Music fanatic of loads of music from 1930s delta blues, 60s psyche garage, 70s punk, 90s house and rave, idm techno and some bubblegum pop from all era.

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posted a review of Fm3. about 1 month ago
Unfortunately every Fm3 Buddha machine I have owned had eventually stopping working because as nice as they are they are cheaply made too which means in the long run button's stop working or the on/off/volume wheel sticks or just stops... See full review
Rhythmatic ²* - Energy On Vinyl
posted a review of Rhythmatic ²* - Energy On Vinyl. 8 months ago
A fantastic mini lp, but pressed on the thinnest vinyl that doesn't bring out the music properly. Had to punch up the bass on my stereo for a decent sound.
BB Seaton* - Ready For The World
posted a review of BB Seaton* - Ready For The World. 9 months ago
Looking for a pic sleeve (or batch of pic sleeves) for this as myself and a seller have multiple copies in just generic white sleeves.
Please contact if you can help.
Yellowman - Sings The Blues
posted a review of Yellowman - Sings The Blues. 9 months ago
A bit of a let down this, he sings instead of his usual dancehall style rap. As such not his best lp.
A Man Called Adam - The Apple
posted a review of A Man Called Adam - The Apple. 9 months ago
I've got one of these, initially sent out with AMCA trademarked joss sticks too. Mine was got after I promised a fanzine article but sadly halted due to my health problems. Thank you A MAN CALLED ADAM. I'll one day do the article you deserve as a... See full review
Cabaret Voltaire
posted a review of Cabaret Voltaire. 9 months ago
For me the 1982 to 1984 recordings are the best. The earlier stuff is ok but the sound of a band finding it's groove. It's a shame imho that the later periods just couldn't really grasp acid house like other artists could. But hey that shouldn't... See full review
Blackout Crew - Put A Donk On It
posted a review of Blackout Crew - Put A Donk On It. 10 months ago
Really want a copy of this. If anyone has one to sell please message me. Cheers.
Refreshers (2) - Bugged
posted a review of Refreshers (2) - Bugged. 10 months ago
#4 done. Buy asap. Looking forward to #5 or maybe live performances and a future lp? Please.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
Queens Of The Stone Age - In Times New Roman...
posted a review of Queens Of The Stone Age - In Times New Roman.... 11 months ago
Playing the black vinyl UK 2xlp version.
Sonically- lacking enough power to make the vocals crisp enough for me.
The pressing is clean however.
As for that track on side D... was it worth doing that? I'd have preferred maybe some etching instead, or... See full review
posted a review of CJ Bolland - Camargue (The Remixes). 11 months ago
I have this but on R&S UK White label complete with dj response/feedback sheet is still included. Sent to me free from Paul Modo of Mr Modo records in exchange for me providing 2 x 90 min cassette tapes of samples for The Orb, of which one sample from... See full review
Generation X (4)
posted a review of Generation X (4). 11 months ago
The band that were truer to Malcolm McLarens idea of punk - more rock n roll influenced than the Sex Pistols. Kinda split opinion for some 1970s punks. I like them a lot myself, though probably for just the first 2 lps. But Billy idol right now with... See full review
13th Floor Elevators - Bull Of The Woods
posted a review of 13th Floor Elevators - Bull Of The Woods. 12 months ago
Will Charly ever release this in the UK? I've just started collecting the first 2 lp and the recent compilation lp. So if anyone is aware of Charlys plans..... otherwise it's pay up for an import copy.
Refreshers (2)
posted a comment on Refreshers (2). 12 months ago
Amazing old skool vibes here. Just make sure you buy when available cos the first lp is already being advertised by sellers at silly money.
E.p #4 comes out July 7th 2023.
Refreshers (2) - Pork Pie
posted a review of Refreshers (2) - Pork Pie. 12 months ago
Looking for a copy of this for under £30. I've got the digital download but prefer vinyl.
Various - The North Atlantic Noise Attack
posted a review of Various - The North Atlantic Noise Attack. about 1 year ago
Originally there were meant to have been a lot more USA band's on this. Unfortunately legal bullshit got in the way and thus a double lp became an lp and 12" and only 6 USA band's.
There are no copies of this without the 12" btw, I've seen some... See full review
Baby Ford & The Wild Children - Change
posted a review of Baby Ford & The Wild Children - Change. about 1 year ago
So this is bugging me... The Quick st mix drum breaks... were these his or are they sampled? I'm pretty sure there's a famous hip hop track with that loop. (Can't recall it's name but I think De la soul/Tribe called quest era?)
The Caretaker - Everywhere, An Empty Bliss
posted a review of The Caretaker - Everywhere, An Empty Bliss. about 1 year ago
