I have been deejaying since the age of 16 which I started in 2003 just after leaving school. Before then I was a great listener for music and I enjoyed many different genre, but my all time favourite would have to be Trance and Drum n Bass. Trance has always been one of my biggest passions and the main attraction to this would have to be the tracks being seamlessly mixed with each other, it’s much better listening to music separated by gaps! I think my most favourite mixes during that time would have been Dave Pearce’s Transcendental Album. All this influence made me go out and buy my first DJ setup!

My basic starter kit was a pair of Numark TT1625 Decks and a Numark DJ Dm950 Mixer, just what I needed to start out. I spent the majority of my time attempting to mix with a small collection of records between the times of leaving school in July’03 and starting up in college in September’03. The day I got them beat matched was magical! From this moment on I started using what money I had to buy records weekly. Around September time I just made it into a small organisation who helped beginner DJs, MCs and Dancers to gain their experiences playing at a few locations, one of which being the local club Ikon Diva (today known as Liquid Envy). It was a great experience to play in front of 100s of people for the first time!

I made many friends from this point onwards, who invited me to play at DJ competitions. I achieved good results from this, I then started to get invited to friend’s bookings, to help out with warm-up sets and cover slot. Shortly after this I then started to get my own bookings. During this time I have constantly updated my equipment. I upgraded my mixer to a CM200FX Numark 19" mixer; this was great for playing out with. Shortly after I then realised my turntables needed updating, they were not that great as they were only from a starter pack. My new turntables were Numark TTx's, to which I still have today; they were such a great buy I have rated them from my own personal experience to be better than Technics. Each time I have bought something new I have had to learn new skills, but once you have learnt all you can, you then require the need for more! This is when I bought my most recent mixer Denon Dn-X1500. Absolutely brilliant mixer!

The type of venues I have played at have mostly been located in crawley, including; pubs, bars clubs, house parties, Private Halls etc, and on other occasions I has stretched as far as Brighton, Hayward’s heath, Sutton and many other locations located in Sussex.

Deejaying has always been done during my spare time, as it is one of my most favourite hobbies, to which also includes producing using Propeller heads - Reason, you can see my progressions on MySpace profile, and on my facebook DJ page.

In my full-time Job I am an Electrical/Electronic Training Engineer working for Elekta. I am still studying at college to complete my apprenticeship, I have achieved a BTEC national certificate so far, and I am currently in the progress of achieving a HNC certificate and then followed by an HND certificate.

After this I will have lots more free time for my Deejaying and production hobbies to hopefully become another career. So please, keep an eye on my page, I will be posting DJ mixes from time-to-time (mostly monthly), and please give you feedback it is most appreciated.

In the meantime check my progress so far; including DJ sets, Productions, pictures, news, where I have played, where I am playing etc.


DJ 5eRiOuS