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posted a comment on Funki Porcini - The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds. 2 months ago
After the incredible "Hed Phone Sex" and patchy "Love, Pussycats..." Mr Porcini comes over half himself, half Fatboy Slim. Some good tracks, but gone is the unique style and psychedelic mastery of earlier releases.
posted a comment on The Telescopes - Early Studio Recordings. 3 months ago
My copy exhibits the same tendencies as those of plaidzebra's. Also, the centre hole is off, so there is significant wow and flutter, always great if you like to feel seasick while listening to records. A bad pressing...
posted a comment on Bowery Electric - Bowery Electric. 4 months ago
Worth having just for the track "Slow Thrills", which ramps up the fun bit by bit till the awesome explosion occurs.

Kranky, anyone, please reissue this on vinyl!
posted a comment on This Heat - Made Available (John Peel Sessions). 4 months ago
Agree with broyles-sookram about the material here being better than their 1st LP proper, the rawness adds another dimension to these tracks, the textures are rougher, easier to feel and appreciate.
I wondered why the title, till the penny dropped. Peel ... See full review
posted a comment on Royal Trux - Sweet Sixteen. 5 months ago
I second Dan6500.

I reckon there are lots of frustrated Trux fans longing for a vinyl version of this one.....timing would be good, seeing as the band has just reunited!
posted a comment on Hamilton Bohannon. 5 months ago
Absolute legend, and surely one of the top disco producers of all time - phenomenally funky, tight grooves!
posted a comment on Parliament. 5 months ago
You can have an amazing time trying to figure out whether Parliament or Funkadelic is the funkier band, eventually you'll probably realise that they are both the best band ever.
posted a review of Spacemen 3 - Live At The New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18.05.1989. 7 months ago
The best live recording of Spacemen 3 I've heard. Treble up, cut the mids a bit, leave the bass. Really kicks.
posted a comment on The Jesus And Mary Chain - Reverence. 7 months ago
Watching this on TV with my dad, thinking how cool it was - he turns to me and says, "Die like JFK? How could they? He had his brains shot out."
posted a comment on The Heliocentrics - The Sunshine Makers (Original Soundtrack). 9 months ago
This is a lot of fun - great melodies and arrangements, kooky sounds and instrumentation, all with a paranoid 60's acid vibe. Yeah!
posted a comment on Black Sabbath. 9 months ago
The first 6 LP's are phenomenal. Black Sabbath created such amazing music they can be considered the Beatles of heavy music. Their influence has now probably outstripped that of Led Zeppelin, in terms of the genres they inadvertently inspired and ... See full review
posted a comment on The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Methodrone. about 1 year ago
Yes, most of the other BJM releases don't sound much like this, it is primarily shoegaze inspired (especially Chapterhouse / Slowdive / Ride to my ears!) rather than the Beatles / Byrds / Stones sound of later LP's.
However, this is hands down their best ... See full review
posted a comment on Gnod - Infinity Machines. about 1 year ago
Some cool sounds if you can ignore the SJW / Socialist Worker 6th form nonsense spouted over the top. There is much better psych out there, but not many venture into sounds this industrial and hard.
posted a comment on The Fall - The Unutterable. about 1 year ago
Simply the best of their noughties output.
Cyber Insekt / Two Librans is a knockout left -right combo to begin with, and Sons of Temperance is a real banger too. Ketamine Sun is a thing of rare beauty.
Throughout the LP, guitars and electronics are ... See full review
posted a comment on Mercury Rev - Yerself Is Steam. about 1 year ago
Yerself Is Steam still works as a psychedelic trip, the lyrics are barmy and funny, and the sonics are blistering and hypnotic. There's a lovely sense of play in the melodies fighting to be heard above all the buzzing.

What a shame David Baker had to ... See full review
posted a comment on Loop (3). about 1 year ago
Loop made the best acid drone-rock. Obvious inspiration was drawn from Spacemen 3, the main innovators of this particular branch of acid rock.

But inspirations and influences were digested and subsumed (so rare in rock/pop/hiphop!) and they emerged as ... See full review
posted a comment on The Boo Radleys. about 1 year ago
As a big MBV and "shoegaze" fan, I was an avid follower of The Boo Radleys from about 1990-1992.

