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posted a comment on Fiasco - Las Mujeres (The Women). 6 months ago
Washing machine acid bassline has been obviously sampled, works well with heavy drums.
posted a comment on Hateful Head Helen - Hateful Head Helen. 6 months ago
Work me goddamit (remix) by armand van helden contain this sample
posted a comment on Armand Van Helden Presents Old School Junkies - Work Me! (Gadamit). 6 months ago
Vocals from the remixed versions are sampled from 'Hateful Head Helen ‎– Hateful Head Helen' which record contain an acapella version.
posted a comment on New Horizons - It's My House. 7 months ago
Melody comes from ' NYDC ‎– Up In This House ' out in 1995 on TRIBAL America
posted a comment on Gershon Jackson - Ya'll Be Easy. 7 months ago
Vocal drums mixx got the sickest drum pattern of year 89
posted a comment on Neal Howard - To Be Or Not To Be?. 7 months ago
US bleeps ?
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posted a comment on USI - Hard Kore Volume One. 7 months ago
basics, nontheless interesting breaky dj tools ragga/rave infused, another example of the great influence of frankie bones on the uk scene back in the day and the key role he played in the emergence of jungle.
posted a comment on Genaside II - The Motiv. 8 months ago
The only tune that worth it is the bonehead beatz mix, basically a nice breakbeat DJ tool, bonesbreak vibe
posted a comment on Supply N' Demand. 9 months ago
Dj assault met Mr De while working in detroit famous record shop 'Buy A Rite' (Where Atkins used to work aswell during the 80's). This is their first work togegher, blending techno and miami bass to produce some kind of uptempo break beat dj tools. ... See full review
posted a comment on Sovereign, JJ Louis & Fuze - Licence To Kill 007. 11 months ago
This records, sampled later on by Big$hot in 'license to stomp' is seminal of grime and probably inspired many producteurs like Jon e cash.
posted a comment on Mark "Ruff" Ryder* - Booyaka Beats. 11 months ago
Can someone confirm that this one is actually from 1995 ? Sounds more like late 90's to me.
posted a comment on M - Dubs* - Over You. 12 months ago
One of the first 2 step tune. the term wasn't existing yet so they named it 'break beat mix'
posted a comment on KMA* - Breakin Out E.P.. 12 months ago
One on the few uk garage record that feature jungle's breaks elements
posted a comment on Rhythm Warfare - Two Notches. 12 months ago
Interesting break tune featuring european hardcore elements. Malcolm McLaren Buffalo Gals 'alarma' is looped, this is in my opinion a very New York signature sample, used by many producers like kenny dope
posted a comment on Bass Value Featuring M.C. Dee* - Feelin' Happy. 12 months ago
the summer time dub got such an happy feeling without being cheesy, deeper than ravy
posted a comment on K.Dope* - Strictly Rhythms Vol. 1. 12 months ago
Like the 'The Ha Dance' , this record is an important part of ballroom sound. This is one of the many 'tribal' drum house tune made by kenny dope that played an important role, opening doors to new drums patterns and rythmics. This tune is characteristic ... See full review
posted a comment on Ellis Dee + D.J. Swanne* - Ruff Neck Bizznizz. 12 months ago
This realesed is a superb example of the transition from hardcore manic piano breakbeat to the more ragga influenced jungle
posted a comment on Soundmaster "T"* - Dance War 1. about 1 year ago
real dj funk flavours right here from a super rare record label
posted a comment on Makesome Breaksome - Rew'd. about 1 year ago
This one sounds so UK, like a Dj zinc tune or something similar
posted a comment on Southside Recordings. about 1 year ago
Such an underrated Label, pioneer of the dark garage turn and home of many great grime instrumentals.
posted a comment on DJ Charmzy - Raid. about 1 year ago
If this tune has really been made in 1998 it is pioner of both forthcoming genres, nu break and grime
posted a comment on DJ Charmzy - Concentration. about 1 year ago
no none knows when it came out ? Sounds like early production
posted a comment on Warp Records. about 1 year ago
Agree, same with XL record, these record labels are not pionering anymore, that's a fact, not an opinion, but that's not their purpose nowadays I guess. They are proper isntitutions and their role is to acknoledge new niche aesthetetic, artiste and ... See full review
posted a comment on Jack Master - Basement Trax Vol.I. about 1 year ago
Very late 80s chicago style, with a more progressive and straight rhythm pattern. Probably inspired by the chicago vocal and drums track by Matt Warren ‎– Bang The Box
submitted Lux Prima - Divisional Articulations. about 1 year ago