Trance/House lover since 1995. First it was Speed Garage that got me into Dance music, and eventually, thanks to the great tunes of summer '98, I got into DJing. Since then, Speed Garage mutated into 2-Step, so i discovered House and Trance which suited my more musical needs. Still DJ and still very much in love with House and Trance. 1999 was THE year, there'll never be nothing like that again.
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posted a comment on Cloak & Dagger - The Boat. over 3 years ago
Samples Willards quote from Apocalypse Now. "Never get out the boat, absolutely god damn right. Unless you're going all the way".

Eerie track from 2002 that was huge for Pete Tong and Taul Paul. Rolling tribal percussion, deep bass and some super eerie ... See full review
posted a comment on Love Inc.* - You're A Superstar. over 3 years ago
A truly strange record in the fact it was actually released in Canada in 1998, which may not seem strange in this day and age, but back then, how the hell a Canadian producer got ahold of the burgeoning Euro Trance sound and basically recreated it in a ... See full review
posted a comment on Safri Duo - Played - A - Live (The Bongo Song). over 3 years ago
Simple and very formulaic, but my god does it work. On the more commercial side of trance, and loved and loathed in equal measure, it was a floorfiller and got airplay in Ibiza 2000. I remember this being promo'd a few month before the Ibiza season hit ... See full review
posted a comment on Fragma - Everytime You Need Me. over 3 years ago
I really really like this, forget all the mixes, the only one you need is the Above & Beyond remix. When they started out making the "99 style" trance, they were sublime, then they went progressive and boring. Their first few remixes really were ... See full review
posted a comment on Red Kult - Call Me. over 3 years ago
Just leafing through my old vinyl, as you do, and came across this. My god i remember playing this a lot, i even played it out at the now defunct Westside Bar in Peterborough. Such a nice track, very floaty, lots of phaser usage going, which i always ... See full review
posted a comment on Livin' Joy - Dreamer. over 6 years ago
So it was big and brash, and it still to this day rocks clubs (albeit not very trendy ones). What a great track, superb vocals, great production that still holds up today - nearly 20 years later! and its well written. For me personally, its one of my ... See full review
posted a review of Golden Girls - Kinetic. over 7 years ago
The Rhythm Masters Melodic Mix from 1998 is the one here, though i do like pretty much all of the mixes. I do also have a love for the Commie Mix.

The Rhythm Masters one stands out, as the weight of the bass is just overpowering. The beats really roll ... See full review
posted a comment on Solar Stone* - Seven Cities. over 7 years ago
Still, after 13 years, this tune (in its Atlantis Mix) just keeps going and going, and sounds as fresh now, as it did when i first heard it at Gatcrasher in 1999. This tune is somehow poignant yet uplifting in one. It epitomises everything that was good ... See full review
posted a review of Byron Stingily - Get Up. over 7 years ago
What a groove. This track just epitomises everything great about house music. That filtered sample and those drums alone are better than most house tracks released today. The vocals are obviously sublime also.

It's The Parade mix that has it. I hate ... See full review
posted a comment on The Disko Starz - This Song's For You. over 7 years ago
Wha..!? no comments. A brilliant example of the french filtered sound, especially in the Silver Disco Remix guise. Absolutely infectious hooks and riffs all over the place. Sweet chords and a nice bassline really make this rock. The vocal sample (whoever ... See full review
posted a review of Sash! Feat. Tina Cousins - Mysterious Times. over 7 years ago
I'm surprised nobody has reviewed this yet! For in 1998 this track was unescapable and must have soundtracked a lot of peoples nights out.

I remember this being literally on every dance compilation that came out in the summer of 1998. So much so i ... See full review
posted a comment on South Street Player - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind (2010 Mixes). over 7 years ago
The Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox remixes here are absolutely flawless - easily the best version of this song, better than the orginal 93 versions. Personally i used to think the Full Intention mix was the best one, but not no more. Bovie & Rox simply take the ... See full review
posted a review of Electribe 101 - Talking With Myself '98. over 7 years ago
I couldnt care less for the original or the Frankie Knuckles remixes tbh. That may sound like a smack in the face to the forefathers of house, but i just dont care for them. I do however rate highly both Canny remixes. Particularly the Vocal Club Mix. ... See full review
posted a review of Smokin Beats Featuring Lyn Eden* - Dreams (Smokin Beats / Erick Morillo Mixes). over 8 years ago
This is a very solid record. I could listen to the drums and bassline on loop, its so good. The vocals really compliment the funky backing well and give the track the hook. For me though, this track is really all about the skippy drums, they are so well ... See full review
posted a comment on Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby (The Dronez Mixes). over 8 years ago
The Dronez Old School Vocal Mix really is superb. It was always the best mix of this track, but for some reason, never used to get much club play back in the day. The Dronez strip the cheese back to make the track a real weighty groove. The vocals, i've ... See full review
posted a review of Phat N' Phunky* - Friday Night. over 9 years ago
Oh my god! I remember this. The K-Klass mix here is the killer. I remember hearing this on Vibe FM (old 107.7 FM station here in the East of Anglia before it became Kiss FM) around 98' just when i really started to heavily get into dance music. At the ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ EZ. over 9 years ago
The uk's number 1. I was always into Trance and House but back in 2000 i heard EZ's Pure Garage cd and was blown away by it. From the tune selection to the mixing - especially his mixing, i thought it was brilliant. I've pretty much followed them from ... See full review
posted a comment on Whigfield - Saturday Night. over 9 years ago
as the other reviewer wrote, the track i believe, was actually produced in 1992, which would explain why the Amen break is backing the hard hitting kicks (this production technique of layering drums was used frequently back then). This trick was also ... See full review
posted a review of Danny J Lewis - Spend The Night. over 9 years ago
Wow, i cant believe no one has commented on this track! First thing, i cant believe that this was 12 years ago, that is scary. I remember listening to this on old Kiss mix CD's at the time. This and Nu-birth "Anytime" were THE tunes in the summer of ... See full review
posted a comment on Full Intention - Connected: 10 Years Of Full Intention. over 9 years ago
DAMN! This is hot. I'm not one for "best of" or "back catalogue" compilations, but Full Intention being a major influence for me, i decided to check it out.

