My collection exists of all kinds of electronic dance music. My favorite styles are Techno and Garage, but I also own a lot of commercial trance records from the period 1994 - 1999 when I did a danceshow at a local radio station. For more info look at the list below !

I have a part of my collection in MP3, but ONLY as backup and for personal use. I'm not selling/swapping any of my records. If you want something from my collection though, name a very good price !

Collecting vinyl since:

First 12":
Club X - Dy-rassic

Favorite labels:
CLR (2), Jericho, King Street Sounds, MAW Records, Music Man Records, Outland Records, Search, Spiritual Records, Subliminal (older releases)

Favorite artists:
Acid Junkies, Adam Beyer, Blaze, Bobby D'Ambrosio, Chris Liebing, Frankie Feliciano, Full Intention, Jeroen Krom, Jeroen Schrijvershof, Justin Berkovi, Kasjmir, Henrik B, Marco Bailey, Masters At Work, Steve Rachmad, Ultra Naté to name just a few.

In my Discogs-collection:
All I own, but currently re-building my collection.

What I am doing at
- Making an overview of my own collection
- Learning more about my collection
- Adding a couple of records from my collection into Discogs
- Adding extra info from my collection into Discogs
- Trying to help others with the little bit of knowledge I have within the forums

Oggers nice trading with:
- 12inchholland/warp4sale
- alain.v2/alain.v3
- brr/alain.v3
- buzz_box/alain.v3
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- -Vinyl4Sale-

....more to follow....

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Jeckyll & Hyde
posted a review of Jeckyll & Hyde. over 17 years ago
These guys were the first to make a commercial jumpstyle hit in The Netherlands. And that happened in 2007. Just 13 years after jump became popular in Belgium. And that's my biggest problem with these guys. Just like when DJ Tiësto started his career... See full review
Various - Serious Beats 50 (The 2nd Saga Of House)
posted a review of Various - Serious Beats 50 (The 2nd Saga Of House). over 18 years ago
There where Serious Beats 25 was released after Serious Beats 29, this second "Saga Of House" 4 CD was just one edition late. Released after number 51, Serious Beats 50 (The 2nd Saga Of House), again gives you the best dance music has offered during... See full review
Binum - Old School EP 2
posted a review of Binum - Old School EP 2. over 18 years ago
What does it take to make a new hit? It seems that 4 tracks originally produced in 1993 and 1994 are the ingredients for a 2006 hit-release.
Take System D's Deviant Behaviour, Cyber Trance, Woops by DJ Bounthyhunter and another big hit in 1994 Zolex... See full review
Cari Lekebusch Feat. D-Chi - Stockago EP
posted a review of Cari Lekebusch Feat. D-Chi - Stockago EP. over 18 years ago
When I first heard this record, I thought it was a DJ Rush production. Vocal samples on pumpin' beats, with non to less instrumentation.
I was surprised to find out it was a Lekebusch release. No continouisly repeating 4/4 deep-basses as I was used... See full review
Ben Liebrand - Minimix 1
posted a review of Ben Liebrand - Minimix 1. over 18 years ago
Ben Liebrand makes his "Minimixes" since the beginning of the eighties. All minimixes were played on Radio Veronica, but they were never officially released. A lot of bootlegs and illegal tapes later, Ben Liebrand fans got the change to buy some of... See full review
LCD (3)
posted a review of LCD (3). over 18 years ago
LCD is "The World's First Digital Supergroup". In more simple words, a project by David K, represented by 4 digital men (Ted, Ed, Zed and Ned) who, like a kind of Super Mario, run around in the video of this track.
The track itself is a simple basic... See full review
posted a review of Rednex. over 18 years ago
The style called "Euro House" had many variants. One of them was the so-called "Country House", which became popular in 1994 when a underground techno record "Swamp Thing" from the English band "The Grid" became a massive club- and mainstream hit.... See full review
Gabber Piet - Hakke & Zage
posted a review of Gabber Piet - Hakke & Zage. over 18 years ago
Gabber Piet made his excuses for this record as soon as the record was released. The sleeve says "This is a gimmick from me. Respect to all die-hard gabbers, Bass-D & King Matthew and ID&T. And don't worry, I'll stay always HARDCORE!!!".

This... See full review
Di-Rect Featuring Wibi Soerjadi - Blind For You
posted a review of Di-Rect Featuring Wibi Soerjadi - Blind For You. over 18 years ago
There where most rockbands ask their own pianist to play the chords in their ballads, the Dutch band Di-Rect asked the classical pianist Wibi Soerjadi to write and play the key-parts on their single Blind For You. This surprising co-operation leads to... See full review
Various - Serious Beats 25 (The Saga Of House)
posted a review of Various - Serious Beats 25 (The Saga Of House). over 18 years ago
This CD gives you the best tracks from 1991 till 1999. N.E.W.S. and Antler-Subway, the two record companies releasing the Serious Beats CD's around 1999, came with this 25th edition after number 29. So they created an atmosphere in which a lot of... See full review