Untitled. over 14 years ago
This EP, like a large proportion of Insync vs Mysteron output, is composed of a diverse set of techno tracks, each of which work on many different levels. Simultaneously hard, calm, marauding, rhythmic and atmospheric, a lot of thought went into the ... See full review
posted a review of Nu Era - Stars. over 14 years ago
Fans of Titonton Duvante and Dan Curtin would do well to track this one down. Fresh, enthusiastic chord stabs introduce the first track, "Libra", which then continues to build on its theme. 'Broken beat' before the term really came into common usage, ... See full review
posted a review of Traxmen & D.J. Lil' Tal* - Flava In Ya Ear. over 14 years ago
"Trax 4 Da Women" is the highlight of this EP, with a Deeon-esque verse/chorus structure to it. You know the one, where the operative word from the line ("shake", "ride", "pop" etc) comes in on every kick during the chorus parts. And when the kick ... See full review
posted a review of Danilo Vigorito - Windmill EP. over 14 years ago
A well-put-together techno EP with crisp production and a healthy amount of attention paid to track development and arrangement.

The first track on the A-side, "Shockwave", is, with its circular two-beat bassline, aimed a little too squarely at the ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Milton - Trak Mania. over 14 years ago
DJ Milton's 'hitting hard' from the word go, with "909 State" kicking off with pounding warehouse-style kicks and eye-splittingly sharp snares and hi-hats. "Star Trek" combines a hypnotic Lil'Louis-style synth line and the classic Dance Mania 'claps on ... See full review
posted a review of Mute (3) - Electrical Storms. over 14 years ago
Sparse, 909-driven DJ tools make up DJ Deeon's "Electrical Storms". The best things on this EP for me are the clean, shuffly acid of "Phenomena" and the portamento nonsense of "Hypnotize". The other tracks are solid enough but nothing special.
posted a review of Beaumont Hannant - Sculptured. over 14 years ago
Towards the end of 1994, a lot of artists in the IDM/electronica/ambient/electronic listening music (choose whichever term you prefer, as long as it's not the offensively smug "intelligent techno") scene were starting to diversify quite widely from the ... See full review
posted a review of Traxmen Presents Mark Bernard - Loop Point. over 14 years ago
Unremarkable but effective Dance Mania four-tracker of solid Chicago stompers. None of the tracks stand out especially, but the production is good and the tracks are funky and energetic enough to work in a wide variety of sets. Any techno DJs out there ... See full review
posted a review of Joe Pippen - Shake That Booty. over 14 years ago
"Shake That Booty" is an ultra-minimal and not incredibly mastered jacker with a fairly distorted tom sound and some sporadic delayed laughs and giggles throughout. "Soul Train" is, as the title suggests, based around sampled strings from an old disco ... See full review
posted a review of Cyrus - Enforcement. over 14 years ago
Arguably the most powerful of the Basic Channel releases. Like "Phylyps Trak", "Enforcement" caused jaws to hit dancefloors in clubs worldwide, and redefined the sound of rush hour techno. This piece of utterly uncompromising music, relentless yet ... See full review
posted a review of Direct - Let It Ride. over 14 years ago
This early Beltram EP displays a strong electro influence, although the standout track for me is the atmospheric techno cut "The Dream". Its sound is reminiscent of some early UR tracks ("The Light" on Acid Rain 1 comes to mind) although with less of an ... See full review
posted a review of Marvin Gaye - I Want You. over 14 years ago
Marvin Gaye's most underrated LP in my opinion. Nothing like as thematically intricate or ambitious as What's Going On, true, but the album is like one long and uninterrupted wet dream. Probably the sexiest record in my collection.
posted a review of Geeez 'N' Gosh - My Life With Jesus. over 15 years ago
If you haven't heard this, then it's really time you let Jesus into your life. Simultaneously hilarious ("Jesus Knows"), moving ("Soul of Mine") and highly experimental (err... all of the tracks, really), this unique album of gospel glitch will unleash ... See full review
posted a review of Inner City - Big Fun . over 16 years ago
At first listen this can seem disappointing - the original is such a perfect song that the significantly different direction D Wynn takes "Big Fun" in can put the listener off slightly. But after repeated listens, and a few occasions where I've played it ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Retro Techno / Detroit Definitive - Emotions Electric. over 16 years ago
A definitive compilation of Detroit classics, with "Let's Go", "Clear", "No UFOs" and "Strings Of Life" representing pivotal moments in techno's creation. Also, we get Kevin Saunderson showing drum'n'bass producers how to produce their bass noises on ... See full review
posted a review of Claude Young / Shake - Begin EP. over 16 years ago
In my opinion Claude Young outdoes Anthony Shakir with his contributions to this release. In fact I think this is Claude Young's best work, going for the dancefloor with "Changing Factors" and for the heartstrings with "Second Experience". Shake takes us ... See full review
posted a review of Dan Curtin Presents Time Undefined - Alive / Cascade. over 16 years ago
Dan Curtin on Strictly Rhythm? Even though he makes arguably cheesy dancefloor material now, back in 1994 he was well-known as a 4/4-eschewing producer of futuristic, melodically intricate "intelligent techno", so it was a bit of a surprise that this ... See full review
posted a review of John Arnold - Universal Mind. over 16 years ago
Not the strongest Transmat release, in my opinion. "Universal Mind" is probably my favourite track, a piece of arresting, glittering techno with an insistent kick drum which is harder than you might expect from a Fragile release.
posted a review of Eric Ericksson - Synchronized Minds / Collection. over 16 years ago
Two tracks on this record, with "Synchronized Minds" being the stand-out for me. A light & skippy portamento groove rides over the heavily shuffled house rhythm with an occasional DX100 string interjection. "Collection" is a bit more uptempo with ... See full review
posted a review of Digital Justice - Theme From: Its All Gone Pearshaped. over 16 years ago
An absolutely lovely piece of ambient techno. A high level of naked emotional intensity reminds the listener of Derrick May's early works, while the electronic sounds are very contemporary - the filtered, enveloped chords of 1996 techno clubs dominate ... See full review
posted a review of Stasis. over 17 years ago
Stasis had a lower profile than the likes of B12, Black Dog and RDJ during the early-1990s UK electronic music days, but was extremely influential nonetheless. The Stasis name became almost synonymous with decent music, and he had fingers in many pies - ... See full review
posted a review of Basic Channel - Quadrant Dub. over 17 years ago
This is the best introduction to the Basic Channel sound - it doesn't explore sidetracks like abstract experimentation (Radiance, Octagon) or hard techno (Phylyps Track, Enforcement), but instead concentrates on the vast and expansive sort of dubbed-out ... See full review
posted a review of Quark - Second Earth. over 17 years ago
Anyone techno fan who remembers going into record shops during 1993, and was repeatedly shocked by the quality of techno coming out back then (especially the Red Planet and UR stuff, the Virtual Sex compilation, etc), will most likely have tears come to ... See full review