The tracks i think, speak for themself. Full Intention have the funk, and really know how to ... See full review
posted a review of Sex-O-Sonique - I Thought It Was You. over 9 years ago
This is quite simply an amazing house track. Amazing in that some 13 years on, it still sounds fresh as the day i first heard it on some Kiss FM compilation CD in '97. You could still play this in a club today, and it would still sit comfortably with ... See full review
posted a comment on Black Rock - Bluewater. over 9 years ago
This track oozes class. Why this was never a big record is a mystery to me, because it should have been. A total sleeper of a track thats just dying for an update or new remix to get it back into the conscioussness of people again.

I'm pretty certain ... See full review
posted a comment on Major Lazer - Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do (Bonus Track Version). over 9 years ago
I can't believe no love has been left for this LP. Let me start by saying, i am by no means, into Dancehall at all - i come from a house/trance background, but this LP is just so good. Diplo & Switch both bring a wealth of influences to the table and it ... See full review
posted a review of Hound Dogs - I Like Girls. over 9 years ago
It's a very cheesy track with some corny ass rapping on it, but in the commercial venues, it works. I've played it out a few times and it does. Whilst that may not be the coolest thing to admit, i can't help but like the Phunk Investigation Fantasy Mix. ... See full review
posted a comment on Slacker - Scared. over 9 years ago
The Lonely Traveller Mix is the one to head straight to here. It build with those classic Slacker beat and twangy bass with eerie vocal samples scattered across the top, then i ncomes the infamous "NOW DANCE...UNTIL THE END" sample, after that, its full ... See full review
posted a review of Plaything - Into Space. over 9 years ago
I love this tune. Very nice sample (Sheila B Devotion) worked quite well. I remember hearing it years ago in a few cheesier clubs, the breakdown does sound fantastic on a loud system - plenty of low end, which is always good. The mix to go for, is the ... See full review
posted a review of Brancaccio & Aisher - It's Gonna Be... (A Lovely Day). over 9 years ago
Oh...My...Hell...I just got a bunch of my old records from my parents place and moved 'em in with me. This was in there. I cranked this right up, it sounds so big, and the rolling bass is phat as. The bass and the drums combine to make one hell of a sexy ... See full review
posted a review of Baby Bumps - Burning. over 10 years ago
It's not big, it's not clever, but boy did this do some damage in Ibiza season 1.998. This was absolutely everywhere. It's not the most creative piece ever, so if you're going to steal some Trammps strings/bass you have to execute it very very well, ... See full review
posted a review of FKN Featuring Jahala - Still Time / Can You Feel Me. over 10 years ago
As the above reviewer said, the remix package is insipid. It was from the moment Aly & Fila submitted their beautiful remix, and it's skillfully done too.

I've been noticing their remixes since they did the Sunlounger "Lost" remix, and this one tops ... See full review
posted a review of Kutski. over 10 years ago
Kutski is a terrific DJ. From a technical aspect, he is quite extraordinary, but it's the tunes he plays and believes in which makes him really good. Not ashamed to play hardcore or hardcore remixes of more commercial tunes much like legend John Peel, ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Jurgen Presents Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone. over 10 years ago
I remember this being the track where at the time, i was new to trance, and saw this classified as trance. I loved this track when it was doing the rounds on promo. It tore up the clubs, it obviously crossed over and became a major hit. I still to this ... See full review
posted a review of The Space Brothers - Heaven Will Come. over 10 years ago
Another Lange masterclass in remix production here. He takes the ethereal vocals and works it to an ethereal breakdown that features some nice strings. It's full on euphoria. The rest of the track follows the Lange production template for his 1999 ... See full review
posted a review of Kriana - The Weekend Has Landed. over 10 years ago
Again, another one of those tunes that sums up the feeling 1999 very well. It features the infamous Human Traffic "I've got 48 hours off from the world man" speech. Its a very nice piece of uplifting trance, particularly in the Yellowstone mix. I quite ... See full review
posted a review of Gordon Matthewman - Itza Trumpet Thing. over 10 years ago
Quite a raunchy little number this one. I remember this tune hanging around for the best part of a year. It first rose to prominence in the summer of 98, did the rounds on white label and did the rounds again the following year. It's very "Speed Garage" ... See full review
posted a review of Cyberdrive - Gravity. over 10 years ago
A nice slice of dance music here that straddles the house/trance styles very well. Given who's behind the track, its actually quite subtle. It has a gorgeous guitar breakdown with some nice chords thrown in there. It has a very balearic vibe, and ... See full review
posted a review of Soulsearcher vs. Apollo 440 / Stephen Parker vs. Powerhouse Feat. Duane Harden - Rejected EP. over 10 years ago
The b-side to this is Powerhouse feat Duane Harden "I Got What You Need" vocals over the instrumental version of Humate "Love Stimulation".

