i buy records...(",)...
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posted a comment on Various - La Ultima Noche En La Tierra (Remixes). 3 months ago
who are talking to? this is a database like wikipedia concerning music releases
posted a comment on Jonnie Baby - Special Things. over 2 years ago
i have a 12" with the Guitar Version... same catalogue number as the 12" version here on D
submitted Various - Disco Madness Vol 3. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Merle* - 2000 (And We're Still Here). over 5 years ago
i did. but took it down way before this strange request :)
posted a comment on New Musik - Warp (Ilo Edit). over 5 years ago
any day now
submitted Unknown Artist - Unknown Title. over 6 years ago
posted a review of Merle* - 2000 (And We're Still Here). over 7 years ago
Awesome record... 4 Funky House tracks oozing individuality and quality though they are hard to fit into a dj set. Some might find it easier than me...(",)...

BUT!! The quality contained within each track is undeniable. The B-side could contend as the ... See full review
posted a review of Kelly Charles - Fallin In Love. over 7 years ago
James Bratton' remake of his own track 5 years prior is nothing short of a MASTERPIECE!!

Sybil' version was & is also a masterpiece of downtempo drum-machine disco and it's no wonder that James must have felt that he could sell another version and ... See full review
posted a comment on Ron & Chez D - Untitled. over 8 years ago
B side borrows melody/text from State Of Grace - That's When (We'll Be Free) from 1983...(",)... a kinda tribute.

a smashing release from the Prescription boys!
posted a comment on Ten City - Foundation. over 8 years ago
Totally agree we Another_Swede here... There's magic here with Ten City & Marshall Jefferson making this album sound... just like magic
posted a comment on Astral Matrix & E.T.I. - Reptical. over 9 years ago
listening to this now... for the first time in years and the 3rd time ever. here follows what i think:

1st. it's styled as "Deep House, Psy-Trance" and you can hear it blended in these tracks but they could be put out today and cast as Tech-House or ... See full review