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Muslimgauze - In Search Of The Abraham Mosque
posted a review of Muslimgauze - In Search Of The Abraham Mosque. over 10 years ago
Not sure I can add much to monkk's review. The entire hour's worth of music flows effortlessly in its own bass and drum-laden way. Mixed expertly and an absolute highlight of the releases from The Muslimgauze Preservation Society, speaking as an owner... See full review
Enduser - Bollywood Breaks
posted a review of Enduser - Bollywood Breaks. over 19 years ago
This is a really enjoyable release. For someone who is just getting into this artist's catalogue, these particular cuts seem to be a little less aggressive than some of his other stuff. They are still damn heavy, but the augmentation of the... See full review
The Bug - Pressure
posted a review of The Bug - Pressure. over 19 years ago
This is an amazing release featuring experimental dancehall production that varies from hard to insanely aggressive. The vocals follow the same variation, from spoken word to singing to, for the bulk of the album (and my favorite tracks) hard-as-nails... See full review