I love all good music. Seemingly at the moment, especially 1988-1995 Detroit + UK techno sounds.
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posted a review of D-Fex Featuring Tania Macdonald* - You Lose Again. about 1 month ago
D-Funk mix is killer - At least 10 words must be entered
posted a comment on D-Fex Featuring Tania Macdonald* - You Lose Again. about 1 month ago
not for me! there are print stickers on both sides of mine
posted a review of Various - Digital Millennium. 6 months ago
unbelievable comp <3 that is all i have to say...
posted a comment on Kaotic - Nightdrive. 6 months ago
wonderful thing to stumble upon -i'm adding words to reach the minimum-
posted a comment on David Morley - Evolution. 8 months ago
Did you work out what it was? :D thanks! .
posted a comment on Sierra - Paradise. 8 months ago
Found in a little wonderful shop in Milan at the end of my stay with 30 mins till close - Great stuff <3
posted a review of Nuron / Fugue - Likemind 02. 9 months ago
Personally my absolute favourite of the Likeminds, Nuron/Fugue - No words for this producer, so amazing.
Fave track: Contrapoint
P.s. - word from another user is that there is a Nuron/Fugue Compilation Scheduled for this year! <3
posted a comment on Elegy / As One / Nuron - Likemind 04. 9 months ago
OMG this is HUGE thank you! We need to get nurmad to play in london/berlin
posted a comment on Laurie Kanner. about 1 year ago
Don't forget the Tea and Coffee on E=MC² ! !
submitted The Society - Q & A. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Universal Sounds Of America. over 3 years ago
got here from Gilles too! :)
posted a review of Foals - Total Life Forever. over 4 years ago
Pretty disappointed by the quality of the vinyl and sleeve. Such a shame for such a brilliant album.
Anybody else feel the same?
The central label covers the groove a little so when the needle runs to the end it makes a horrible noise, it's probably not ... See full review
posted a comment on GoGo Penguin - v2.0. over 4 years ago
Please press more!!