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posted a comment on Various - Times Square. 6 days ago
Amazing that this new wave rock soundtrack 2xLP set has never been issued on CD.
posted a comment on Boy George - MP3 Collection. 19 days ago
The person on the cover photo is NOT Boy George - it's Adam Lambert - huh?
posted a comment on Vaneese Thomas - Vaneese. about 1 month ago
Said the same seven years ago! (See below) - Agreed, the fact that Geffen (now owned by Uni) has NEVER released this amazing album on CD (or even digital) is a crime. I believe there's an audience who would buy it - and would be nice to include an ... See full review
posted a comment on Ten City - No House Big Enough. 2 months ago
My fave cut on this album is "Thick & Thin" - a stellar house track blessed with a minimal, tough production by Kerri Chandler - could have been a single - still sounds amazing today!
posted a comment on Darwin Hobbs - Mercy. 5 months ago
Darwin has a strong, rich voice and his debut is a solid contemporary gospel album with several stellar, uplifting, yet grooving tracks.
posted a comment on Kerri Chandler - Favourites, Unreleased & Hard To Find. 6 months ago
Does any own this CD? If so, I am looking to buy it thanks
posted a comment on Billy Idol - Vital Idol:Revitalized. 7 months ago
What I find annoying is: while the physical CD has 11 tracks/mixes, the digital version of the album has 15 track/mixes?! WHY wouldn't they put/it ALL the mixes on the CD? Mixes NOT on this CD include the cool "Lost Dog" remix of "Save Me Now," a ... See full review
posted a comment on Soft Cell - Keychains And Snowstorms - The Singles. 7 months ago
An almost complete (it doesn't include the act's debut single, A Man Could Get Lost), very solid selection of Soft Cell's singles highlights, including TWO NEW tracks that show a return to form to Dave & Marc's early 80s dark synth pop drama yet updated ... See full review
posted a comment on Nile Rodgers & Chic - It's About Time. 7 months ago
Why didn't they include Chic's "comeback" single "I'll Be There" - which was announced back in 2015 as 'from the forthcoming album It's About Time" - THREE years later...It's About Time!
posted a comment on Rachel McDonald - Fall Down On Me. 8 months ago
Tell me more about what happened in that grimy basement of the frat house...?!
posted a comment on Lenny Kravitz - Black Velveteen. 9 months ago
The XXX rated vocals on this mix are sampled from an underground bootleg tape by The Black Angel - I heard it in its entirety back in the late 80s - very adult, very blue, and very funny! Seek it out.
posted a comment on The Ya Ya's - Looove. 10 months ago
The vocal chorus hook "Looove" is sample of Jennifer Hollidays' lung-busting vocal from Dreamgirls' "And I Am Telling You i'm Not Going"
posted a comment on Various - 12 Inch Dance 90s Remix. 10 months ago
Oh, no! I really wanted the Morales (vocal) mix! Too bad.
posted a comment on Tata Vega - Try My Love. 12 months ago
Tata's other albums have been reissued on CD, but why not this one, her BEST album? And it included several club hits, like Get It Up for Love...we need this on a deluxe edition CD pronto!
posted a comment on Various - Not So Quiet On The Western Front. about 1 year ago
Hey, it's Gregg from the Maniax - you're right: we recorded "Off to War' on the MRNR comp in one take via a hand-held portable cassette player, one mic, and an amp - now that's what I call DIY punk! :)
posted a comment on Ethyl Meatplow - Queenie. about 1 year ago
The hype? Back in 1993, these were tough MK house vocal/dub mixes and the looped inflammatory, expletive-laden chant "F**kin B*tch C*nt" was notorious at the time, hence the demand on the dancelfoor. One of MK's greatest remixes ever.
posted a comment on Chic Featuring Nile Rodgers With The Martinez Brothers - I'll Be There. about 1 year ago
...still waiting patiently for Chic's "comeback" album, "It's About Time," which was due out in 2016...hopefully we'll see a release before the end of 2018?! #ChicCheer
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posted a comment on Cybill Shepherd - Cybill Does It... ...To Cole Porter. about 1 year ago
I think the two words you're looking for to describe this album is: Vanity Project.
