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submitted Sz.Berlin - Windstärke zwölf. 5 months ago
posted a review of Penik Ettek / Datasmok & D. Carbone - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Datasmok & D. Carbone prove that it's still possible to take the acid techno formula further. Every track is a powerhouse and the closing one is quite epic. Superb.
posted a comment on EMG - London Studio Sound. over 3 years ago
The hand-painted inner label looks great, though flakes may drop off with use. Does anyone know the correct speed(s) for this? 33 for the A-side and 45 for the B-side seems correct but not sure ...
posted a review of Various - Sound Of Belgium - New Beat Sampler. over 15 years ago
The Bassline Boys track is a classic, making the whole LP worthwhile (the only other real highlight is C.C.C.P. House which has a Gorbachev samples). "Warbeat" has a hard acid bassline plus a series of samples telling the story World War Two. An all-time ... See full review
posted a review of Unit Moebius / Polygamy Boys - The Sixth Reich Pax Amerikkkana. over 15 years ago
On this release Bunker lives up to its hard visual imagery, no kitsch here. Dark industrial drones and Hitler sample by Unit Moebius and EBM textures on the B-Side. Classic release.
posted a review of Fortran 5 - Avocado Suite. over 15 years ago
This release is quite different and far more serious than F5's earlier releases, sounding far more raw and industrial with vaguely Panasonic-like textures. Worth seeking out.
posted a review of Autopsia - Palladium. over 15 years ago
Monumental, poetic studio-orchestrated work. Recorded in Novi Sad, Northern Yugoslavia in Spring 1991, before the outbreak of war. Symphonic industrial masterpiece.
posted a review of The Whole Traffic - The Whole Traffic. over 15 years ago
Unique, esoteric and memorable. Starts off fast and gradually decelerates throughout the album (each track title is a slower KMH speed). Warm analogue textures and intresting moody sequences with middle eastern tinges.
posted a review of Elektro - Elektro. over 15 years ago
Actually split into five tracks, veering between ambient passages and two long frantic full-on tracks. Very fine and different to the usual Fax low tempo material.
posted a review of Sandbenders - Defekt E.P.. over 15 years ago
Very interesting though uneven release. Veers from very futuristic electro to early eighties sounding European electro-pop, some similarities with the I-F aesthetic. Sandbenders was a side project of Position Chrome artist Heinrich at Hart, whose PC CD ... See full review
posted a review of R.Görl* - Sexdrops. over 15 years ago
Actually a very successful collaboration with Regis (Downwards) bringing out the best of both artists. Gorl's best Disko B release. Very metallic textures and more linear dancefloor efficiency than his first two. Recommended.
posted a review of Swayzak - Make Up Your Mind. over 15 years ago
Ikea is excellent but sounds incredibly similar to Nitzer Ebb's "Shame" (1989). It could be a remix and people hearing it assume its Nitzer.
posted a review of Surgeon - Waiting For Me. over 15 years ago
Three atmospheric tracks based on film dialogue and samples of female sighs. Fine textures and distinct from other Surgeon releases.