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posted a review of X-Filter Feat. DJ H.S.* - Come On. 7 months ago
Proper cheeky take on Richie Hawtin, eh?! Can't believe he got away with this one.
posted a comment on Various - Mind Trip EP. about 1 year ago
Woah now! I'm all about going to record shops, digging through crates and talking with like minded folk about great music (I do miss discovering upcoming club nights/little house parties through word of mouth), but to slate his take on Love Shy simply ... See full review
posted a comment on Indigo Child - Head First EP: Underwater / Take A Breath Of You. about 1 year ago
Kidding, right?! words words words to meet the ten words minimum. Boom!
posted a review of Jamie Anderson - Blue Music. about 1 year ago
How has this not got any reviews? At £1.80, it's worth buying for 'Trippin' alone. An absolute filthy, disgusting, banging acid tech house stomper that would tear any dance floor a new anus. Viva oldskool Tech House. It'll never die.
posted a comment on KMA Productions - Phantasy Trip / Cape Fear. about 1 year ago
haha, oh Scott. Get over yourself darling. Most music made before we were so blessed with your presence was of a far higher quality.
posted a review of Slam - Positive Education. about 1 year ago
Trust Richie Hawtin and his whopper haircut to ruin a perfectly good track.

Nob off, minimal. You were a fart in the wind. Good riddance.
posted a review of John Johnson - City E.P.. about 1 year ago
A stunning, trippy, melodic journey through four individually strong tracks. London tends to be the pick of the bunch. Considering this is currently listed as low as 77p, it'd be criminal NOT to buy it and relive those hazy late 90s/early 2000s when ... See full review
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Kat Moda EP. about 1 year ago
Sitting at home, wanking into a sock while listening to Ben Klock does not qualify you as a long-time Techno fan.

You quite simply and obviously have never stepped foot in a club at the zenith of Techno in the late 90s. This track will continue to tear ... See full review
posted a review of Cass & Slide - Perception. about 1 year ago
Leave the vocal version in the bin. The vocal aspect of prog house was the end of the sound as we all knew it. It went from something that was capable of bringing all sorts of underground house/techno/trance lovers together, to something that attracted ... See full review
posted a comment on Trance Wax - Trance Wax One. about 1 year ago
What a ball bag comment. "Not for playing in clubs"

It's people like you that have turned clubland into a chin stroking, toff nosed, overly image conscious, rancid affair. The spirit of house music is most definitely not with you.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Nathan Fake - Outhouse Rmxs Part2 EP. over 2 years ago
'Banging' is a strange descriptive for something as plinky plonky as this
posted a comment on Alaska & Paradox - Isolationist LP. over 2 years ago

Bit of a mix with this album being the sole focus. Enjoy.
posted a comment on Various - The Past And Present EP. over 2 years ago
Bought this on day of release, glad I did! £81 is RIDICULOUS.
posted a comment on James Holden - Balance 005. over 4 years ago
Great mix, but the successor to Northern Exposure? PAH! I fart in your general direction for saying such drivel. It's a good mix, but then the music on tap during the golden era of prog wasn't short of classics. The album peaks with the almost ... See full review
posted a comment on Mr G* - Homeward Bound EP. over 4 years ago
Pitch G's strings at +4% and it comes alive, simply sublime tech house with driving rhythms and those ride cymbals make ALL the difference in the World. Keep a keen ear out for those subtle changes in the kick drums depth as well, mind and ear trickery ... See full review
posted a comment on LTJ Bukem - Mixmag Live! Volume 21. over 9 years ago
What a load of absolute tosh. Better than all the progression sessions? Silliest comment I've ever read! It's a great mix, marks a point in time that was great for DnB in general, the vital missing factor from this is Conrad, it's just a mix without ... See full review
posted a review of Street Beats. over 9 years ago
Why hasn't this label got some details yet?! One of the most important labels during the jungle eras peak time, artists such as peshay, source direct, photek....they all released on this label under alter aliases. Some of the finest, most intelligent ... See full review
posted a review of DJ DB - The Secret Art Of Science. over 9 years ago
Good album, perhaps not quite the all out classic, greatest dnb album ever made as some reviews would suggest! While it does in fact touch upon, dare I say it, the more intelligent aspect of DnB, it falls short with some painfully obvious choices, ... See full review
posted a review of BT - Flaming June. over 10 years ago
Probably two of the worst reviews ever. The mis that PVD played back then was his own remix, not the version released on this vinyl and SHOCK HORROR at having to wait till July to buy it rather than June!! OH NO! Basically this is a prog house/trance ... See full review
posted a review of Ian Pooley - Chord Memory. over 10 years ago
Brilliant record. The sound of "then" was far superior to the sound of now. Techno had a beating heart and exciting soul when tracks like this where being produced. Massively recommended to anyone who is into the likes of Dave Clarke/Dave Angel/Funk ... See full review
posted a review of Andrea Bocelli. over 10 years ago
Andrea Bocelli might come under criticism from armchair tabloid critics, but to the casual listener, or even the deeply experience listener, his voice can make your world seem so much brighter. Listening to Time to say Goodbye with Sarah Brightman is an ... See full review