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posted a review of Patti Smith - Home For The Holiday. 2 months ago
Title error: "My Blakean Year" is actually Beneath The Southern Cross
posted a comment on Rickie Lee Jones - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying / Easter Parade. 4 months ago
the version of Easter Parade is the same as the one that appears on the Blue Nile's single and RLJ's Duchess of Coolsville anthology
posted a comment on Various - 'Til Their Eyes Shine... The Lullaby Album. 6 months ago
Laura Nyro's To A Child is a studio piano solo version, very different from the album version
posted a comment on Theoretical Girl - Another Fight. 6 months ago
this is a professionally printed white CD-R, not a CD
posted a comment on 10,000 Maniacs - In My Tribe Demos. 11 months ago
Track 12 - 'Untiltled 2' is actually another take of Verdi Cries
posted a comment on Various - Progressive • July 1997. about 1 year ago
Track 3 is from Bush and not from Kate Bush
posted a comment on Indigo Girls - Cold Beer And Remote Control. about 1 year ago
The live versions are recorded at Fillmore, Denver, CO 11/19/99 & 11/20/99. Three out of the Five live songs seem to also appear on the Live at the Fillmore DVD, not sure about the interview segments, they might also be from the DVD. But the live ... See full review
posted a comment on Suzanne Vega - In Concert. about 1 year ago
Track 2 is actually Tired of Sleeping, not Blood Sings
posted a comment on Rickie Lee Jones - Stage Pirates. about 1 year ago
'Something Cool' is actually Young Blood
And 'Deep Space' is actually a cover of Up On The Roof by Laura Nyro
Rickie Lee Jones released an official CD-R version of the same show: , ... See full review
posted a comment on Laura Nyro - Angel In The Dark. about 1 year ago
this is a digipack (at least my copy, with that same reference, is)
posted a comment on In Mirrors - Escape From Berlin. about 1 year ago
No credit for Stevie Nicks?? The title track is a cover from her song Doing the best that I can (Escape from Berlin)
posted a comment on Indigo Girls - Closer To Fine. about 1 year ago
The cover says 'exclusive tracks', but the two live tracks are actually taken from the live mini-album Back On The Bus Y'All. So nothing exclusive here
posted a comment on Minor Victories - Minor Victories. over 2 years ago
The orchestral variation of Folk Arp on the bonus CD has vocals on it, while the version on the Orchestral Variations album is purely instrumental
posted a comment on Deborah Harry - I Can See Clearly. over 3 years ago
Track 3 'In love with love' is the SAW remix
posted a comment on New Young Pony Club - The Bomb. over 3 years ago
It seems to be a CD-R. Check with your seller!
posted a comment on Flosstradamus Featuring Caroline Polachek - Big Bills. over 4 years ago
this is a CD-R...
posted a comment on Au Revoir Simone - Through The Backyards. over 4 years ago
This is a CD-R
posted a comment on Feist - I Feel It All. over 4 years ago
all tracks listed on cover + CD, but actually only 4 tracks on CD: Diplo's Plastic Mix is not there
posted a comment on Joy Zipper - Out Of The Sun. over 4 years ago
careful, this is actually a CD-R
posted a comment on The Go! Team - Ladyflash. over 4 years ago
this is actually a CD-R, and "Thunder, Lightning, Strike - Kevin Shields Mix" is actually "Huddle Flash - Kevin Shield Mix"
posted a comment on Astrid Williamson - Day Of The Lone Wolf. over 4 years ago
Track 12 is not listed, but exists. However, it is NOT Work this hour. it is the same beautiful piano-voice track that is also on
I don't have a name for this track but it is ... See full review
posted a comment on His Name Is Alive - Mouth By Mouth. over 4 years ago
track 17 does not appear on the back cover but is indeed part of the CD