To all users, and most importantly my customers, I want to apologise sincerely for my performance during December. I've been so slow, I've earnt myself four times as many poor feedbacks in four weeks as I had from the lifetime of my account.

Most of those comments were fair - many orders took way too long to be sent, refunds, partial or full, were slow to be processed, and on very rare occassions, items listed as for sale were unavailable.

Unfortunately the batch upload function implemented by Discogs relists items marked as sold as being for sale - I want to make it clear that I did not purposely list items I did not have.

Finally, some items were sent out in worse than stated condition. Mistakes happen, but clearly, too many have been made, and it is time to put it right.

In 2010 I promise to do better. And if you were affected by my poor performance in December, I will do all I can to make it right with you if you choose to order again.

Many Thanks & Sincere Apologies,


I'm selling loads of vinyl, with new tunes being added daily - please feel free to browse through my catalogue, and make an offer on any tune priced over £2.50.

I also buy vinyl collections in bulk, so if you have a collection that you just don't want any more, please feel free to contact me and I'm sure we will be able to do business.