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posted a comment on Nivhek - After Its Own Death / Walking In A Spiral Towards The House. 5 months ago
sides are etched in the runout grooves/matrixes along with some nice messages
posted a comment on Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell. over 4 years ago
My copy has both the Side A label for both sides...
posted a comment on TCF - NLeZ7tnzzjTXBsMtD1OO0xPEZ0MmnSKsGZA/yHfSV1gfK H+//xR9oW+uUJO4i3N0lRghdsuEoRSOKjJMZApfoA==. over 4 years ago
is there any good way to open this? is the bag resealable at the top?
posted a comment on Howlround - The Ghosts Of Bush. over 6 years ago
I got the first pressing straight from boomkat and it came with an inner, standard, white paper sleeve. However, it doesnt fit inside the outer sleeve the entire way. Some of the paper sticks out the side which means the outer sleeve is too small. ... See full review