My name is Martin...

I run a label for experimental electronica called Mozyk.
Ocasionally I play here and there. The other time I sleep or do some other stuff.

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posted a comment on Otto Von Schirach - Untitled. 8 months ago
So that is never actually released?. I wondered why there is no 03 on bleepstore.
posted a review of Eight Frozen Modules / Mochipet - $ Vol. 11. 11 months ago
The essential 8FM track. Used to listen to that shit every morning with my coffee. Great detailed and juicy glitch. The Snares track is fun but holda nothing special more than just simple breakcore approach handled in a Skelechairs manner ;)
posted a review of DJ Hidden - The Later After. about 1 year ago
I have discovered Noel's music in 2003 with his track on the Vile Techniques CD. Never stopped being a true fan to his work ever since. The Later After and Straightjacket are so beautiful...This album definitely needs a 3x12" !
posted a comment on Clint Mansell - Black Mirror: San Junipero (Original Score). about 1 year ago
those are easily found on 80s hits compilations and would most probably cost faaaar cheaper. the score is great! clint mansel is awesome!
posted a review of Analogical Force. about 1 year ago
Great follow-up on the Rephlex trend. Nice fleshed out braindance, definitive for the scene and what an amazing line-up of artists! Pure eternal love!
posted a comment on Clark* - Hoova. over 2 years ago
It will be available on Death Peak - his new album!
posted a review of Hymen Records. over 2 years ago
True inspiration for tons of artists. Milestone for all dark IDM followers.
posted a comment on Breakbot - By Your Side. over 3 years ago
So it basically is not a vinyl :))) what is more hipster than that. Pure love for the EP of course!
posted a comment on Zod. over 3 years ago
Wish you guys still existed. Best inspiration for non-conventional and rough IDM.
posted a comment on weyheyhey !! - Songs I Made In A Hurry. over 3 years ago
best there is
posted a comment on Phlex - Atta Atta. over 4 years ago
Definitely a milestone in dark experimental electronica. The raw "Beckett" and the playful weird "Rost Beef" are my favourites.
Perfectly proportioned drum layers and tasty percussion punchyness - just what I need.
submitted Synthamesk - Evil. over 4 years ago
submitted Daed - Programist. over 4 years ago
submitted Various - Between The Ears. over 4 years ago
submitted AZ-Rotator - Lost Files, Young Tracks. over 4 years ago
submitted Unseenmachine - Harmonically Carved Structures. over 4 years ago
submitted Pioter - Wymyslone Krolestwa. over 4 years ago
submitted Unseenmachine - Harmonically Carved Structures. over 4 years ago
submitted The Ghost Of 3.13 - Inwards. over 6 years ago
submitted BeK - Shrill. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Venetian Snares. over 7 years ago
u want jazz ? try the badminton record :P
posted a review of Doc Colibri. over 9 years ago
A living proof that quality experimental breakcore still exists and keeps developing after geniuses like venetian snares, the flashbulb, wisp, otto von shirach etc...

His fast and well put drum edits(not only the amen-break) are not the only thing that ... See full review
posted a review of Datachi* - 13. over 10 years ago
A great "Thank You, Roots!" album. Joseph throws 8 perfect remixes to his discography - all influenced him in the past to begin doing, what he's doing now... Pretty much softer than his other works. The only one that slightly sounds "datach'ily" is maybe ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Hidden / Slacknote / Kid Kryptic - Fear 003. over 11 years ago
I ve been listening to large number of heavy dnb but the Empty Streets track is turning back and saying fuck off to everything. It combines awesome idm glitches and head-cutting drums with the most distorted basslines and scariest choirs there are. There ... See full review