Hi, I guess as you are being kind enough to take the time to read this I should write a little bit about myself and the wonderful lady joining me in my profile picture. My girlfriend and I work together as DJs at a live music venue called The Old Wine Vaults in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. We have been working together as DJ's for a few years now at various venues from pubs to nightclubs. Some of the artists we have worked with include Dan Reed, Kiss, Quireboys, Adam Bomb, Chris Holmes (formerly of W. A. S. P.), Danny McCormack's (The Wildhearts) band The Main Grains and Osukaru along with hundreds of lesser known UK, European and international bands that cover 1000's of miles a year to keep live music alive!!!


Cheers everybody

....PS I really must get a profile picture with me stood in front of the girlfriend...but somehow in every picture she always gets to the front! Having said that, she does look a lot better than me!!!!!
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Does anybody know how many times a copy of this has been sold? I have seen two on ebay in the last twenty years, selling at £1250 and £2950. Also, one was listed in Record Collector magazine for £100 about 25 years ago
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Should there be interview segments on both sides? Mine only has interviews on one side
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The signed copies were available only from the Feeder website. A separate submission for unsigned copies has been added to the Discogs database recently
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As I recall, all the sleeves were done like that. Would check my copy but all my vinyl is stored at another address
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Could anyone tell me if the vinyl shown in the images is a true representation of the colour as my copy appears to be more red than purple
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