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posted a comment on The Infinity Project - Time And Space EP. 9 days ago
A2 is the standout track here if you are into early Classic Goa Trance, but it is of very short duration unfortunately.. Sounds like MWNN influenced it.
posted a comment on YLEM - Ascent. 11 days ago
The second track is a deep and thoughtful track that has persuaded me to but this vinyl.
posted a comment on ManMadeMan - Karmaflage. 11 days ago
What a beautiful song! I've come across several of these Classic Goa Trance/Trance crossover's that have this extremely uplifting vibe and it's always a good day when I do. The light mix is heavenly.
posted a comment on Bypass Unit - Higher Spirituality. 12 days ago
Make sure you listen to Cruiser before you "Bypass this 12". Excellent cut. It's only found here and on the Bypass Unit-Green Dreams CD
posted a comment on The Source Experience - Point Zero. 12 days ago
1994 was such an amazing year for all genres of EDM. This release is no exception.
posted a comment on Juantrip' - Balmy Under The Stormy. 14 days ago
Under rated. Under heard. Fortunate if you come across Juan Trip. Unique in it's trippiness and originality.
posted a comment on A Number Of Names - Sharevari. 15 days ago
Sounds a bit like Living on Video by Trans-X. Maybe Trans-X was inspired by this.
posted a comment on Vangelis With Stina Nordenstam - Ask The Mountains. 20 days ago
Reviewing a master is a voyage of I cannot join in on. Its going to be a very sad day when Vangelis is no longer with us here on Earth. Even the Mountains will weep.
posted a comment on Cybersnack - Rebels From The Source. 21 days ago
Just for the song Tibalien this is worth purchasing. Nice song for winding down a set...........while winding down the last years of Classic Goa Trance. Edge of Harmonix is a pretty cool track from 8:40-16:00 if you want to chop out a pretty cool ... See full review
posted a comment on Eden Transmission - I'm So High. 25 days ago
Anytime you have Classic Goa Trance elements in a trance song, that song will stand out......usually in a very positive and profound way. I'm so High may or may not be received positively on a Classic Goa Trance dance floor, but it's sure a great song. ... See full review
posted a comment on The Infinity Project - Hyperactive. 26 days ago
You have to give major Kudos to Infinity project for this early 1991 release of this Classic Goa Trance sound. True pioneers of the genre.
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posted a comment on Various - Retrodelica 2: Back 2 The Future. 27 days ago
This an extremely fine collection of Classic Goa Trance dating back to the early years of Classic Goa Trance in 92/93.
You also get the incredible Goa/trance crossover cut by Zero Gravity that was on a mix tape by Goa Gil back in 1992 that I owned.. A ... See full review
posted a comment on Moog - Euromotors E.P. 27 days ago
A very well done remix of Euromotors can be found on the CD but it's going to cost you.
posted a comment on Omegahertz - Pure Planet Vol.3. 27 days ago
With the Cyberion cuts you find some of the last of the Old School Goa Trance feel and sound. Very well done. The Aerosis cut is very nice as well. This is a must buy just for the Cyberion cuts which are only found on this comp.
posted a comment on TransWave - The Rezwalker E.P. about 1 month ago
Regarding the review below:

Zero Gravity is by Sensorium which is an amazing trance, Goa Trance crossover made by Simon Ellis. One of the greatest EDM songs ever made IMO. Perfection.

Zero Density is very well done as well and the vinyl version is ... See full review
posted a comment on Atlantis (15) - Paradise. about 1 month ago
It's always a great day when you finally find a song that you loved back in the day and thought you may never find. "We came in Peace" was one of those songs and today I can put to rest the quest for this one important piece of a puzzle I have been ... See full review
posted a comment on Cosmosis - Synergy. about 1 month ago
Spores from Space is utter perfection from beginning to end. Moonshine has its moments. The rest of the CD did not move me.
