We ship to every country in the world, wherever you live, we will deliver to you! (Apart from Brazil, sorry can't stand the chargebacks anymore). And sorry Australia, we are not tax collectors, and we don't work on behalf of your government. Lobby your government to rethink their stupid 10% levy.

So a little about us. Classic Trax Ltd http://www.classictrax.co.uk was one of the first underground music retailers in the online space, starting our business way back in 1998.

Fast forward to 2018: We are STILL serving up the best Drum & Bass, Jungle, Hardcore and Obscure Oldskool money can buy, as well as an eclectic mix of other musical genres.

So when you are trying to choose who to buy from on discogs, be sure you can put your trust in us.

All the records we display are in stock, and ready to ship quickly.

In our opinion, it's always best to buy from a real record business (with a long successful history) rather than taking a chance buying from private unknown sellers. Take a look at our feedback - it's 100% - you can't get better!

We ship orders with regularity, so you will never have to wait too long for our next dispatch! We're not wannabe dealers, we sell records for a full time occupation! There's a big difference...

If you have a D&B / Hardcore / Jungle collection to sell, please get in touch, we are always looking to buy quality collections of vinyl, either for cash or you can consign your collection with us if they are the ultimate rarities. See here for more info on consigning your records with us: http://www.classictrax.co.uk/selling-your-records-on-consignment/

MP3s and CDs are more convenient, but nothing sounds like vinyl, that's a fact! LONG LIVE VINYL :)

We also run another business selling Formula 1 diecast models which you can see at http://www.f1modelstore.com

Finally I have to say, I am grateful that I can do something in life that I am passionate about. I've pretty much dedicated most of my working life to buying and selling Drum and Bass vinyl records. I never tire of doing my work, because I enjoy what I do.

My business provides a modest lifestyle, but the freedom and satisfaction it gives me is priceless.
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This is the first record Classic Trax ever sold, when we set up trading 20 years ago.
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I bought his record collection about 10 years ago. Nice bloke. I also used to buy some of my records off him in Romford in the early 90's. Those old Boogie times, Droppin Science, Sub Base cuts. I didn't have much money then, but the music made up for ... See full review
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This was one of my favourite tunes in my record box in '92.
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Surely the best hardcore record ever made? If not, then it's no.1 from 1992. Such good memories. I have a tape I listened to a hundred times, from the edge in Coventry in 1992 with Fabio in the mix, the MC was shouting "This is the dawning, of a new era, ... See full review
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When these tunes came out more than 2 decades ago, could I ever have imagined I would be listening to them wirelessly via Bluetooth streaming from Apple Music? No moving parts, not a turntable in sight....amazing how things move on.
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I'm loving this recut, especially as it's on apple music, banging out my speakers for nothing :)
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