posted a comment on Bernadette Cooper - Drama According To Bernadette Cooper. about 1 year ago
One of the most underrated, overlooked R&B/soul/dance/funk albums of the early 90s - masterminded by the leader of Klymaxx, Bernadette Cooper's CD is chock full of amazing tracks, such as The Underground, The Agency Sent Me, Howard Hughe Sitcom, I Look ... See full review
posted a comment on Polly Brown - Special Delivery. about 1 year ago
A stellar CD reissue of Polly's sorely underrated solo debut LP from the former Pickettywich lead singer that's chock full of pop/disco/R&B nuggets like Up in a Puff of Smoke, Special Delivery, Shot Down in Flames, One Girl Too Late, You're My Number One ... See full review
posted a comment on Cheryl Lynn - Every Time I Try To Say Goodbye. about 1 year ago
Keith Cohen's remix is amazing - pity it was never released commercially on CD - only 12" - this promo CD is ultra-rare - I've been looking for it decades!
posted a comment on Rachel Sweet - ...And Then He Kissed Me. about 1 year ago
...and this album features Rachel's original version of "Shadows of the Night" a few years before Pat Benatar would re-record it / change a few lyrics and score a huge MTV/radio hit - too bad, since Rachel's own take is just as spirited & soaring - ... See full review
posted a comment on Average White Band - Aftershock. about 1 year ago
This isn't a stellar album, but it has its moments, mostly provided by electro-fun pioneer producer John Robie's production, which recalls that complex, clean Scritti Politti 80s polish. Standouts are the title track, The Spirit of Love (with background ... See full review
posted a comment on Redinho - Redinho. about 1 year ago
One of the most sublime, inventive, and stunning electro-funk albums of the last several years - while the instrumental tracks are ace, the vocal cuts, including "Get You Off My Mind" (feat. Brendan Reilly) and "Going Nowhere" are amazing - I come back ... See full review
posted a comment on The Pandoras - Stop Pretending. about 1 year ago
If you love the Pandoras, this is a cool expanded CD reissue done right by the folks at Rhino Handmade, featuring nearly a dozen bonus b-sides, rare tracks, and demos not heard on the original '86 LP - some of the bonus tracks are better than the songs ... See full review
posted a comment on Atlantic Starr - As The Band Turns. about 1 year ago
Why reissue this classic 80s CD and not use the original cover art? The reissue cover artwork is tacky & cheesy.
posted a comment on Jennifer Holliday - Say You Love Me. over 2 years ago
WHY oh WHY hasn't this amazing Jennifer Holliday album been issued on CD? While her other albums have, for some baffling reason her stunning second album - with hits like No Frills Love, Hard Times for Lovers and standout tracks such as Say You Love Me, ... See full review
posted a comment on Kym Mazelle - Love Strain. over 2 years ago
Too bad the Frankie Foncett remixes are NOT on the CD, only available on 12" - they are amazing and always were THE remixes for me!
posted a comment on Various - Foxes (Original Soundtrack). over 2 years ago
I'm amazed and saddened that this cool, campy disco-cum-"new wave" 2-LP 1980 soundtrack featuring big names like Donna Summer, Cher, Giorgio Moroder, and Janis Ian has NEVER been officially commercially released on CD - when many other Casablanca artists ... See full review
posted a comment on Meli'sa Morgan - Still In Love With You. over 2 years ago
Soooo jealous! Score! Wow - been looking for the CD for years!
posted a comment on Meli'sa Morgan - Still In Love With You. over 2 years ago
I am soooo jealous - it's been on my "want list" for years - I have the original 12" of course but have always wanted all the house mixes / dubs on CD - will keep looking! An absolute house classic!
