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posted a review of Inga Mauer - Bad Manners 6. about 1 month ago
Worth it for the sneaky bassline and dusty mix on "Islington" alone
posted a review of Area (3) - Not Waiting Anymore. about 1 month ago
Perfect use of voice sampling in the haunting title track. A fine example of "less is more".
posted a comment on Cristian Vogel - Lambda EP. 3 months ago
Can't disagree with you on Dave Angel. Funk techno extraordinaire. Vogel got the industrial machinery integrated harder though.
posted a review of Hieroglyphic Being - The Red Notes. 3 months ago
Solid album in his unmistakable style; very beautiful touching passages crop up among the chaotic, but not unpleasant rhytmic semi-improvisations. Widely available, probably a decent amount pressed.
posted a review of Grungerman - Fackeln Im Sturm. 4 months ago
Never surpassed grungy techno schlager interpretations. Hard to do something like this today.
posted a comment on Bizz O.D. - Varvet 011. 5 months ago
Sadly no "smoke me" on this one? : : :
posted a comment on Various - Tetrode / Downbeat. 5 months ago
This is eternal bliss for me. Someone please reissue or repress this one!
posted a review of Maxd* - Highlife. 6 months ago
NIce little evocative W Burns remix. Original is fun, retroesque but still acceptable. This is still cheap, go for it!
posted a comment on Kelley Polar - Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens. 7 months ago
Reissue this on wax someone * * * * *
posted a comment on Levon Vincent. 8 months ago
Soul searching dance music that goes deeeep.

Instantly recognisable sound somewhere between New York house and Basic Channel.
posted a review of Dave Angel. 8 months ago
Bridged the early Detroit/Chicago sound with more ravey/euro elements and in the early to mid-90s one of the most funky dudes in techno. Uplifting without ever being cheesy.
posted a review of Monrella - Build Time EP. 9 months ago
Not your standard hard aggressive techno record and this one stands out as does most of the Monrella output. There's an wonderful primitive rhythmic dynamic here different than most of the stuff around.
posted a review of Studio 1 - Grün. 10 months ago
The B2 is the funkiest Studio 1 track of the series. Pure cologne boogie magic.
posted a review of Studio 1 - Lila. 10 months ago
My favorite of the series. Stoic sexiness. A funky Clint Eastwood cut to vinyl. Never surpassed.
posted a comment on Sebastian Becky. 10 months ago
Very underrated creative techno producer. A different spin on things on most of his records.
posted a review of Disco Nihilist - Moving Forward. 10 months ago
'Film Grain' is my favorite track by the Disco Nihilist (brilliant moniker). Joyful and bittersweet at the same time. Precious record.
posted a review of Disco Nihilist - Journey To The End Of The Night EP. 10 months ago
This a record to have fun and fall in love with.
posted a review of E-De-Cologne. 12 months ago
On another level back then. Even his worst tracks are brilliant.
posted a review of The Memory Foundation - Pay Dirt. 12 months ago
A certain amount of bass pressure is to be found in "B-Surfer".
posted a review of Pin-Ups In Exile - Spritetrax. 12 months ago
'Pullback' has that sparse transparent sound popular in 90s techno. Insanely funky and mixable. Personal favorite.
posted a review of G. Potznik* - Bungalow Trax. 12 months ago
I guess this is what the DJs would be describe as a 'secret weapon'
posted a review of Mole People - Mole People. 12 months ago
'Luv Luv Lik Lik' is tear-inducing beautiful. This is by Gary Martin, the unsong hero of the weird funky end of 90s underground techno.
posted a review of Cristian Vogel - Narco Synthesis EP. 12 months ago
With 'Clear Air Turbulence' Cristian Vogel proves you can make fast hardcore industrial techno funky. Not an easy feat.
posted a review of Chris Mitchell (6) - Din Gir Dialect. 12 months ago
Slammin record all around. Nothing fancy but that's not what you need anyways.
posted a comment on Raheem Hershel - Gotta Have The Pokey. 12 months ago
I see the cancellation mob is digging the archives. Beware outthere!
posted a comment on Cristian Vogel - Body Mapping. 12 months ago
I find Two Fat Downloads as his weakest or most conventional. This one is more like Vogel undiluted.
posted a comment on Breaker 1 2 - Breakin'. 12 months ago
This record is at least divisive. That's at least something. Too much consensus around nowadays.
posted a comment on Pom Pom. 12 months ago

