*** as of December 29th 2016 my username was switched from "chris416" to "chrisnova777"
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Thanks for visiting my discogs profile. for those unfamiliar with me, some background info -- Im of Scandinavian + English Anglo/Saxon descent (Turku Finland/Stockholm Sweden) + (Sheffield/Nottingham England) but I was born + have lived most of my life just north of Toronto, Canada

"Chris Nova" is not my real name its what i use as an alias on the internet, and it comes from the nick/alias/nickname i used back in the 90s on IRC chat #313 #house #rave, "Radionova", "nova9", "nova909" were my nicknames that i used i stole/took the name as my own after hearing the track "Whats New" by St germain (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Xr8ZksXZlI) on a brilliant mixtape mixed by DJ Simon DK Smith (DiY soundsystem) (visit here: https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/700251 for tracklist + download) it was winter/spring in early 1995 when i received that package of 4 cassette tapes in the mail from someone who send it to me from Leeds, UK - i was always very emotionally affected by music i heard on the radio + tv growing up in the 1980s.. but by the time i was 10 years old i was spending all my allowance on buyingmostly "dance" + hip-hop albums. i started going to raves in August of 1993 and left my love of hiphop behind, and got hooked on techno/breakbeat/jungle "rave" music. 4/4 House was always enjoyed by me from around 1991 (thanks to a local "all ages" house club called "Spotlight" in Newmarket that used to broadcast LIVE! to local radio) but my tastes switched back to 100% house in summer/fall 1994 and i left the rave scene in favor of house music events; by the end of 1994, i still went to some techno/rave events but i was mostly focused on 'housier' side of things;

back around summer 1995, i was one of the first users in Canada to have Broadband cable modem internet because i happened to live in the testing location for "Rogers Wave" ( https://web.archive.org/web/19961113232824/http://rogerswave.ca/ ) and i learned HTML just so that i could build my first website which was called "GetSorted.com / Soulpower Enterprises" the whole reason i created this site was to make a place that was all about trading mixtapes via mail packages (long before MP3 was invented) we posted lists of cassettes and organized trades via Email: https://06165062160021244642.googlegroup.com/attach/fc0bb64803398328/CYBRFREQ.TXT?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFmx2bIDSNhaYxR7nveDNIjmQ0a5kft1yzjm051upGikEyyYW7ZiQmvbVtbEdCfSTqSWhUyUWWg5ZvehV23e-OWK3r3TeUJAQLLHLFN6PkQ6tFlmCQ (https://06165062160021244642.googlegroups.com/attach/fc0bb64803398328/CYBRFREQ.TXT?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFlN5ObKnE-Cg1ZOzQevia7ePQdNqGRgk8REUtI1RD1crLxLd0ZT0C-9UwtxzhC28YYKr2O_rVGu7Z_TSRgR3vvGYEsgrKfJTNqtVsVQ8gkdKfbxpU a list of my tapes that i posted to a newsgroup on June 1st 1996) back then i idolized the djs so much i never even thought that i could actually become one and actually learn to mix but i eventually bought my first silver technics turntables in spring of 1997 that i still own to this day. ironically one of the most influential tapes on my tastes came from my girlfriend Dee Thornton (RIP) in 1995, who had gone on a trip to England to visit family, and recorded DJ EZ from FREEK FM 101.8 - that tape went on to become one of my favourite mixtape of all time!! recorded i think in her hotel room, back in early 1995, the tape was stolen from me around 2003 or so? from my apartment in Toronto (toronto people suck) id give anything to hear that tape again! if anyone has any pirate radio tapes from summer of 1995 with Dj EZ or DJ Operator, please share with me;)

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posted a comment on Speaker Phreaker - Products Of Our Enviornment E.P.. 10 days ago
silly me i guess i didnt notice that the Typo/Misspelling is actually on the label of the 12" itself..
