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Nick Zero - Old Phrazes
posted a review of Nick Zero - Old Phrazes. over 15 years ago
Finding itself beyond typical genre confines, this release is in no way generic. These tracks - quite long and masterful - would fit into many diverse sets, whether mnml, straight, trance, etc. - and would predictably appeal to any dancer while not... See full review
Carlos Laporta
posted a review of Carlos Laporta. over 15 years ago
Carlos is an obviously talented creator whose compositions exhibit a breathlike organic nature, repetitive beats flowing in a rippling nonlinear fashion, ambient light seeming to diffuse through from somewhere within or beyond them, as if the tracks... See full review
posted a review of C.C.C.C.. over 16 years ago
Live: Abrupt start—complete and total silence (neural flat line?) vs. head-to-toe splitting pain, sitting bolt-upright worrying over permanent organic brain damage or disruption of joint or organ structure (so loud nothing was audible). Two men at... See full review
Anikana - Anikana
posted a review of Anikana - Anikana. over 16 years ago
Most dance releases warrant quick rejection; a minority provide short-term usefulness in the context of continually needing new material; a few are worth keeping around indefinitely; among these quench an ever-building and substantial thirst. This... See full review
posted a review of Swans. over 16 years ago
Of all the bands to which I've been exposed, SWANS is, and has been for twenty years, my absolute favorite. I suspect there are many who feel this way. Their entire career I find well above average to rather brilliant, but the material recorded in the... See full review