posted a comment on Ray Mang - Bullet Proof. over 2 years ago
It's actually a remake of George Clinton's "Bullet-Proof" tracks from the #80s - and Kier was using it as an anti-war protest song - I think it's a nice update and of course Miss Kier's vocals are always on point - I was hoping this single would ... See full review
posted a comment on The Human League - A Very British Synthesizer Group. over 2 years ago
Are Human League box set that doesn't contain SECONDS?! :(
posted a comment on Donna Summer - I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiró). over 2 years ago
Luv Donna, but the Hex Hector mix of "Love On & On" ruins the song - typical tired "circuit tribal" club mi - really wish the original DAVID MORALES house mix was commercially released on CD, especially now that Donna has passed - if "Love On & On" had ... See full review
posted a comment on Diana Ross - Surrender. over 2 years ago
For me, this is Diana's best, most consistent album, yet one that is often overlooked in her catalog for some reason - every song is a classic - from the driving title track to Remember Me, Did You Read the Morning Paper?, I Can't Give Back the Love, and ... See full review
posted a comment on Polecats* - Polecats Are Go!. over 2 years ago
What is odd about this CD reissue - which combines tracks from the Polecat' debut UK album "Polecats are Go!" and the later U.S. mini-LP/EP "Make a Circuit with Me," is this CD doesn't contain "Rockabilly Guy," which was included on the LP version of ... See full review
posted a comment on Marilyn - Despite Straight Lines: The Very Best Of. over 2 years ago
Aside from missing the single "Pray for That Sunshine" (which Maz requested to be removed, even though the song title is still listed in the back of the booklet from the original LP sleeve), this reissue is also missing Maz's ace cover of Diana Ross' "I ... See full review
posted a comment on The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. Introducing Michelle Visage - It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day. over 2 years ago
Just wondering how this can be credited to "Introducing Michelle Visage" when Michelle had been in Seduction three years before in 1989 with their debut album and several hit club singles?
posted a comment on Lotti Golden - Motor-Cycle. over 2 years ago
Saturday soundtrack: singer-songwriter LOTTI GOLDEN's groovy, yet criminally ignored (& woefully under-promoted) 1969 Atlantic debut album, "Motor-Cycle" - girl-group sass meets jazzy pop-rock in NYC's East Village - years later, Lotti would change gears ... See full review
posted a comment on Dimitri From Tokyo* - Le Edits Correction Vorume 2: Le-Mix & Le-Edits Correction. over 2 years ago
This second edition of Dim's disco/funk re-edits is even more amazing, especially his stellar reworks of Prince and Sylvester tracks - positively epic. Worth every penny for this RARE CD.
posted a comment on Dimitri From Tokyo* - Le Edits Correction Vol 1: Corrected Disco. over 2 years ago
Dim's re-edits are amazing!! Worth every penny. Faves on this first edition include his reworks of Dionne and Donna.
posted a comment on Gwen Guthrie - Good To Go Lover. over 2 years ago
Agreed! As a big fan of the late, great Gwen, I wondered why SoulMusic couldn't see fit to include the Larry Levan 12" remixes of both singles "Outside in the Rain" and "Close to You" - as they're both gorgeous and only available on the original 12"s - a ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Streetwise Records Anthology. over 3 years ago
While this is a very nice compilation - and great to get many of these 12" mixes on the CD for the first time ever - there are a few glaring omissions, such as FREEEZ lead singer John Rocca's two solo hits "I Want It To Be Real" and "Once Upon a Time" (I ... See full review
posted a comment on Black Flag - Six Pack. over 3 years ago
I bought this 7" when it first came out in 1981 - and maybe I'm in the minority, but I've always preferred Dez's vocals to Henry's - in fact, I think that Dez was the BEST Black Flag vocalist ever - I wish that they would have kept this same line-up for ... See full review
posted a comment on James Bratton Presents Susan Clark - Your Love Rain Down (Kerri Chandler Remix). over 3 years ago
A deep 'n dirty, rough 'n raw early remix by Kerri - picked this up when it first came out and still love it over two decades later...
posted a comment on CD.UK - See Thru. over 3 years ago
CD:UK is a club psuedonym for a hot club remix of Culture Club's "See Thru" track from "Don't Mind If I Do" - especially loved the MPC's dub in that late 90s UK/speed garage style - should have been a bigger hit than it was - still sounds fresh today.
posted a comment on Vikki Love With Nuance - Sing, Dance, Rap, Romance. over 3 years ago
It is baffling why this album has NEVER been issued on CD before? This hot 1984 album features several club hits including "Take a Chance," "Loveride," and "Stop Playing on Me," featuring the sultry vocals of Vikki Love and ace production by Ron Dean ... See full review
posted a comment on Madonna - Open Your Heart. over 3 years ago
Agreed - one of her best singles ever and her BEST 12" remix ever! Still sounds amazing nearly 30 years later!
posted a comment on Bill Brewster - After Dark. over 3 years ago
Another ace mixed compilation from Bill Brewster - chock full of rare, sought-after disco tracks you may have not heard of before - chief among them, Marti Caine's supremely sexy slo-mo-disco "Love the Way You Love Me" and Asha Puthli's "Space Talk" are ... See full review