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posted a review of The Mountain Goats - All Survivors Pack. over 7 years ago
This thing is just fantastic. So wonderful to be able to listen to a cassette of his without shelling out the $60 for a rare copy of his old tapes.
Amazingly performed demos. This thing has been in my walkman for days.
posted a comment on The Mountain Goats - All Eternals Deck. over 7 years ago
Amazing pressing of this great record. John Darnielle seems to never fade in his ability to write incredibly moving songs and perform full of emotion, both live and in the studio.
posted a comment on Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me. over 7 years ago
My vinyl sounds great to me but I am no audiophile. Also, I think the whole record is golden and I am in the habit of listening to the whole thing instead of just one 'disc'.
posted a comment on Rakus / Exacerbación - Buy War Bonds. over 7 years ago
Wish I could rate this 6/5!
Very powerful stuff here. The army-green cassette is beautiful and so is the j-card artwork. All-around epic cassette.
posted a review of db Pedersen - Infernal Noise. over 7 years ago
Holy balls. This tape blew my mind. Some of the most creative noise in my collection.
posted a review of The Blackmoor Strangler - The Mark Of M. over 7 years ago
Pure. Fucking. Awesomeness. Great noise from this group.
posted a comment on Fossils - New Weird Fossils. over 7 years ago
Fuck. Yeah.
posted a comment on Knox Mitchell / Antler Piss - Split. over 7 years ago
The only bad thing I have to say about this tape is that it's too short. Amazing sounds on both sides that I wish could last longer. Although, it is interesting to use my auto-reverse Walkman and listen to the tape over and over.
posted a comment on Unicorngun - Horsesniper. over 7 years ago
Mostly harsh but not a wall. Sometimes slightly ambient.