All vinyl on sale here are professionally cleaned using L'art du Son liquid. No ultrasound machine intervened.

How the vinyl graded: Vinyl are not only visually graded, but also placed on turntable for test. The turntable equipped with Shure M95HE cartridge and original N95HE/N95ED stylus. Tracking force applied at 1.17g in order to minimise record wear. No warped record will be sold here.

Package: Vinyl records will be carefully packaged with brand new inner and outer plastic sleeve. Double cardboard and necessary extra materials will be used to ensure possible best protection during the journey to buyers.

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I'm here to ask and beg Mr Nooten and Mr Brook to have this underrated album a vinyl reissue with original master tape as the original source. If possible, please do it in an all analogue way. I bought the original vinyl in the early 1990s, but I don't ... See full review
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My guess: apparently one worker in the pressing plant did it wrong. He/She took the labels of side C and D while doing disc 1's batch pressing. That's why the vinyl itself is disc one but the labels belong to disc 2. It might happened to just one, or few ... See full review
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