Son's Of The Dragon - Son's Of The Dragon as reviewed by chocolate_felix

November 26, 2008
Same manufacter that Deepchord, same distributor that Deepchord, colored records like Deepchord, duo from Detroit like Deepchord, buzz like Deepchord, unmelodical sounds like Deepchord, ok songs but not so great like Deepchord, average kick like Deepchord's worst aliases on Fortune 8 by In Synch, and In Sync sells it the cheaper on discogs...
Who the hell can it be ???

There is no proof that there is more than 300 copies as far as I know...

But I have to admit, although I thought I wouldn't buy Deepchord anymore, I've been tricked again !

Moodymann - The Thief That Stole My Sad Days ... Ya Blessin' Me as reviewed by chocolate_felix

May 3, 2007
edited over 14 years ago
To me this two tracks 12" is much better than the one with the same labels (KDJ 23A / 23B) because of the gorgeous vocal song "Ya Blessin'Me" which is not even featured on KDJ 23A / 23B ! I discovered this track on the Peacefrog CD PF095CD Forevernevermore but was very disappointed not to find it on the vinyl.

Moodymann - Technologystolemyvinyle as reviewed by chocolate_felix

May 1, 2007
edited over 14 years ago
You thought Moodymann had made all his best songs in the mid 90's ? Well, unlike fans who only like his dancefloor house tracks, I wouldn't feel ashamed to consider this one as his best release ever. Home made jazz and funky house, changes of mood and rhythm right in the middle of song (like PE 65250 or COMPOST 204-1), it doesn't sound like the average release.

It's great to see Moodymann or Mad Mike (UR-071) can achieve such a quality after all their remarquable work during years !