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posted a review of Vincent & Mr. Green. over 13 years ago
Not that great, really. It's the (female) vocals that get me. She can sing but the throaty 'I've seen the world and I don't like it' style of hers is hard to listen to. The backing music is interesting enough but not enough to merit repeat listenings.
posted a review of Frost* - Steel Wound. over 13 years ago
Greatly overlooked ambient guitar stuff from should be huge Oz label Room40. Gentle yet not weak tones and melody well suited for driving, dreaming or getting lost.
posted a review of Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. over 13 years ago
The bomb squad in full effect. You hear something new each time you listen. The density of the cut-and-paste sampling here is incredible. Doesn't sound dated and Flav isn't even too grating.