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posted a comment on E-De Cologne* - Synthetic Overdose. about 1 month ago
_The_ gabber/hardcore album. The amount of utter mayhem compressed into these tracks are just beyond recognition and the lo-fi production makes it even better.
submitted Topdown Dialectic - Topdown Dialectic. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Royer (3). about 1 month ago
One of the better new house/tech producers. Pairs incredibly rhytmic sensibility with melancholic eternal grooves.
posted a comment on Pom Pom - 35. about 1 month ago
I would advice _not_ to ask while in Space Hall
posted a comment on Source - Organized Noise. about 1 month ago
Not the best album cover, but probably one of the best techno albums of all time.
posted a comment on m1dy. about 1 month ago
No one can deny that this guy's got talent. X Factor even.
posted a comment on Vladislav Delay. 2 months ago
As close you get to a genius in modern 'electronica'. Outstanding technical skills and emotional depth on every single release. Also perhaps even better live.
posted a review of U-Cons-E - Sensor EP. 3 months ago
Unique in any way possible. Elin once again operating at another level injecting subtle and no-so-subtle absurdities into seemingly sub-standard hardcore techno.
posted a comment on Goto - Snowcrash / Oxyd. 4 months ago
Top-notch peak avant-techno for the freaks. Not your average 90s minimal techno for sure.
posted a comment on Gunnar Haslam - Mimesiak. 4 months ago
Best record so far by this guy. Tribal-exotic, acid-tinged techno-house in an understated, idiosyncratic way. Check it!
posted a comment on Jamal Moss - Ginger Snaps EP. 4 months ago
this will light up your inner neural pathways and re-calibrate your sensory-motoric systems.
posted a comment on Timeblind - Ouija Board Through A Vocoder. 8 months ago
One of the best by one of the best MidWestern tech heads.
posted a comment on Damon Bell - Teph-Tep EP. about 1 year ago
bouncy, rubbery basslines and a slight exotic feel. sweetness galore!
posted a comment on DJ Sil* - White Cloud. about 1 year ago
The cheapest records are always the best. This one in particular.
posted a comment on /\\Aught. about 1 year ago
Stellar label, esp. Topdown Dialectic. Hoping for vinyl releases in the future.
posted a comment on Anne Westphalen - Of Loops And Quotes. about 1 year ago
Unique in many ways. Especially the A side in one blissful and mysterious track.
posted a comment on Tekonivel - Sirkus. about 1 year ago
Well we can disagree on that. This was one of my favorites back then.
posted a comment on Pom Pom. about 1 year ago
This is by far the best techno label of the 00's. Criminally underrated.
posted a comment on Susanne Brokesch. about 1 year ago
So underrated it hurts. A totally different perspective to 90es electronic music sounds than the usual dead-end futuristic clinical electronica/IDM stuff.
posted a comment on Jack-Tronic - The Hustler. about 1 year ago
Ah, that makes much more sense! Foolish me. Well, consider it one of Russ Gabriel's most underrated records, then.
posted a comment on Huerco S. - For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have). about 1 year ago
Snips of great atmopheres here and there, but go for the first album Colonial Patterns instead.
posted a comment on Andrew Pekler - Tristes Tropiques. about 1 year ago
Very nice comforting expansive, wildlife electronics. More in line with the Faitiche catalogue than earlier Andrew Pekler releases.
posted a comment on Kartei - Lichtgarten E.P.. about 1 year ago
The title track is slightly goofy in a very good way. Better than most Voiski records.
posted a comment on Jack-Tronic - The Hustler. about 1 year ago
One of Luke Slaters most underrated records, but to me this wildpitch workout is his best. Quite unassuming at first listen, but the sense of rhythmic drive in both "The Hustler" and "Windy City" is unparalleled.
The P.A.S. remix however, is 90s ... See full review
posted a comment on Vladislav Delay - Multila. about 1 year ago
Couldn't disagree more. This is a masterpiece, but no, not much to do with "techno" per se.
posted a comment on Tarzana - Alien Wildlife Estate. about 1 year ago
Wonderful wierd sprawling organic neo-new-age jams. Well worth checking out.
posted a comment on Bizz O.D.. over 2 years ago
powerful shuffling techno with a strong analogue and slighly trashy feel from one of the best acid producers outta germany. 'i'm coming out of your speakers' and 'tic tac' (from black jack ep) are stone-cold classics, but just buy them all. now.