posted a comment on Blue Cheer - The History Of Blue Cheer - Good Times Are So Hard To Find. about 1 month ago
Peace of mind is one of the greatest psychedelic songs of the 60's. What beauty when that base kicks in.
posted a comment on Nacota - Oscillon. about 1 month ago
Whenever Dominic Sanjeet gets involved, it usually means something special is going to come out of it. Cut 4 [Dreamtime] is a solid track as well as Cut 7 [Zelo].
posted a comment on Moog - Euromotors E.P. about 1 month ago
I finally came across this a few years into my renewed interest in Classic Goa Trance and was excited to potentially hear something great from 1994.. After hearing the first song, which I liked a lot, I was excited to hear the rest. but the second and ... See full review
posted a comment on The Essence Of Nature - Blue Lotus / Blue Orchidee. about 1 month ago
Whenever you add Ralf Hildenbeutal to Sven Vath you get cosmic and tribal depth that does not happen without him. 3 cuts come to mind that Ralf played on with Sven that are among my favorite songs of all time. 2 of those are Goa Trance. I can't say that ... See full review
posted a comment on Assign - Thirtyone Years. about 1 month ago
This is serious transcendental dance music. For aficionado's of the deeper implications of trance dancing, this is essential. 1995 was one of the best years for Earthy, crunchy and cosmic dance music, [ regarding the Acid and Goa Trance genre's.] It's ... See full review
posted a comment on Synthetic Progress - Monotune. about 1 month ago
When acid genre gets really good is when it crossover's and could be played in a Classic Goa Trance dance set. Acid future almost fits the bill. Nice tune.
posted a comment on Various - Feed Your Head. 3 months ago
First track by Astralasia is great then the comp goes downhill. Better to buy the Astralasia LP or CD "Pitched up at the edge of reality" that has Twilight World on them if you like that song as much as I do.
posted a comment on Transwave - Hypnorhythm EP. 4 months ago
I bought this for one song "Goacore". Love the 2 minute tribal percussion intro into the main body of the song. The rest of the CD did not move me, but I am a big fan of other works by Transwave.
posted a comment on Sven Väth - Ritual Of Life (Ritual Mixes). 4 months ago
One of the greatest Classic Goa Trance cuts from the early years of Goa Trance [Tribal acid mix] Played in Goa in 1992.
posted a comment on Scope - Bacchanal. 4 months ago
A song of celebration. Great morning song for the creation of joy, happiness and open hearts.
posted a comment on Various - Technobotanic Tryptamines. 4 months ago
Yopo-Ether waves is the standout track here for me and can only be found on this comp. The rest of this comp is solid with many unique and edgy Goa Trance sounds.
posted a comment on Kinder Atom - Atomika. 4 months ago
Purchased this for the excellent Classic Goa Trance song "Space Laxative". Wonderful morning song and very well worth the price of this CD.

posted a comment on Paradise Connection - Paradise Connection. 4 months ago
I am quite surprised that nothing on this CD moved all.
posted a comment on X-Dream - Trip To Trancesylvania. 4 months ago
Can't say anything more than the previous great review by Maroko. His review of the song "The Fifth Dimension" is right on and I totally agree. One of the greatest songs in Classic Goa Trance history. 1994? You gotta be kidding me. ... See full review
posted a comment on Man Of The Last 3rd - Evosonic. 4 months ago
I listened to this whole CD today driving home from San Francisco. First time I really had the time to deeply listen to this release which I purchased over a year ago and a few of the songs really impressed me. First of all I feel that this music ... See full review
posted a comment on Ultimate - Dreamers. 4 months ago
Go to Beatport. You will find it there as a digital download.
posted a comment on Slide - Unstable. 4 months ago
The song "Unstable" is a quality harder style of Classic Goa Trance. Not for a melodic set, but well done nonetheless.
