Hi, I guess as you are being kind enough to take the time to read this I should write a little bit about myself and the wonderful lady joining me in my profile picture. My girlfriend and I work together as DJs at a live music venue called The Old Wine Vaults in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. We have been working together as DJ's for a few years now at various venues from pubs to nightclubs. Some of the artists we have worked with include Dan Reed, Kiss, Matty James, Quireboys, Adam Bomb, Chris Holmes (formerly of W. A. S. P.), Danny McCormack's (The Wildhearts) band The Main Grains, David Bower (Hell) and Osukaru along with hundreds of lesser known UK, European and international bands that cover 1000's of miles a year to keep live music alive!!!

A few things I don't intend to sell are

Or anything by The Wildhearts, Tyla or The Dogs D'amour

Cheers everybody

....PS I really must get a profile picture with me stood in front of the girlfriend...but somehow in every picture she always gets to the front! Having said that, she does look a lot better than me!!!!!
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I've just checked the copy in my possession and it's still perfect after all these years
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It has been released on vinyl, came out a few years ago
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The rear sleeve of my copy gives the title of track A2 as Is This Art. Are all copies the same?
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Hey Boy Hey Girl seems to me to have stolen quite a lot from this track


I could be wrong, to be honest this isn't the music I normally listen to but having just... See full review
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I believe it's classed as a manufacturing error here on Discogs, and would not require a separate submission
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Sorry will1066ad, but you are referring to the European release, as is quietlion. This submission started off as the UK version (and should stay as the UK version) which has Made in England text on the labels and a different layout for the rest of the... See full review
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Crush CD was not actually a part of this release. The slipcase was available for a limited time only with One Wild Night Live 1985-2001 CD
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As far as I am recall, there were legal issues at the time regarding track B6 - Charmed Life. I unfortunately don't recall if it had to be removed, or if the problem was sorted out and the track was added to later releases but would guess it was added... See full review
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During the end credits of the film Class of 1984, the song Let's Have A War is credited to Lee Ving and Derf Scratch
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Absolutely awful quality. Give this release a miss, not even a die hard Geoff Tate or Queensryche fan can honestly say they enjoy listening to this
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Hi MountRed, nothing wrong with your copy. This UK version comes in a standard 12" sleeve without a spine or inner sleeve
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Hi Phil_Strange, I think this may be the version you are looking for

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The red vinyl version was certainly not exclusively available from Nuclear Blast mail order, it was sold from the bands merchandise stall at UK shows.
Also, as a side note, front man Dave Bower once appeared on the UK television series Coronation Street
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