posted a comment on Philipp Matalla - Kiba. over 2 years ago
The B-side is very surprising for this label, evocative rhythmic dreamscapes from another world entirely. Slightly psychedelic but not too "out-there". "Kiba" track also very listenable - scuffy, lo-fi house with some afro-vibes.
posted a comment on Gesloten Cirkel - Hole. over 2 years ago
Ppl who buy vinyl these days are not necessarily djs or audiophiles, but often merely collectors of physical items. They might also be fascists, and some them most definitely hipsters. But you need to just accept that, mate.
posted a comment on Brandi Ifgray. over 2 years ago
Is that it from this guy? Fantastic releases, there should be more.
posted a comment on Reinhard Voigt - Premiere World. over 2 years ago
One of my favorite "ambient" albums. Maybe some would say this predates the vaporwave phenomenon by 10 years
posted a comment on Community Corporation - Aquifer EP. over 2 years ago
Seconded. That's proper talent at work here.
(three more words)
posted a comment on Royal Crown Of Sweden - R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R. . over 2 years ago
melancholic house music with a rootsy, lo-fi vibe. you know you need this!!
posted a comment on Chris Sattinger. over 2 years ago
Best - and by far most underrated - producer of the so-called "Mid-west" techno scene of the 90s.
posted a comment on Laura Grabb. over 2 years ago
Totally underrated hardcore techno act. Has a unique almost impenetrable, inhuman (in a a positive way) sound - devoid of melody and the traditional HC techno tricks. And somehow still manages to very playable / danceable. Respect.
posted a comment on REQ. over 2 years ago
Everything this guy has ever done is pure gold. Hard to believe it was released by Skint, home to Fatboy Slim...
posted a comment on Japa Habilidoso - Funk Do Sindicalismo / Agronomia Setorial. over 2 years ago
"Funk Do Sindicalismo" (yeah!) is a pure "what-the-f***?" track, pure funk mayhem. B side more restrained, but not much! Go for it!
posted a review of Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force - Yermande. over 2 years ago
Not much can compare with the rhythmic energy and stumbling groove of the Prophet 5 Rhythm Mix, but all mixes are great. Of course the sound quality is second to none. One of the high points of 2015, no doubt. Hoping for more Ndagga in 2016!!
posted a comment on Funk D'Void - Soul Man. over 2 years ago
Too many releases to be 'cult worthy' I guess., Some releases are top notch, but too much samey pedestrian by-the-numbers tech-house as well.
posted a comment on M:I:5 - Autogen 10. over 2 years ago
"They´re kick-ass funky, minimal but never boring and every sound still is freshand funny(maybe because Mr Ink always has a kind of tongue in cheek approach to the music compared to Chain Reaction/Hawtin and many of the other artsy-fartsy 'we´re so ... See full review
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - For Promotional Use Only. over 2 years ago
i find the original better
posted a comment on T.B. Arthur. over 2 years ago
sounds like thomas brinkmann to me
posted a comment on Huerco S. - Colonial Patterns. over 2 years ago
Still one of the best albums to come out of the whole lo-fi house/techno movement.
posted a review of Dataclerk - Debut. over 2 years ago
Under the radar record here. Both sides are subdued minimal 4/4 techno tracks that have a dreamy slightly 90s ambience to them. Nothing much on first listen, but will grow on you!
posted a comment on Paldrame - Osem. over 3 years ago
Though some might say this is a bit too simplistic and relying heavily on the trusted 909, this is a solid no-bullsh*t dj-record with a generally upbeat mid 90s techno mood throughout. Worth checking.
posted a comment on CC Not - Geo Fi. over 3 years ago
' i am a consumer, i have the right to buy EVERYTHING'
posted a review of Various - Premier Rhythmz. over 3 years ago
Not familiar with any of the artists (other than Spesimen) I was pleasantly surprised by this ep. All tracks run a pretty high pace compared to todays standards, but the clanging, sprawling tracks still feel much more alive and dynamic than much ... See full review
posted a comment on Dog In The Night Records. over 3 years ago
bad-ass label. slamming tracks all-around.
posted a comment on Various - Tetrode / Downbeat. over 3 years ago
This is fantastic news. I've listened to the "a side" track endless times on youtube. Maybe the best I've ever heard from these guys.
posted a comment on Variant (8) - Hyperbaric Chamber. over 3 years ago
Dishonest to the consumer?! It is hardly a job for the artist to research the entire market before releasing a record under a specific name. Generic artist names are a part of techno culture and always has been - it is up to the "consumer" to do the ... See full review