"First they ignore us, then they laugh at us, and then they attack us.
Then we win."

- Ghandi

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posted a comment on R-Tyme - Illusion / R-Theme. over 9 years ago
This R&S 89009 edition features a different edit to the Transmat release.
posted a comment on DJ Edge - The Remix. over 9 years ago
From industry gossip at the time this was an in house re-edit of Compnded and is by the artist DJ Edge though not neccesarily edited by him.

Due to the distributor (P&D deal) not paying the label in a timely manner, they said they cannot press up ... See full review
posted a comment on Ghetto Defendant. over 10 years ago
Uncredited on the 12", but the blurb with my copy of Vol 2 says this is by Ashley Beedle and it is his label...
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. over 10 years ago
The reason for this odd, disjointed write up is that it took Discogs 3 years to allow it to be posted. So bits we're added as we went along.
Since Incogdo was bootlegged in 2007ish, we now know it is not the track on this 12".
posted a review of Fat Truckers - The First Fat Truckers Album Is For Sale. over 10 years ago
This is a pure banana peeling moment, for our generation this is 'The Velvet Underground & Nico' album.
A carefree crash of random thoughts opposed by torturous self immolating emotional purges of panic.
This is the soundtrack for when my daughter comes ... See full review
posted a comment on Kid Unknown - Nitemare Remixes. over 10 years ago
btw - having looked at some of the copies for sale with odd writing on them. I can categorically state that all copies had the 'Essence' stamp on it in red only, just as in the pics. I personally broke sweat stamping every single copy, then going through ... See full review
posted a comment on Machine - There But For The Grace Of God Go I (Long Remix). over 10 years ago
The Timmy Regisford Long mix has an accapella breakdown a few bars into the start of the track. However it does have a clap backing, but am not sure if there is an acca of this track anywhere else?
posted a review of Gil Scott Heron* - Space Shuttle. over 11 years ago
Another Bargain to be had here. Of course this is the joy of Discogs, where all tracks are remembered and nothing is forgotten.

After standard fair from Gil on the other two mixes a slight of hand was pulled on this version of the space shuttle 12 ... See full review
posted a review of Spitfire Boys - British Refugee. over 12 years ago
"Formed some 6 weeks after meeting The Heartbreakers in 1977 and finding they needed a support band for an upcoming gig. Originally called The Blackmailers their new name came courtesy of Wayne County!! Part of the Liverpool scene based around Eric's ... See full review
posted a review of Rammellzee - Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee. over 12 years ago
This is out there, really out there.

If you can imagine George Clinton and Tackhead (Adrian Sherwood and Keith Le Blanc) fighting an overt war of terrorism against infidel pop music clones across a battle scarred european wasteland, then you are ... See full review
posted a review of Area 10 Featuring MK* - Get It Right. over 13 years ago
A Genuine Detroit Gem!

Despite few people even knowing what it is, this is certainly one of my prize Detroit items. Lovingly cared for, for nearly 20 years now. In our record shop we got two copies, so they never even got as far as the counter, ... See full review
posted a review of Silent Phase - Psychotic Funk. over 13 years ago
This release signals the maturity of Transmat. It also draws the line between dance music and 'Techno'. For those who know - its a new dawn, for those who just want to nod their head its too far down the road.

How many times can you play 'Spirit Of ... See full review
posted a review of The Solon Corporation* Featuring Dionne - Inject Me With Your Love. over 14 years ago
This is one the best progressive tracks of all time! Certainly one of my favourites. It has a little sample of 'Madonna - Like A Prayer' and a fair chunk of 'Donna Summer - I Feel Love' in the middle. File this alongside classics such as 'Bedrock - For ... See full review
posted a review of Doctor Acido - Contraction. over 14 years ago
This has a bubbling Euro 1989 style bassline and Peruvian pipes. This was very influential at the time, and not because it was an instant rarity like 'Q Words - Thats The Choice' and 'Alpha DY - Chicago Trip'.

Loads of copycat records came after this ... See full review
posted a review of People Get Ready - Be My Friend. over 14 years ago
This track was the end of night anthem for at least 6 months in 'Eden' on Saturday nights. This was the Liverpool club that the world would soon hear about when it changed its name to 'Cream', so this is the first true 'Cream Anthem'.
As played by the ... See full review
posted a review of Various - May 91 - Three. over 14 years ago
The 'Divine - Native Love' is quite a seminal mix for it's time. Nice choppy edits backed with the percussion from 'Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom'. It's 15 years later, and I'm considering bringing it out of retirement.
posted a review of Model 500 - The True Techno EP. over 14 years ago
A Bunch of us laughed at this when it first came out. I mean how bad can it get? Juan Atkins sampling 'James Brown - The Funky Drummer'. Well 2 years later when we woke up to it, we became more than embarrassed.
This is jaw dropping ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Untitled. over 14 years ago
Filling in that big gap in the KMS section.

This is a Test Pressing, picked it up off John McCready (Network Records), who says he got it from Derrick May.
As far as I know this is the only copy, it was never released, and I think the catalogue ... See full review
posted a review of MacDonald Flack And The Ack-Ack Pack - Jack Me Some Crack. over 14 years ago
Almost 20 years later, and this track still makes me laugh.
A fantastic track on it's own despite borrowing the bassline. The Unique percussion makes this still a player at the retro nights.
Definitely in my top 100 all time ever.
posted a review of Various - Billy Who. over 15 years ago
The Hit is of course, 'Billy Who?'. But for an unknown gem flip it over to find the gorgeous sultry female vocal of Michele, pure sex on the floor, dancefloor. As she coaxs you with 'Baby, Baby' you're ready for more action.
If you can find it, buy it!
posted a review of The Phil Jones Project Featuring Hashim - We're Rocking The Planet. over 15 years ago
A little egomania seems to be creeping in on this title. As this is a track by Hashim, that Phil Jones deigns to add to, or remix. I would suggest the true artist name to be 'Hashim, (at best) featuring Phil Jones'. Either way some useful mixes to play ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Street Sounds Electro 6. over 15 years ago
This compilation repesents one of the greatest moments in Dance Music History! Not just any of the sub genres of dance music, but the whole blessed thing.
Everything from the delayed release time, to the monumental Roxanne clash, to the freakishly weird ... See full review
posted a review of Suma - Eterna. over 16 years ago
This was an unlicensed cover version of 'Slam - Eterna' (Soma Records).
It caused quite a stink with the Scottish crew, as it was being preferred over their original version by the DJ's of the time.
They even went as far as to contact some record shops ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Beat Classic. over 16 years ago
The Beat Bop track is censored, it has a bleep over the profanity. This seems to be the only label that has done so. All others (Profile/Tar Town/Street Sounds) are uncensored.
posted a review of Kid Unknown - Nitemare Remixes. over 17 years ago
This was originally on '106 Records', but we only made 3 Test Pressings. When I eventually put it out (after Warp's half finished version) it was on 'Essence'.

After Nipper allegedly stole the DAT from the studio, he took it to Warp who bought it off ... See full review