During that time they produced a great run of EP's, culminating in the "Everything's Alright Forever" LP.

While very much indebted to MBV sonically, were ... See full review
posted a comment on My Bloody Valentine. about 1 year ago
As Jaxxalude mentioned below, for a while the influence of MBV was judged to be only towards the indie scene, where their sound was one of the main components of the "shoegaze" DNA.

As time has gone by, and others have failed to pick up the gauntlet, ... See full review
posted a comment on Funkadelic. about 1 year ago
Not really much to say about Funkadelic. Possibly the best band of all time, and you will never regret putting their tunes on at a house party.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle. about 1 year ago
Some real grumps reviewing this LP! Not all the tracks are golden, but "Films", "Metal", "Cars" are awesome. Check out the bass and drums on "Films", absolutely cracking. Of the others, a couple drag a bit, but the majority are very decent. This LP is a ... See full review
posted a comment on Masahiko Sato* - Belladonna (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film). about 1 year ago
It's a shame not to get the whole soundtrack, but to be fair the main theme is a totally generic piece of enka with a decent vocal and strings part. The rest of the music on the FK LP is far more exciting and wild, taking a heap of inspiration from ... See full review
posted a comment on Objekt - Flatland. about 1 year ago
Rather cold / hard and overcompressed, not a very attractive sound. Some interesting textures and sound effects, but far from an immersive ride. Not recommended on vinyl, probably a better listen on digital where the album isn't broken into four sides.
posted a comment on Various - Glistens. about 1 year ago
The majority of these tracks were well worth a (g)listen, I am one of the "shies away from library music outside the golden years of 1966-78" types that Ed MacFarlane mentions in the liner notes. Have a g(listen) to track 5 "shorelines" and you will see ... See full review
posted a review of Sunflower Bean - I Was A Fool. about 1 year ago
"I Was A Fool" to buy this when I could have just bought a 2nd hand copy of Rumours for the same cost.
posted a comment on Cocteau Twins - Garlands. about 1 year ago
Siouxie and the Banshees as well as Bauhaus loom large over this LP, but it does of course have its own colours too. More overtly melodic and self-similar in instrumentation and sonics than the Banshees, for example, and Elizabeth Frazers vocals are ... See full review
posted a comment on The Fall. about 1 year ago
You are so right. Better a band makes consistently mediocre records for ever and ever than they release 3 or 4 winners and then clear off. Thank god they have persevered despite Mr Smith sounding like Bane with 12 whiskies in him and a headcold.
posted a comment on The Fall. about 1 year ago
There's a whole world of music out there Fall fans, that doesn't consist of drums bashed badly monotonous guitar and a drunk ranting incoherently.
But sheer persistence beats melody / talent / inspiration eh? Repeated mediocrity is better than quality, ... See full review
posted a comment on Trans Europa Express - Il Gatto Dagli Occhi Di Giada. about 1 year ago
Please please please any record label owners or owners of pressing plants reading this, you are ruining so many records by not placing the centre hole precisely in the middle of the LP. This leads to "wow and flutter" (not as nice as it sounds) where we ... See full review
posted a comment on Armando Sciascia - Sea Fantasy. about 1 year ago
Just listening again to this record now, it is such great material, so disappointing that it is covered in weird phasing, sound like they used some noise elimination software, then plugged in a doubler to round out the sound - the kind of moves a 10 year ... See full review
posted a comment on Loop (3) - Eternal (The Singles 1988). about 1 year ago
The version of "Mother Sky" is the only time I've heard a band cover Can and outdo them in some way. The drumming is sick - imagine outgunning Jaki from Can, the track builds and builds in waves, it is truly awesome and worthy to stand side by side with ... See full review
posted a comment on AC/DC. about 1 year ago
None of their songs hits as hard as the Stooges. Don't forget Motörhead, either!
When you think about all the incredible bands there have been, better to enjoy them all than make silly comparisons.
posted a comment on Chromatics - Shadow. about 1 year ago
Is this a cover version of "Wish Fulfillment" by Sonic Youth?
posted a comment on Tad - God's Balls. over 2 years ago
Mudhoney - "Superfuzz Bigmuff", Nirvana - "Bleach" and Tad - "God's Balls", these are the quintessential Seattle grunge records for me, heavily rotated by John Peel on his legendary show, never equaled for heaviness or atmosphere.

