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posted a comment on Kosmos - Droppin' Science Volume 09. 3 months ago
For those of you without a mint copy, you can at least now get a digital copy of liquid beats from Danny Breaks' own bandcamp page
posted a review of DJ Fokus* - Get A Bearing. 3 months ago
Serious, serious tune. Worthy of it's high value. Wow. Looking back, it's hard to deny that DJ Fokus was a real groundbreaking producer, on a par with the likes of Photek and Source Direct, for sure. Incredible drum work.
posted a comment on Lee* / Tango / Gwange* - Legendary Volume 3. 4 months ago
Yeah, but it's the other side, "State Of Art". It's also a Korg X5 / X5DR Preset called Pipe Dreams
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
submitted King Moot - The Whitman Strategy [Part Two]. 6 months ago
posted a review of Norma Jean Bell - Come Into My Room. 6 months ago
Back in 2001, this was played on BBC Radio 1 by Gilles Peterson. It took me a few days to ID it, such was the world at the time. Thankfully, within a week, I had a fresh copy in my hands!

This really is one of my all time favourite records - it just... See full review
posted a review of Omar-S - I Wanna Know. 8 months ago
Great tune, the vocal mix is pretty good but the 'Extramental Mix' works perfectly without the vocal, and is my preferred mix.
posted a comment on Underground Solution - Luv Dancin'. 9 months ago
Terrible pressing, mines really warped. Really hope the 2020 RSD pressing is better.
posted a comment on Midnight Express (3) / The Midnight Express Show Band* - Danger Zone. 9 months ago
Great tune, first heard it via Dam Funk's Deviation set for Benji B.
posted a review of Worriedaboutsatan - Blank Tape. 10 months ago
Blank Tape is comprised of gentle vignettes, ambient techno, and a few sprawling, beatless experiments. Like the very best electronic music, it's clear that WAS aren't influenced by the well-worn tropes of modular synthesis or vintage gear nonsense -... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
submitted King Moot - The Whitman Strategy [Part One]. 10 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a review of Motiv One* - Cosmik / Loop Progression. 10 months ago
There's obviously a lot of amen break tunes on Good Looking. For a while, I found the label a bit boring based on the fact a lot of singles were either Hot Pants or Amen Break tunes - but to be fair, they are the best two breakbeats. In hindsight, it... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Raphael Sebbag - El Fantasma De La Libertad. 11 months ago
This album is tough to get hold of; however, it is listed and available as a digital download on the itunes store, in the UK.
posted a review of Organic Synthetic - Space Walkin / Cosmos. 11 months ago
This has got great vibes, very underrated tune, I really like it.
posted a review of Grant (24) - Fantasy Blues LP. 11 months ago
Good album - the electro drum patterns on Boundless and Lucent Eyes make a welcome change to the usual 4 to the floor rhythms we're used to from Grant. Lucent Eyes, in particular, is a great slight change of direction. Tasty.
posted a review of Various - The De La Collection. 11 months ago
I love this record. Well worth checking out. I see discogs won't list it - but even so, do seek out the individual tracks. Help Is On The Way is an absolutely outstanding track.
posted a comment on Deep Blue - Deep Blue: Mixed Live Using Ableton Live 4. 12 months ago
Totally agree Mr Cakes. To The Future is a great track, it was my introduction to Electrosoul System, who made many other great tunes. Fowardbound forever!
submitted Wingz - Unconditional. 12 months ago
submitted Nova (120) - Eyes Wide. 12 months ago
submitted Gran Calavera - In Hell. 12 months ago
submitted Aboriginal & Phonic - Tell Yourself ft. EAM. 12 months ago
submitted Invadhertz - Intoxicated EP. 12 months ago
submitted Constrict (2) - Acceptance EP. 12 months ago
submitted Lavance (2) - Out Of Sight EP. 12 months ago
submitted Mystic State - Circles EP. 12 months ago
submitted Sam Wills - Walking Under Water (Soul​:​Motion Bootleg). 12 months ago
submitted Constrict (2) - Paradise EP. 12 months ago
submitted Incident (2) - Fevered EP. 12 months ago
submitted SMP (12), Matt Freeman (7) - Angels Calling EP. 12 months ago
submitted Klinikal - M2U​/​Validity. 12 months ago
submitted Various - Per Ardua II. 12 months ago
submitted OaT (3) - Marbles EP. 12 months ago
submitted Manakin & Imba - Redemption EP. 12 months ago
submitted Brusten, DYL (3) - Per Ardua I. 12 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Lose Weight : Change Your Metabolism. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Seba & Manos* - Evergreen. about 1 year ago
Great EP - Storm is the clear winner for me, a bit more edgy - with Seba switching up the melody a little more than usual.
posted a review of Hanna - I Needed. about 1 year ago
Both tunes absolutely incredible. Don't sleep on this 12". Pure positive vibes. Lovely, lovely music.
submitted Robert Graff - Moontones. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Rae* - Free Rolling. about 1 year ago
I wouldn't exactly describe it as "hip hop" but it has a lovely bass guitar bassline, and the Marcus Intalex remix is very nice too. It's probably one of those dnb 12"s that went under the radar but I was lucky enough to be in 6 Gun Sounds Bournemouth... See full review
posted a review of Black Lace - Party Party 2. about 1 year ago
Horrible, nasty music. My uncle bought me this as a xmas gift. He must have truly hated me.
posted a review of Discovatin. about 1 year ago
My dad bought the "Powerplay 18 Big Ones" LP back when he was a 70s new dad and all round cool dude. The interesting thing about that album is that it's essentially a disco mixtape - all the songs are nicely sequenced together; I guess there's 30... See full review
posted a comment on Temporary State. over 2 years ago
A great label, focused on reissuing long-deleted house records. It's worth bagging the whole set in my opinion, as they're all quality.
posted a comment on DJ Orbit (3). over 2 years ago
DJ Orbit persuaded me to buy "Drumz '95" by Doc Scott, in Six Gun Sounds (a record shop) in Bournemouth in 1995...and he was quite right. He was an absolute legend, and the record shop was amazing.
posted a comment on Kira Neris - Saule Pleureur Volume 1. over 2 years ago
You can get this as a digital download now. Kira Neris has a bandcamp page.
posted a comment on Various - Fair EP. over 2 years ago
Thanks so much, it's also available at Juno Records
submitted King Moot - Thirty. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on DJ Crystl / Omni Trio - Two On One Issue 2. over 2 years ago
Thru The Vibe is absolutely amazing. I was in London during the era when it came out and heard countless FM pirates drop it. Massive tune.