looking for Glatze Des Willens-K7 - kurze paranoia Germany'91 (Das Kombinat Block 4)

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Der Künftige Musikant - Veitstanz
posted a review of Der Künftige Musikant - Veitstanz. over 16 years ago
This is real minimal without any professional and within all minimal sounds, no professional release can give to you!
Pure analog sounds (what else) with very dark and depressive lyrics - you can dance as a depessive person, much better than every... See full review
The Klinik* - Braindamage
posted a review of The Klinik* - Braindamage. over 17 years ago
FANTASTIC material & songs on this Live-CD,
but what the hell is this???
there is no chance to pick up songs for your ears or personal playlist...
'cause of a 1-track CD...

Klinik gave us a fantastic on-stage-presentation & I really loved... See full review