posted a comment on Bernard Badie Featuring Louis Lang - Motivation. 18 days ago
the bass dub is insane piece of dance floor history
posted a comment on Speaker Phreaker - Products Of Our Enviornment E.P.. 22 days ago
someone please correct the typo in the title that was stopping this EP from coming up in search for me for the last few weeks - what a pain in the ass - the search engine needs to be a little more intelligent on this site
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Enjoy EP. 2 months ago
i think this record is taking samples from work by Miguel Graca + Robert Ouimet https://www.discogs.com/Effervescence-Featuring-Cuchy-Keep-It-Open/master/1015712 or possibly from... See full review
posted a comment on Swag. 3 months ago
according to someone elses comments this release might have been the first SWAG release possibly dating back to (1992), under a different name https://www.discogs.com/The-3-Amigos-3-AM/master/360135
posted a comment on Various - On A Sapho Tip Volume 1. 3 months ago
the original mix is the one here - classic rave anthem track
posted a comment on Kenny Glasgow - Pressing On. 3 months ago
"Big boy" is a reference to another Toronto legend, Noel Nanton, https://www.discogs.com/artist/9852-Noel-Nanton https://www.discogs.com/artist/88473-Big-Boy
posted a comment on Syko & Mak - Homicide EP. 3 months ago
dream cycle is takin a vocal sample from mantronix got to have your love
posted a comment on Studio 2 - Dirty Games / Who Jah Bless?. 3 months ago
this was from alot earlier than 1995 because i had it on a tape from 2 years before that at least; it was on a tape called jumpin jack frost 2
posted a comment on Ashley Beedle - Roots Revolutions. 3 months ago
the sleeze track's main sample was revisited later in (1999) on the earth tones label Natural Rhythm - Smoldering Island https://www.discogs.com/Natural-Rhythm-Contrast-In-Nature-LP-Part-One/release/1275
posted a comment on Scottie Deep* Presents Daddy's Moods - C.H.A.N.T.S. / About You. 3 months ago
the MOW MOW mix features the same bassline as the popular track "Slid" by FLUKE back in 1993 https://www.discogs.com/Fluke-Slid/release/50027
posted a comment on Robot Man* - Do Da Doo (Remixes). 3 months ago
didnt know until recently but this track is sampling an earlier 1988 production by marshall jefferson https://www.discogs.com/Marshall-Jefferson-Presents-Dancing-Flutes-Do-The-Do/release/36019
posted a comment on Dee Fredrix - Whatever It Takes. 3 months ago
the video version posted here is a different version then the version sasha played, which was probably the dub or possibly a mix of the two?
posted a comment on Scott Grooves - Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix). 3 months ago
guys help me out - was this record out on promo in 97? - just trying to piece together memories of first hearing this and i could swear that this was out earlier than 1998?
posted a comment on Mental Detector - Illogical EP. 3 months ago
mental detector really reminds me of this other release https://www.discogs.com/Danny-Tenaglia-Featuring-Roxy--Thats-What-I-Want/master/155248
posted a comment on Half Tone Feat. Stella Jones - Deep My Soul. 4 months ago
a soulful house female vocal cover of Oliver Cheatham "Get Down Saturday Night"
posted a comment on Robin S. - Show Me Love. 4 months ago
the stonebridge + new club mixes are very similar but the stonebridge version was THE version that made this track a huge huge hit in 1993 where the previous versions didnt achieve the same level of success
posted a comment on Ivan Iacobucci - Deep And Dance EP. 4 months ago
the bassline from wonderbra is emulating another (superior) track can anyone think of it? (i cant at the moment, but recognize it)
posted a comment on LaTour - Blue. 4 months ago
i cant help but hear the chameleon project track when i listen to this https://www.discogs.com/The-Chameleon-Project-Feel/release/68691
posted a comment on LaTour - Craziaskowboi. 4 months ago
the round em up dub on this release brings back memories, i probably had it on a dj sasha tape back then
posted a comment on Bipo - Why?. 4 months ago
lemme just point out the connection between this release and another later release from (1992) https://www.discogs.com/Ivan-Iacobucci-SP12-Double-Pack/master/1082020
posted a comment on Mental Detector - Illogical EP. 4 months ago
I remember hearing the foxglove mix of this 12" being played @ parties in 94 in Toronto; possibly from a mixtape i have of local dj; dj lotus
posted a comment on Mr Roy* - Something About U. 4 months ago
the mr roy deerstalker dub mix is sampling the piano riff from St Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters at Work Dub) (1991) https://www.discogs.com/St-Etienne-Only-Love-Can-Break-Your-Heart/release/45820
posted a comment on Michael Watford - So Into You (The Camacho, Mentalinstrum And John Robinson Mixes). 4 months ago
the Inner city mix + the macho cammacho mix are the ones i remember lovin' RIP Camacho
posted a comment on Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak. 4 months ago
not to be confused with Phylyps Trak II which is the legendary dub
posted a comment on D.J. Red Alert & Mike Slammer* - Original Bad Boy E.P.. 4 months ago
the chords from the original bad boy track are covered from another earlier track (1992) i think it might be this https://www.discogs.com/Hyper-Go-Go-High/release/35429
posted a comment on Fast Floor (2) - On A Quest For Intelligence. 5 months ago
the naming of this album might be stemming from the public enemy track from the "fear of a black planet" LP entitled "War At 33 1/3" https://genius.com/Public-enemy-war-at-33-1-3-lyrics where chuck d uses the phrase which was highly influencial the... See full review
posted a comment on U.P.I.* - Better Love. 5 months ago
outta site features alot of the same elements from this release https://www.discogs.com/Kingdom-Come-Groovy-Baby-Jungle-Bliss/release/37242
posted a comment on The African Juice - Love Me / Congo Bongo. 5 months ago
the uk dub mix is doing a cover of the late 80s track "Night Moves" By Rickster https://www.discogs.com/Rickster-Night-Moves/release/167229
posted a comment on Heavy D. & The Boyz. 5 months ago
does anyone know if the "in living color" theme from Season 3 was ever put out on vinyl? RIP Heavy D
posted a comment on War - All Day Music. 5 months ago
the riff on this track always makes me think of "Get up Stand up!" https://www.discogs.com/The-Wailers-Get-Up-Stand-Up/release/1752932 but did this come out before that song???
