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submitted The Groove Robbers Featuring DJ Shadow* / Chief Xcel - Hardcore (Instrumental) Hip Hop / Fully Charged On Planet X. over 6 years ago
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posted a review of Various - Beat Classic. over 16 years ago
A disappointing release as many of the tracks are the instrumental or alternative vocal versions, but this fact is sadly not advertised on the cover. That, and the inexplicable censoring of "Beat Bop", make this feel like a wasted opportunity.
posted a review of The Showboys - Drag Rap. over 17 years ago
This old school hip-hop track has had a surprising revival as the basis of numerous New Orleans 'Bounce' records. It is often referred to there as the 'Triggerman Beat'.
posted a review of Mix Master Spade* And Compton Posse* - Genius Is Back. over 17 years ago
There are (at least) two different labels for this release (see scans). Both releases have the same catalogue number and content.

Both releases have the following in the run-out groove indicating that they are the same pressing with a different... See full review
posted a review of Ultra (4) - Pimp Fiction. over 17 years ago
This is a bootleg version of the Ultra album 'Big Time'. The only member of Ultramagnetic MC's on the record is Kool Keith, although Tim Dog did appear as a guest on some of their tracks e.g. "Chorus Line".
posted a review of Automator* - A Much Better Tomorrow. over 17 years ago
This LP is an extended version of the 'A Better Tomorrow' EP (Ubiquity Records, 1996). The new tracks were recorded around the same time as the original EP, which was also the period he was working on the Dr. Octagon album with Kool Keith.