This CD exists purely because the exhibition in the gallery needed music to accompany it and the average visitor wouldn't stay for over 6 hours for the full 6 volumes of music. So this length is about right for a visitor viewing the paintings of Ivan... See full review
posted a comment on Landscape. about 1 year ago
New romantic pop at its finest. To be added to your collection next to Visage.
Crass - Big A Little A / You’re Already Dead
posted a review of Crass - Big A Little A / You’re Already Dead. about 1 year ago
Crass sold all the rights to One little Indian. The label that the band The Shamen left eventually with a "fuck Derek birkett" (The labels owner) for insisting they just churn out stuff that sells despite the quality of the product. Birkett is a money grabber. See full review
カウント・バッファロー* - Uganda = ウガンダ (アフリカン・ロックの夜明け)
posted a review of カウント・バッファロー* - Uganda = ウガンダ (アフリカン・ロックの夜明け). about 1 year ago
So on further investigations track 2 side 1 is a Japanese corruption of Swahili. I love you so much in Swahili does indeed as I original quoted mean "I love IT so much" as opposed to "I love YOU so much" in Swahili. Just one tiny tweak of words makes... See full review
The Damned - Music For Pleasure
posted a review of The Damned - Music For Pleasure. about 1 year ago
Being a punk in 1977 I actually preferred this lp to their debut lp.
The debut lp is great don't get me wrong but sounds like a band having only just learnt to play their instruments, it's too raw an lp for me. Whereas the 2nd lp (this one) sounds... See full review
The Detroit Cobras
posted a review of The Detroit Cobras. about 1 year ago
I'm always amazed this band didn't have bigger success. Maybe the promoters didn't try hard enough.
The sound a mix of northern soul classics, rock n roll classics with a vocalist who could easily rival Amy Winehouse. Sadly Rachel Nagy is no longer... See full review
Kode9 - Escapology
posted a review of Kode9 - Escapology. about 1 year ago
I like the way the cd package initially could be mistaken for a PlayStation game. (It fooled a friend of mine at first look.) The obvious ripping off of the Rockstar games and PlayStation graphics.
Musically great, abstractions on the dubstep genre. A... See full review
Kode9 - Astro​-​Darien
posted a review of Kode9 - Astro​-​Darien . about 1 year ago
Received the green vinyl10" of this today, tri gatefold sleeve in a plastic sleeve.
Soundwise? It's more like listening to a BBC radiphonic workshop play like Dr Who than an actual musical experience. Good but impossible if used on a dance floor.
I'm... See full review
The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials
posted a review of The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials. about 1 year ago
Will this expanded edition ever see a vinyl release? I'd like to own the expanded edition reissued on vinyl please.
Heartbreakers* - L.A.M.F. - The Found '77 Masters
posted a review of Heartbreakers* - L.A.M.F. - The Found '77 Masters. about 1 year ago
I get what you mean there's a difference in price in the UK of around £8 between this and the lost mixes black vinyl gatefold sleeve.
I suspect some fans are being milked here with yet another version of this lp out now. I wonder how long before yet... See full review
Heartbreakers* - L.A.M.F. - The Found '77 Masters
posted a review of Heartbreakers* - L.A.M.F. - The Found '77 Masters. about 1 year ago
Pirate love sounds a bit wonky on my copy, all other tracks sound fine but I had to check for a moment that it wasn't off centre. Odd, it's the only song that has this slightly out of tune feel. I can only assume it's the actual guitars out of tune or... See full review
The Prodigy
posted a review of The Prodigy. about 1 year ago
Before 2009 I liked the prodigy a lot, after that and the direction into a stadium rock/punk hybrid didn't do it for me. Felt like they'd ran out of ideas and tried to ape Pendulum.
However all the stuff up until 2009 I like a lot. I guess at heart I... See full review
Prodigy* - Baby's Got A Temper
posted a review of Prodigy* - Baby's Got A Temper. about 1 year ago
So for anyone not aware, the track is just Firestarter remodelled. Liam said in an interview about this song that the label forced him to produce a single and he wasn't into doing so and instead just handed them a remix of Firestarter with a new name... See full review
Heartbreakers* - L.A.M.F. - The Found '77 Masters
posted a review of Heartbreakers* - L.A.M.F. - The Found '77 Masters. about 1 year ago
So can anyone tell me the difference between the found and lost remastered versions? Are they the same or is there any significant spund difference?
posted a comment on Rammstein. about 1 year ago
Just to point out the comments I've posted come from a Laibach interview and statement posted on Facebook by them.
カウント・バッファロー* - Uganda = ウガンダ (アフリカン・ロックの夜明け)
posted a review of カウント・バッファロー* - Uganda = ウガンダ (アフリカン・ロックの夜明け). about 1 year ago
Trying to translate song titles. The best I can find at present is Google which says:
Side 1 track 1 = Animals and plants at dawn.
Side 1 track 2 = And I just love it so much.
Side 2 track 1 = War.
Side 2 track 2 = Pygmy.