posted a comment on Aural Planet - Part: Second. 4 months ago
LunarPlanetariam was my favorite song off this CD with Samadhi next. Psi Generator and Semirotation are quality songs as well. So I am left pondering if those 4 songs are worth paying 100+ dollars for. Really it's all about Lunarplantariam for me. ... See full review
posted a comment on Solar Quest - Paranoïd Aliens. 4 months ago
The Song "Space Pirates" is Classic Goa Trance heaven from 1996. "Ritual of Stars" is a wonderful tribal ambient/chill track that would be great for starting out a set. "Of course, of course" is a catchy little number that slowly sneaks up on you and ... See full review
posted a comment on Dobre & DJ Theor - Benzona!. 4 months ago
Just came across this song Hayarkon by chance while going through a techno comp. What an incredible surprise. The song starts out with a simple rudimentary beat, but if you give this song some time you are going to be rewarded with a transcendent ... See full review
posted a comment on Transwave - Helium. 5 months ago
If you want the song Zero Density on Vinyl which comes with the CD, you will have to buy it on the Rezwalker EP. A must have to complete the Vinyl collection of Helium if you love Zero Density.
posted a comment on Men Without Hats - Love In The Age Of War. 5 months ago
Excellent CD from MWH. Later release but they managed to retain the vibe and feel of their earlier works which is no easy task. Hats off to the band for this impressive, later years release.
posted a comment on Men Without Hats - Folk Of The 80's (Part III). 5 months ago
Very underrated band. Maybe a one hit wonder, but their music has much depth and very thought provoking lyrics along with some very beautiful melodies that you will uncover if you take the time to listen to all of their music.
posted a comment on True Love Featuring Mark Keys - Breath Of Stars. 5 months ago
Very positive vibe in this song. Hard to believe this was made in 1991. Where does the time go. Took me 28 years to find this song and it was well worth the wait.
posted a comment on Breach Of Space / Pleiadians - Accidental Occidentalism. 5 months ago
The first song "Two mad men" takes a while to find it's groove, but half way through it settles in and deepens quite nicely. Ciberland is the same. Kind of nondescript until the 3 minute break and then it takes off as one would expect. I liked both of ... See full review
posted a comment on Pleiadians - Family Of Light. 5 months ago
Heve to say that this CD is a definite no. If Seven Sisters had stayed more of a downtempo chill track I might have bought it for that one song, but like all of the songs on this CD, it fragments and loses the groove.
posted a comment on Blue Planet Corporation - Digital Forward EP. 5 months ago
One of the great, end of the Classic Goa Trance era, tunes. A tear in the eye and an open heart of gratitude for the Classic Goa Trance artists who still created amazing Classic Goa Trance after the millennium. Blue Planet Corporation is one of ... See full review
posted a comment on Cosmic Enterprises - Tao Nonstop / Ratio Tao. 5 months ago
What to say.....

It is said that true Goa Trance is a feeling. If that is true, then this song certainly has a certain feeling that for me is at the heart of what makes Classic Goa Trance great. Tribal, cosmic,'s all there. This song is ... See full review
posted a comment on Solar Quest - Cosmosis. 5 months ago
A little bit of Classic Goa Trance sound mixed in to the acid sounds makes "Acid Crumble very unique, but at 6 minutes the mystical Goa vibe is finished and the song becomes a bit soulless. But for those 6 minutes a very wonderful feeling. The second ... See full review
posted a comment on Solar Quest Vs. Choci - Kirsty Cried. 5 months ago
The first track Kirsty Cried is a pretty amazing acid trance cut. I am a classic Goa Trance fan but I have to give some respect to this song especially for the break and kicks starting at 4:45. I don't know if I will ever play this in a Goa Trance set, ... See full review
posted a comment on Solar Quest - Orgship. 5 months ago
There was only one song on this CD that moved me and it was the last song "Flying Spirals". A few of the songs started out well but then lost momentum, cosmic complexity and my interest. For the one song "Flying Spirals" I will add this to my ... See full review
posted a comment on MFG - Project Genesis. 6 months ago
Harsh, dissonant and somewhat painful to listen to this. Although I am a huge Classic Goa Trance fan, this is not my cup of tea.