Musiclover listening to any kind of music but focusin´ in "techno" (=modern)music; dance, house, lounge, progressive, trance music.
Having a huge discography and lookin´4 more, particularily hard-to-find singles I have not got

All my collection (round 2000 singles/albums -sorry i hadn´t uploaded here so far)is on sale in theory, so if ur interested in a particular item , please let me know....!!!
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posted a review of The Irresistible Force - Nepalese Bliss. over 13 years ago
Dj Food mix is ,in my opinion, the mix which deserves a special attention; Beyond-the-Space alternating sounds that come together to recreate a perfect ambient/trip hop atmosphere that will make u feel as though u were landing in the moon surface, all ... See full review
posted a review of Abraham - Magpie. over 13 years ago
With a smoothy mellow beat and some floating surrounding snaps, simply one of the best remixes ,in terms of getting the most from a poppy song ,i have heard in a long time.
Morgan Geist boasts in here a superb production technique which sadly has passed ... See full review
posted a review of Paul Kalkbrenner. over 14 years ago
In my honest opinion , this is one of the best electronic music composers of these days.His music is a mixture of beats and sound effects usual in elctronic music composing but without neglecting something many other wellknown artists do; Melody.

He ... See full review
posted a review of Louie Austen - Only Tonight. over 14 years ago
Louie Austen has been one of the legendary voices for those into 60 & 70 's swing-soul cabarette music who appreciate good quality music along with a piano playing.
However , Austen got the most of himself when joined forces with electronica-techno ... See full review
posted a review of Charles Webster - Remixed On The 24th Of July. over 14 years ago
Following to his second LP "Born on the 24...",Mr.Webster launches this sort of annex/plug-in album to the forementioned.In my honest opinion,"Born...." lacked from a more elaborated melody ,you know,songs that remains in your mind and you can then sing ... See full review