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posted a comment on Neuropolitique. 6 months ago
One of the best producers ever to do it RIP
posted a comment on Photonz. about 1 year ago
photonz is a good a** producer and i need more words
posted a comment on Perlon. about 1 year ago
is there anything better in life than a Perlon LP?

my only wish is that they distribute to the US more often and more affordably. Though I suppose that's not their fault..
Seven Davis Jr.
posted a comment on Seven Davis Jr.. about 1 year ago
lot of great music but special shouts to the 'Circa 1999' mixtape which is on streaming and his bandcamp, really innovative stuff.
Fumiya Tanaka
posted a comment on Fumiya Tanaka. over 2 years ago
considering there hasn't been a comment on here in 17 years (!!!) I just wanted to say that Fumi for me is one of the finest producers in the game and his output has only gotten better with time. A serious talent, and I can't wait for the next time he... See full review
Fumiya Tanaka - Right Moment
posted a comment on Fumiya Tanaka - Right Moment. over 2 years ago
outstanding work from the master. can't get enough of fumi's intricate work, and his grooves/basslines are leagues above most other 'minimal tech' producers. huge inspiration.
Afrikan Sciences
posted a comment on Afrikan Sciences. over 2 years ago
one of the best producers alive and that's a fact!
Bullion - Young Heartache
posted a comment on Bullion - Young Heartache. over 2 years ago
elektr0bi where is the vocal sample in A2 from ? I can't find any info anywhere. Anyone, pls ? is that Beach Boys - which song, then ? It's "Look at the Girls" by The Giant Jellybean Copout.

how do you know? i don't hear it... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Pantytec - Elastobabe
posted a comment on Pantytec - Elastobabe. over 2 years ago
the soul capsule mix is really one of the best grooves ever put to wax
Optic Nerve
posted a comment on Optic Nerve. over 2 years ago
a master!

more words more words more words more words more
posted a comment on Moodymann. over 3 years ago
found the european guy

(words words words words words words)
DJ Nature - Return Of The Savage
posted a comment on DJ Nature - Return Of The Savage. over 3 years ago
one of the absolute great nyc house records of all time. never leaves the bag..
Aubrey - Abstractions E.P.
posted a comment on Aubrey - Abstractions E.P.. over 3 years ago
i feel blessed to own this godmode EP by Aubrey
DJ Nature
posted a comment on DJ Nature. over 4 years ago
legend - the golf channel releases are out of this world good
Kutmah - Sacred Geometry
posted a comment on Kutmah - Sacred Geometry. over 4 years ago
i met kutmah at poobah records the night of an LA record xmas party in 09. i was 15. this cd had just come out, i chatted w him in the store and asked him to sign one for me. he misspelled my name so he gave me two and got it right on the second one.... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
Fumiya Tanaka - You Find The Key
posted a comment on Fumiya Tanaka - You Find The Key. over 4 years ago
check out cabanne's and coldfish's LPs. fumi is really in his own world though.
Bea Benjamin* With Dollar Brand - African Songbird
posted a comment on Bea Benjamin* With Dollar Brand - African Songbird. over 4 years ago
as the kids say 'not sure who needs to hear this' but this is really one of the most beautiful records I personally have ever heard. I think about it most every day.
DeWalta - Dark Matter
posted a comment on DeWalta - Dark Matter. over 4 years ago
rlly on some other shit and I need a few more words
Haruomi Hosono - Philharmony
posted a comment on Haruomi Hosono - Philharmony. over 5 years ago
I can tell you that I bought a copy at Hosono's performance in NYC and it was charged to LITA, so I imagine the pressings are similar if not the same.
Dark Entries
posted a comment on Dark Entries. over 5 years ago
can't speak for most of the reissues but the Savage Hymn and Photonz records are fantastic
Dana Kelley
posted a comment on Dana Kelley. over 5 years ago
Umfang - Symbolic Use Of Light
posted a comment on Umfang - Symbolic Use Of Light. over 5 years ago
hella overrated, I'm sorry Technicolour but going from Jamal Moss to this.. is depressing to me. respect to umfang and what she represents but this album is incredibly uninspired and mundane.
Amnesia Scanner - AS
posted a comment on Amnesia Scanner - AS. over 6 years ago
utter garbage, guy at record store recommended it to me so now ima burn that store down
Humberto Polar - Anatema
submitted Humberto Polar - Anatema. over 6 years ago
Unabombers* - Electric Chair RIP EP
posted a comment on Unabombers* - Electric Chair RIP EP. over 6 years ago
does anyone know the story behind this record and how daniel wang's 'like some dream' appeared on it?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 9 years ago