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posted a comment on Vernon Elliot* - Clangers (Original Working Music, Cues & Effects). 7 months ago
Trunk Records have made a repressing as of December 2018
posted a comment on Jäh Division - Dub Will Tear Us Apart EP. 8 months ago
Looks like a repress is planned for late January 2019 with additional tracks on Ernest Jenning Record Company: https://www.discogs.com/label/82757-Ernest-Jenning-Record-Co
posted a comment on Creation Rebel - Starship Africa. 8 months ago
Engineer [mixing] by Dave Hunt of Berry Street Studios: https://www.discogs.com/artist/261546-Dave-Hunt

See his comment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHTQARh7yUA [Archived: https://i.imgur.com/6Mh6vlC.png]
submitted Raime - We Can’t Be That Far From The Beginning. 8 months ago
submitted The Cop Killers - The Cop Killers. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Walias Band* - The Best Of Walias. about 1 year ago
5 years later and still no repress and just seen a sealed copy on MrBongo for £225

posted a comment on Electrix Records. about 1 year ago
There was a planned release of a 7" that has the catalogue of 'ETRX7.1' that was a cover of The Pixies 'Where Is My Mind?' but apparently Frank Black refused to allow its release but allegedly theres 10 copies of the test pressings in the ... See full review
posted a comment on Bark Psychosis - Scum. about 1 year ago
Ive added a couple of close up images to show that there are minute drawings, some writing and patterns.
posted a comment on Anthony Manning - Liquid Quartz Vol.1. about 1 year ago
From: http://www.germstore.com/shopItem.php?id=5

Liquid Quartz EP: Four pieces composed entirely on the Roland MC505 Groovebox, but you'd never know it. Each record comes with a numbered, thumbprinted certificate unique to buyers from this site.
posted a comment on Eliane Radigue - Feedback Works 1969-1970. about 1 year ago
Boomkat have just announced another repress and it plays with pops and crackles

posted a comment on T.J. Hustler Metaphysical Synthesized Orchestra - Age Of Individualism. about 1 year ago
Knowing that it has that effect on people makes me want this record even more!
posted a comment on lovesliescrushing - Bloweyelashwish. about 1 year ago
I contacted Scott last year to see if he had any copies. We spoke and I sent some money.

He sent the record but because it went to my work address and required import taxes to be paid, I didnt receive the card and it was returned to Scott. He said he ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Doing It In Lagos (Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980s Nigeria). over 2 years ago
Not only that but the Peter Abdul track is one of the best tracks and its one of the vocal ones.. That bassline with the call and response from the keys is pure unadulterated funk!
posted a comment on Francis Bebey - African Electronic Music 1975-1982. over 2 years ago
Whats up with this shit? It just plain sucks.Thare is nothing in this recording that moves me. Just being real.

Do you spend all day going to listings posting your half baked opinions because its "being real"? I bet you ... See full review
posted a comment on Desert Storm. over 2 years ago
Keith Robinson, a main proponent of Desert Storm Soundsystem, passed away on September 18th: http://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/tragedy-man-who-founded-glasgows-11917377
posted a comment on Jellybean* - Jingo. over 3 years ago
This is straight lift from Babatunde Olatunji "Gin-Go-Lo-Ba (Drums Of Passion)": https://www.discogs.com/Olatunji-Drums-Of-Passion/master/65013
posted a comment on Tan-Ru - Purple Heart / Melons. over 3 years ago
I have to disagree with the comment about the Mark Broom remix being unnecessary because that bass he drops in around the 3 min mark takes the groove to new places.
posted a comment on Apologist (2) - Sorry Dub. over 4 years ago
What would you pay for a copy?
posted a comment on Simulant - Simm City. over 8 years ago
You are thinking of the track "Musical Box", not Wav.Form [mix].