Heavy Metal is my life (at least since 1982). I have been to hundreds of live Metal shows in Toronto since the early '80s. Thrash Metal is my favourite of the genres. I generally love ALL genres of Metal, though.

If you look through my collection, you might notice hundreds of Trance/Dance/Rap CD's. I'm selling those for a friend. I won't be able to answer any questions about that genre, as it's not my specialty.

I'm also selling my DVD collection on Filmogs (shop.filmo.gs/seller/brucifercanada). Please check that out if that's your sort of thing. Tonnes of comedy, horror, drama and super-hero movies and TV shows to choose from.

I'm also a Comic Book lover (since 1987). I have been selling those on ComicBookRealm.com for the past couple of years. I'm attempting Comicogs too!!

I still find time to play tonnes of different Board Games with my pals on most weekends!

Thanks for considering buying CD's (and some vinyl) from me here on Discogs, you won't be disappointed!!