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posted a review of Gez Varley - Free Fall. 12 months ago
Title track is an underrated flowing techno trance smasher with a nice warm groove.
posted a review of Thomas Brinkmann + Marcus Schmickler - Chevrolet Corvette. about 1 year ago
A touch of genius here. This is a record that will turn heads on the floor. Probably clear it as well, but take your chance!
posted a review of Monrella - Process 1+2. about 1 year ago
Incredible energy and drive, very very hard to replicate. Perfect 'trashy' production value. A master at work
posted a comment on Tekonivel - Sirkus. about 1 year ago
Not only do you diss this record your profile indicates that you're a fan of Team Sky as well?! That just too much for me.

I'm outta here.
posted a comment on Birds - 111 One. about 1 year ago
how to keep it dry in a 90's style. (word)
posted a comment on Elektro Music Department - Parsek / Traktor. about 1 year ago
Perhaps a colab between Parsek / Traktor / FSR & EMD? If anyone wants to sell this for not crazy amounts of gold get in touch!
posted a review of eXquisite CORpsE - Inner Light. about 1 year ago
This album is probably the best path trance ever took.
posted a review of C.J. Bolland* - Neural Paradox. about 1 year ago
Hi speed quirky electro business with some trancey undertones. Highly original, though not a floor packer as much as his other output.
posted a review of Szkieve - Ekranoplanes. about 1 year ago
Has a wonderful flow. Very underrated work that is just waiting to create a adventure inside your head.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Hieroglyphic Being - Cosmic Dust E.P.. about 1 year ago
"A Time Warp Synthesizer" just goes and goes and goes. Hits the sweet psychedelic trance spot with enough toughness to keep you grounded. On top if his game for 15 years now, this guy. Respect.
posted a review of Various - Porschefahren. about 1 year ago
Obscure, dada techno record from the centre of that sound in the 90s. Not quite succesful in what it tries to accomplish, but still quite unlike anything else in its approach. Check if you can find it!
posted a comment on Christian Vogel* - Intersync E.P.. about 1 year ago
That's what I call a review !

But yeah, excellent record.
posted a comment on Cristian Vogel - Lambda EP. about 1 year ago
One of the best hard techno records ever. Point me to a producer who can integrate 'funk' harder and more driving than this and I'll buy you a sandwich.
posted a comment on Mole People - Mole People 2. about 1 year ago
A tough groove for eternity with a whimsical feel on top. You need to be Gary Martin to pull this one off. When the rimshots hits halfway in this reaches its zenith.
posted a comment on Various - 3 Faces Of Ambience. about 1 year ago
The Kyoka track is a charming minimal house organ groover, with enough of the unique quirky Austrian touch to make it stand out.
posted a comment on DJ Rx-5 - A Taste For Crap EP. about 1 year ago
It's crappy, but still pretty cool in a dopey way. Worth checking.
posted a comment on Eats Tapes. about 1 year ago
'was a pretty good live act back in ancient decade of the '00s
posted a comment on Jitterbug (3) - Beaten Trax EP. about 1 year ago
Excellent deep, subtle house grooves with a bit of disco feeling as well.
posted a review of Losoul - Getting Even. about 1 year ago
Masterfully executed tracky, playful minimalist house jams with a slight tipsy feel throughout.
posted a review of Heatsick - Snakes & Ladders EP. over 2 years ago
Two absolute masterpieces of ugly-yet-beautiful old-yet-new-school arte primitivo rough slowish techno. Heatsick is a unique talent.
posted a comment on Various - Family Horror. over 2 years ago
Buy this for the Even Tuell track. As always this guy shines over everyone else which in this case is mostly a only slightly above standard minimal techno/house.