The a-side is a nice mashup that got lots of plays back in 1999. It even featured on Alex Golds "Ibiza ... See full review
posted a review of Judge Jules - Clubber's Guide To... 2000. over 10 years ago
Again, another pioneering mix CD for Ministry of Sound from Judge Jules. This was the year where Jules broke through as an A-List DJ. He won awards left right and centre (Mixmag DJ of the Year, Muzik Magazine DJ of the year, and i think Minstry Magazine ... See full review
posted a review of USURA* - Open Your Mind. over 10 years ago
It shocks me that no one has commented on this. This is a fantastic track. I still can't believe that this was made in 1992. The production still stands up fairly well today.

The track itself is based on a Simple Minds "New Gold Dream" sample. This ... See full review
posted a review of Together (2) - So Much Love To Give. over 10 years ago
Yes, this is a great track - i remember Radio 1 started to playlist it at the time, but because it WASN'T going to get an official release, they stopped. This one could have gone all the way to the top.

The only negative thing about this record (like ... See full review
posted a review of Mirrorball - Given Up. over 10 years ago
Good sample, good tune. In particular, the Hugstar Remix. Hugstar just makes it so much more of a club stomper. He adds a nice bassline and some nice keys to his mix, and the pace at which his mix fires along is blistering. Really really good mix this. ... See full review
posted a review of Alex Gold And Agnelli & Nelson - Ibiza Euphoria. over 10 years ago
This was nearly as good as the previous years Ibiza Euphoria mixed by Matt Darey. The Agnelli & Nelson mix, is frankly, rubbish. I didnt enjoy it at all. It was just to progressive for my liking. Alex Gold's mix though, is absolutely brilliant. The thing ... See full review
posted a review of Matt Darey - Ibiza Euphoria. over 10 years ago
I still remember the very day i bought this album. I didnt have turntables at the time so i literally bought every dance compilation that was released throughout this year. Needless to say, after moving a few times, i've lost nearly all of them - ... See full review
posted a review of Sash!. over 10 years ago
I have no shame in admitting i like Sash! It's down to him that i DJ and that i'm into Trance/dance music today. For had i not discovered his mid-late 90's tracks, i'd never have gone on to explore electronic dance music like i did. Sure i liked Speed ... See full review
posted a review of Evolver - Evolver. over 10 years ago
I first heard this on Scott Bond's now classic BBC Radio 1 Essential mix from the 01/03/1999. That essential mix pretty much got me from House and into Trance.

This tune on that mix was the standout track for me. All the mixes of it are sublime. The ... See full review
posted a review of Sex-O-Sonique Vs. South Street Player - Thought It Was You 2007. over 10 years ago
Very very nice mashup this. I should have bought this today when i had the chance. I doubt i'll get that chance again. Both components work so well together. It's quite simple but oh so effective.

The Sex O Sonique track has been replayed and does ... See full review
posted a review of Axwell - Feel The Vibe (Til The Morning Comes). over 10 years ago
Wow, this is an absolute stormer of a track. This is a real crowd pleaser this one. I've played this out many times and it never fails. The acid test being, some of my mates really dont get house music, they like R'n'B etc, even they utter the words ... See full review
posted a review of Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy. over 10 years ago
This is all about the excellent Rank 1 remix. Frankly, for me, they have bettered the original as i prefer 4/4 trance to the older piano rave.

Rank 1 keep the excellent vocal intact, however, the piano is replayed rather than sampled. I'm sure they've ... See full review
posted a review of SWV - The Remixes. over 10 years ago
Now this is what R and B should sound like. It's all about the Demolition mix here of "Right Here". The original remix by Teddy Riley is taken one step further, instead of using the backing to "Human Nature" the mix has also been fused with verses and ... See full review
posted a review of Fragma - Toca's Miracle. over 10 years ago
Oh the power of the bootleg, back in the days when of course, White Labels were all powerful.

Originally a mashup created by a small time club DJ, DJ Vimto. Straight forward accapella over the top of Fragma's "Toca Me".

I vividly remember this ... See full review
posted a review of High Contrast. over 10 years ago
I myself am a House/Trance head but man, High Contrast makes some sweet sweet drum & bass. Why no one has bothered to take drum & bass into the realms of disco quite like the way High Contrast has, i'll never know. To me it's a match made in musical ... See full review