I was too young to ... See full review
posted a comment on Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician. over 2 years ago
This is definitely the best buttholes record, absolutely off the goddamn chain. Whether it is therefore the best record ever by man or beast is quite likely.
posted a comment on Dr. Dooom - First Come, First Served. over 2 years ago
This, along with The 1st Dr Octagon LP, is a creative peak never since equalled in hip hop. The lyrics show a sense of humour and sheer imaginative tomfoolery that pees on the rest of the game. To be treasured because since then, hip hop has literally ... See full review
posted a comment on Circle - Andexelt. over 2 years ago
Any kind soul reading this with access to a record pressing plant. Please pop this album in when you get a spare moment?
posted a comment on My Bloody Valentine - mbv. over 2 years ago
If this LP sounds a bit sluggish and sleepy, try at plus 2, livens it up a bit.
posted a comment on Happy Mondays. over 2 years ago
After all this time it's the Mondays that sound best of the Manchester lot - and they were always good as you will find if you go right back to their first eps on Factory.
The band was a big marquee for indie / dance / acid house, more down to earth and ... See full review
posted a comment on Necro Deathmort. over 2 years ago
Thes guys are awesome. Get all their stuff, you will not regret it.
posted a comment on François De Roubaix - Les Lèvres Rouges. over 2 years ago
This richly deserves a reprint or rerelease on vinyl. The whole soundtrack of the film is haunting and mesmerising, very elegant and full of dramatic tension. Classy strings over bass and drums, sad melodies and spooky guitars, richly atmospheric!
posted a comment on Verve* - A Storm In Heaven. over 2 years ago
Got my copy today. Good sound, of course not as good as the original pressing. As is very often the case these days, this reissue is marred by loud pops and crackles even on first playback.

What goes on?
posted a comment on Melvins - Houdini. over 2 years ago
Mine too - listening to it makes me seasick with the wow and flutter. Dogshit.
posted a review of Joël Vandroogenbroeck* - Meditations Vol. 1. over 3 years ago
A Masterpiece of ambient music. Incredible shifting textures and soundscapes take the listener on a sumptuous trip. A must-have for anyone looking to journey through further dimensions!
posted a review of Ennio Morricone - Paura - A Collection Of Scary & Thrilling Soundtracks. over 3 years ago
When you see releases like these you have to wonder how many companies actually know how to press vinyl anymore. The centring of the hole on this release is so bad that the "wow" causes seasickness.
Only an amateur would press something as low quality as ... See full review
posted a review of Johnny Hammond - Gears. over 3 years ago
What a great album, and it is fantastic to have the bonus tracks. What we could do without is the badly pressed "Lost on 23rd Street" of side A, full of crackling distortion in the left channel. What a mess! Don't people check pressings anymore?!
posted a comment on Mercury Rev. over 3 years ago
They were mind-meltingly hot and viciously psychedelic when I saw them live at the Newcastle Riverside just after releasing Yerself Is Steam.

That record and Boces were both a real trip - the David Baker left the band, and they became as you say ... See full review
posted a comment on Wand (2). over 3 years ago
Exquisite psychedelia. Heavy sounds and T-Rex / Bowie inflections, melodic and determined, alternately soft and heroic.

Wicked and delicious, frantic and luminary. I really dig this band!
posted a review of Armando Sciascia - Sea Fantasy. over 3 years ago
Oh Dear.

So pleased to have a copy of this .....but......

What has happened to the sound? It's like it was re-recorded under water, in the bath.

Someone has made a really botched attempt at de-noising this, or re-stereo-ising it or whatever.

It ... See full review
posted a comment on M83 - Before The Dawn Heals Us. over 3 years ago
With one half the band gone, all the elegance and unpredictability, the small moments of M83 disappeared, and we are left with only the epic sentimentality and huge empty gestures.
What a shame.
Mega cheese.