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posted a review of DeepChord - dc13. over 6 years ago
How it is I'm the first one to comment on such a beauty is a crime. There's something so powerful and effective with music like this there's not even an appropriate adjective to describe it, listen.
posted a review of DeepChord - dc12. over 6 years ago
This release is worth its weight in gold, deeper than deep and beautiful to the core.
posted a review of cv313 - Standingstill. over 6 years ago
Highly recommend this one, if you're into the old DeepChord stuff this is essential. The B side is really what tips this one over the edge, over 20 minutes of some of the best I've heard in this realm of electronic music in ages.
posted a review of echospace [detroit]. over 6 years ago
This is the label, the one which pushed me back in electronic music. The sounds range from deep techno, electronic dub, ambient, classical to Detroit techno with the help of artist like Model 500, Convextion & Sons Of The Dragon. I don't buy or collect a ... See full review
posted a comment on cv313 - Beyond The Clouds [Reprised] Versions. over 6 years ago
Completely agree, this release is one of a kind. A destined classic despite the same user with 10 different names who appears to have went on a rating bash of all the echospace releases, good thing we have ears and the music.
posted a review of cv313 - Live. over 6 years ago
Alongside Echospace, Deepchord, and Intrusion, CV313 has grown out of the fertile creative partnership between Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell. While their collaborative efforts and respective solo projects often tend to take on a more ambient flavor, ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Altering Illusions. over 6 years ago
Detroit/Chicago's now legendary Steven Hitchell and Rod Modell mark 5 years of sub harmonic deep space explorations in some seriously out-there Dub Techno quadrants. From a sprawling nebula of etheric sounds made as Deepchord, Variant, CV313, and ... See full review
posted a review of cv313 - Infinit-1. over 8 years ago
I bought a copy of this at the Movement festival 2010 in the heart of Detroit, coincidentally called Hart Plaza and had a chance to check it out with some friends later on that night. What an inspiring record, I'm not the first one to comment on music I ... See full review