posted a comment on Richard Grey Presents House Republic - Young Baby EP. 5 months ago
'feel me' is sort of a remix of gusto's 'disco revenge'
posted a comment on XXX (2) Featuring E'liza* - So Addicted. 6 months ago
nush mixes are clearly remixes by a difference artist and should have a link back to the nush artist page https://www.discogs.com/artist/2938-Nush
posted a comment on Njoko - Trance Dance. 6 months ago
hey there frostie; i think its a mistake;im pretty sure this track is actually a mix of a Robert Palmer Cover https://www.discogs.com/XXX-2-Featuring-Eliza-So-Addicted/release/2013343 i recognized the words; i think it's the "Nush Vocal mix" your... See full review
posted a comment on Baffled Republic* - Back To Funk EP. 6 months ago
"Knee High" is a play on words of the George Clinton funk classic "(Not Just) Knee Deep: by Funkadelic (1979) https://www.discogs.com/Funkadelic-Not-Just-Knee-Deep/release/2725036
posted a comment on 2 High - Listen It's A Mutha Vol. 1. 6 months ago
2 highs groove sounds like its sampling "Let me be your fantasy" by Love Symphony Orchestra https://www.discogs.com/The-Love-Symphony-Orchestra-Let-Me-Be-Your-Fantasy/release/949718
posted a comment on Soul Merge - Can Belove. 6 months ago
sounds like its based on Candido's Thousand Fingered man (as if there werent enough covers of this already) but it's a classy & soulful cover
posted a comment on Apollo 440 - Rumble EP. 6 months ago
anyone know which boxing match the 'get ready to rumble' sample is taken from?
posted a comment on Stephan Mandrax - Lower East Tribe E.P.. 7 months ago
fun fact the sample its using for the A track was the theme song for a CITYTV regular music show called "The new music" in Toronto Canada so this will be very familiar to anyone from Toronto!
posted a comment on Paul Johnson - Hit It Up EP. 7 months ago
Whatever you do is sampling En Vogue's release from the previous year https://www.discogs.com/En-Vogue-Whatever/master/136820
posted a comment on En Vogue - Whatever. 7 months ago
this track was later sampled in (1998) by paul johnson for his release on the riviera label https://www.discogs.com/Paul-Johnson-Hit-It-Up-EP/release/5922465
posted a comment on Stacy Kidd - Chicago L.I.F.E. 7 months ago
the jammin interlude is a continuation of sorts from his previous release https://www.discogs.com/Stacy-Kidd-Jammin-EP/release/11248
posted a comment on MC Lyte - Cold Rock A Party (Bad Boy Remix). 7 months ago
this is covering Diana Ross "Upside down" from (1980) https://www.discogs.com/Diana-Ross-Upside-Down/release/202123
posted a comment on Cassius - La Mouche. 7 months ago
this track deserves to be played into any of the many remixes of Candido's "thousand fingered man" to take things to the next level of ILLIN OUT i love both the Cassius version + the Pepe braddock mix;not huge on dj Falcon, but in my opinion this is... See full review
posted a comment on Studio Nova Feat. Sommer Trella - The Music's All I Know. 7 months ago
this track was really popular and really brings back memories of 1999 which is coincidentally exactly 20 years after the original was released (1979) https://www.discogs.com/Candi-Staton-When-You-Wake-Up-Tomorrow/release/144696 "don't you know that... See full review
posted a comment on Russell - Fool For Love. 7 months ago
these types of covers - however good or bad they might be - would make me feel alot better if they actually acknowledged + gave credit to the ORIGINAL from which they draw their inspiration from,... See full review
posted a comment on Freaky Realistic - Leonard Nimoy (The Mixes). 7 months ago
the elustrious mixes should really have a link somewhere here back to the artist responsible for the remixes https://www.discogs.com/artist/19049-E-Lustrious
posted a comment on Nu Colours - Joy. 7 months ago
the MDZ mix should be linked back to Mike Dunn's page https://www.discogs.com/artist/477947-MDZ
posted a comment on D.O.P. - Oh Yeah. 7 months ago
ha! im feelin the same, you always think you know everything but therse always one lurking around the corner that slipped by you somehow!
posted a comment on PKA - Let Me Hear You (Say Yeah). 7 months ago
this track was sampled in (2006) by Paolo Mojo and remixed and blown up by Eric Prydz https://www.discogs.com/Paolo-Mojo-1983/release/719470