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posted a comment on Crystal (4) & S. Koshi - Break The Dawn. 18 days ago
fucking love this record. like being punched in the face over and over again in a good, happy way.
posted a comment on Fabula - Fabula. about 1 month ago
what happened here, did del garda play it? or was it literally just because that youtube channel uploaded the tracks?
posted a comment on Junior Giscombe* - Then Came You. 2 months ago
the industrial 'maurice, e-smoove & sons' production line that was doing such a roaring trade in the early 90s did occasionally churn out an absolute winner. two chords, a string, a two-note melody, drums that are understated and shuffly but crack like a ... See full review
posted a comment on Kon•Kan* - I Beg Your Pardon. 4 months ago
the 'in the green house mix' on this (the revolving records version of the single) is different to the 'i beg your house mix' on all the other editions of the record, and it's worth looking for as it's much, much better. jacking bassline, acid touches, ... See full review
posted a comment on Isis Overload - Isis Overload. 4 months ago
incredible track, this is crying out for an efficient space reissue!
posted a comment on Herva - Smania. 4 months ago
afro sweep will knock your block off. super underrated producer.
posted a comment on M.C.J. Featuring Sima - (To Yourself) Be Free (Remix). 5 months ago
all about the 3am version for me, gemolotto transplants sheffield to the med - bleeps, bass and bliss! big tip!
posted a comment on Pépé Bradock - #12"@Last. 7 months ago
bradock's late career fever-dreams are just testament to what a genius he is in my opinion. ATA016-019 are all completely nuts and completely amazing. can extend that to the braccio d'oco record and the imbroglios too.
posted a comment on Relay - Believe. 7 months ago
life source is just heartbreaking, isn't it? does so much with so little.
posted a comment on The Late Boyz - Can't Stop Dancing. 7 months ago
I've got the UK Flying pressing of this, which is absolutely terrible (mine is anyway), is this one any better?
posted a comment on Hiroyuki Namba - Le Charme Discret De La Bourgeoisie. 9 months ago
buyer beware: despite the image used on the youtube video, the exceptionally lovely hiro no yumi isn't on this record - it's on the sadly much pricier 'who done it?' 12. you'll love this album if baroque symphonic prog rock is your thing but ... See full review
posted a comment on Mindchime - Feel Like Giving Love. 10 months ago
the nightmoodz mix is an absolutely stunning piece of housey ambience (rather than italianate Ambient House with capitals), quite reminiscent of the best bits of sound design that ripple through maw's trippiest productions - i'm thinking especially of ... See full review
posted a comment on Underground Nation Undertour Sensation - Save Me. 11 months ago
if you want to buy a delicious italian stomper with weird cat noises on it then i really can't recommend this record highly enough. plus the undertour mix is a lovely slowish groover that practically smells like a mediterranean sea breeze.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Maxx Factor. about 1 year ago
the b-side is a flip of harder edge by mike delgado - doesn't do that much to it, but it's actually significantly better than the original.
posted a comment on Ambassadors Of Swing Feat. Bryan Chambers - Coming Up. about 1 year ago
grant nelson's happy hardcore background (as wishdokta) is often perceptible in his mid 90s garage stuff, but i'm not sure it's ever clearer than in the dirtbox dub on this record. a classic kerri/eddie perez chord sequence jacked up on white mitzis, ... See full review
posted a comment on Carlos Cutaia - Orquesta. about 1 year ago
a work of total bizarro genius, argie new wave at its best and weirdest. so glad this has been repressed.
posted a comment on D.J. Le Roy* Featuring Bocachica - Yo Te Quiero. about 1 year ago
amid stiff competition, my all-time favourite alex neri production. just sublime.
posted a comment on Mother Gong - Robot Woman. about 1 year ago
a kind of feminist comic space-opera, this album manages to be both extremely silly and actually quite powerful at the same time. the first half is also chock-full of brilliant, very groovy disco/funk pastiche.
posted a comment on Mecca (4) - It's Time To Jam. about 1 year ago
more gold from marco rosales, one of the unsung masters of the deep 92 ny sound
posted a comment on Eduardo Mateo - Cuerpo Y Alma. about 1 year ago
This a staggeringly beautiful record by someone who should be much, much better known outside of Latin America. Glad it's been repressed.
posted a comment on Big Brother (5) - Adventures In Success Parts 1 & 2. about 1 year ago
Just for clarity's sake - although these are 'differently billed versions' of Will Power's Adventures in Success, they aren't the same tracks (and are, for me, unfortunately rather inferior).
posted a comment on Tadow (2) - Free / Triumth / What Is House. about 1 year ago
decent funky record this - just bought it for about a quid on redeye though so check there before blowing a tenner on it here
posted a comment on A "___" Named Johanna* - Freak It. about 1 year ago
just commenting to say that i loved this comment :)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Opious Project - Cessation EP. about 1 year ago
it is absolutely mental that this actually pretty non-descript record is going for this much