If anyone's got a more... See full review
Poppy Ackroyd - Pause
posted a review of Poppy Ackroyd - Pause. about 1 year ago
My copy although mint has pops and crackles, noticeably more so on side 2. A shame because if it was not an ambient/quiet reflective piano based lp it could maybe be forgiven. Unfortunately as the music is mellow it's more noticeable when a pop or... See full review
posted a review of God Made Me Hardcore. about 1 year ago
Most of the acts on these releases were recruited on the now defunct TWENTYTHREE.CO.UK website. At the time a lot of these records were ignored or laughed at because of the connection to The Grid, Siobhan Fahey or just because it was an attempt at UK... See full review
posted a review of Kalevala. about 1 year ago
The label 99% of KLF fans don't even know about.
9 x 7" singles only, singles are by mostly Bill Drummond, Jimmy Cauty, Gimpo (The klfs roadie mate), Mark Manning (aka Zodiac Mindwarp) and others. I like them all but collecting the set ain't going to... See full review
posted a comment on The KLF. about 1 year ago
Assuming KLF really burn't a £million - In reality all they burned was around £2,000 of paper. No food, medical supplies or anything else of value was destroyed.

The million quid was burnt. But the rights to its... See full review
Rubble (3)
posted a review of Rubble (3). about 1 year ago
An amazing set of 20 lps. All artists mostly from the Decca and Philips UK vaults. Most band's here only ever recorded 1 lp and a single, some more but mostly they were signings dropped after the releases never charted.
You will find in here... See full review
Various - Killing Eve Season One (Original Series Soundtrack)
posted a comment on Various - Killing Eve Season One (Original Series Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
As this is now a rare and expensive item I would recommend the lp by Unloved (The lp "Guilty.") As most of that lp was used on this release. So buying the Unloved lp your getting most of the Killing Eve lp but cheaper.
Måuriziö* - Ploy
posted a comment on Måuriziö* - Ploy. about 1 year ago
yeah and also i fucked alex patterson's mum and she sampled it on an obscure 12" you've not heard of

No need for that. If you don't believe me ask Paul who ran Mr Modo who I sent samples on c90 cassettes to.
Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd In Japan - Exit Sappora
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd In Japan - Exit Sappora. over 2 years ago
A company on Facebook are selling this titled as Dark side of the rising Sun on vinyl.
S.O.D.: Stormtroopers of Death* - Speak English Or Die
posted a comment on S.O.D.: Stormtroopers of Death* - Speak English Or Die. over 2 years ago
Might not fair very well in these overly sensitive times we're currently forced to live in but goddamn it's a great album for those of us who aren't made of glass.

Weirdly this band say the lyrics are a parody of far right... See full review
The Wilde Knights
posted a review of The Wilde Knights. over 2 years ago
This page is missing the rare cardboard mounted flexi disc of Beaver patrol that was given away free with boxes of potato chips in the USA, date approx 1965. This is the copy used for the first Pebbles lp and is mentioned as such on that records sleeve.
posted a comment on Rammstein. over 2 years ago
If you think Rammstein don't know who Laibach are....
Im not allowed to insult your extremely low intelligence so I shan't.
Stop trolling buddy and accept facts that have been printed and accepted by both bands.
For the record I like some of... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a review of Cybotron. over 2 years ago
Will we ever see either a dvd or CD of the reformed Cybertron? I see they have played gigs at The Barbican and at a few fashion shows.
posted a comment on UB40. over 2 years ago
For their first 2 years Ub40 were an amazing reggae band even venturing into dub excursions too on Present arms In dub.
After 1982 for What ever reason (record company pressure or just a change of direction for a band seeking hits?) The change of... See full review
posted a review of DEV2.O - DEV2.O. over 2 years ago
All music here except vocals are Devo the original band, the vocals were kids chosen by the Disney channel and Devo. As such it's a kids friendly version of Devo including subverting the true intent of songs like Whip it and Beautiful World.
It's ok... See full review
Kurupt FM - The Greatest Hits (Part 1)
posted a review of Kurupt FM - The Greatest Hits (Part 1). over 2 years ago
The vinyl costs almost double the CD price but you get half as many tracks. Absolute rip off if you're a vinyl only lover like me. Sort it out please guys.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago