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added Oscar Mulero - Accelerometer Operation Principle to their wantlist. over 3 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Cape (3) - My Own Jungle. over 4 years ago
My copy plays all the way through A2 with no problems, and sounds great. Along with the rest of the record. No issues here.
posted a comment on Earl Jeffers - The Goose. over 5 years ago
I think the sample in "The Goose" of the dude saying "The Goose" comes from the spoken word in the beginning of Wu-Tang Clan "Clan In Da Front".
posted a comment on Lootbeg - Release Yourself EP. over 5 years ago
Please get in contact with me if this record is available.
posted a comment on Terje Bakke - Cotton Factory EP. over 5 years ago
if anyone has a reasonably priced copy of this in decent condition please reach out to me.
posted a comment on Akufen. over 5 years ago
I hear the similarities to Todd but i feel like Akufen has a more minimal house vibe and Todd has a more UK Garage vibe. Both are very pleasant in my opinion.
posted a comment on Jque Pbrs Tgxu - Pseudomorph EP. over 5 years ago
I'll take your copy if you don't want it. been looking to track this down.
posted a comment on Rob Shields - Slum Room. over 5 years ago
serious vibes from this record. float/drift/sway. too much emotion pouring out of it.
posted a comment on Tony Senghore - Lovepack One. over 5 years ago
Oh Ricardo. smooth, simple, groovy, sexual, emotive... That moment a 12 minutes song is over and you didn't want it to end.
posted a comment on Moire Patterns - The Roots Anthems. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Mura Oka - Auftakt LP. over 6 years ago
I was turned on to this record after hearing "Horizon Rouge" in Joey Anderson's Dekmantel Podcast. After listening to a couple more of the tracks here, this is great work. Definitely going to have to track down a copy of this LP.
posted a comment on Lee Burridge. over 6 years ago
nothing better than a minimal Lee set.... lol
posted a comment on Django Django - First Light. over 6 years ago
is the ghost culture remix getting pressed?
posted a comment on Shifted - Crossed Paths. over 6 years ago
I like the recent PAS stuff on Mote-Evolver as well as the Psyk stuff. but this kinda disappointed me as well. seems dull.
posted a comment on Allen (25) - Gravity Assist. over 6 years ago
agreed, no filler here.
posted a comment on Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep. over 6 years ago
it sounds better than original pressings? or equivilent? or its just good for a bootleg...?
posted a comment on Andy Hart - La Même Pour Moi EP. over 6 years ago
agreed. This EP is great and Andy has a high quality of work.
posted a comment on Anthony Naples. over 6 years ago
He is not stopping anytime soon.
posted a comment on Nail* - Dug Out Vol. 1. over 6 years ago
Juno says this is limited to 300 copies.
posted a comment on The Wise Caucasian - Kutchie Dub. over 6 years ago
i second this notion.
posted a comment on The Persuader - The Persuader EP1. over 6 years ago
its for sale on juno right now.
posted a comment on S.A.T. (3) - S.A.T.. over 6 years ago
I hope there is more to come from these 3. Not much filler on these pieces of wax.
posted a comment on MMM aka Errorsmith & Fiedel - IV. Messe Der Meister Von Morgen. over 6 years ago
both of these tunes blow me away whenever i hear them played.
posted a comment on Surgeon - Surgeon EP. over 6 years ago
the front cover says 45rpm but im pretty sure both sides play at 33rpm. doesn't bother me, all the tracks sound great. cant wait for the other 5 to come.
posted a comment on Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flügel - Hachinoko. over 6 years ago
Hachinoko is an amazing piece of work.
over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good. over 6 years ago
yup, pretty sure MJ would shit everywhere if he heard the Fedde Le Grand...
posted a comment on Epi Centrum - Raw. over 6 years ago
I am not a huge fan of the original. But the two remixes are right on point here.
posted a comment on Smallpeople - The People. over 6 years ago
in stock at juno
posted a comment on David August - Epikur EP. over 6 years ago
B-side is a slice of heaven.
posted a comment on Jamie xx - All Under One Roof Raving. over 6 years ago
I doubt he will put Girl/Sleep Sound/All Under One Roof Raving on the vinyl version of the LP. They will probably be on CD/files and the vinyl will include the stuff that hasn't been pressed before.
posted a comment on Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir - Burning. over 7 years ago
I've heard Lee Burridge play this a few times in his sets. Such a perfect tune.
posted a comment on Naoki Shinohara - Dimension EP . over 7 years ago
Its supposed to be there. I kinda like it, its warm and dungy and keeps everything rolling along.
posted a comment on Truncate - Remixed Part 1. over 7 years ago
All of these tracks are pretty beastly.
posted a comment on Pev* & Asusu / Pev* & Kowton - MMM & Pangaea Remixes. over 7 years ago
agreed. doesn't do it for me.
posted a comment on Interceptor - Together. over 7 years ago
they cant all be booties
posted a comment on Aybee - 22 Meters. over 7 years ago
"Akiara" is a track that can carry you away. Great record
posted a comment on Âme - Tatischeff EP. over 7 years ago
yeah i get completely lost in the B-side. the A-side doesn't quite do it for me.
posted a comment on S.A.M. (5) - Nangijala / Nangilima. over 7 years ago
B-side is a beast.
posted a comment on Various - It's House Not House EP. over 7 years ago
i wonder how sprinkles feels about being on the same piece of wax as bicep.
posted a comment on Four Tet - Jupiters / Lion (Remixes). over 7 years ago
bassline in Jamie XX track gets me every time. Happa track is very impressive as well.
posted a comment on André Lodemann - Fragments - Where Are You Now?. over 7 years ago
A1 kinda makes my life complete