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posted a comment on The Beat Club - Security. 29 days ago
Breakbeat Rave Stadium Techno? Lmfao, please stop it. This is clearly Freestyle Electro made by Latinos from the Freestyle Electro scene in Miami, Florida. Doesn't get much more Latin or Freestyle.
posted a comment on Carl Lewis - Break It Up. 6 months ago
I'd really like to rate this a zero, but I can't
posted a comment on LoSoul - Open Door (The Remixes). 7 months ago
Gerd Mix is amazing, I want to play this as the sun rises as loud as possible on the beach.
posted a comment on Techno Bert - Neue Dimensionen. 8 months ago
Perfectly fine, I don't know what previous review is talking about.
posted a comment on Thomas Schumacher - Natural Rhythm II & III. 8 months ago
I bought mine new when it came out, no problems in my copy.
posted a comment on Patrick Topping - Any Amounts EP. 9 months ago
Still playing this one cause it still brings the heat
posted a comment on Green Velvet - Genedefekt. 10 months ago
This one slipped through the cracks unnoticed by many, even Velvet fans. tfeels like the follow up to Lalaland, and for me it's a little better because of the sharp almost Industrial edge this track has.
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posted a comment on Glen White (Kano)* - This Is The Night. about 1 year ago
This gets 4 stars from me for the B side alone. Semblance reminds people I've played it for as a darker take on the Axel F theme.
posted a comment on Dimensional Holofonic Sound* - The House Of God. about 1 year ago
Now it costs "$50 or more" to play "The House Of God". By the way the A side runs together as one single song without any real breaks.
posted a comment on Maceo Plex & Gabriel Ananda - Solitary Daze. about 1 year ago
You need to adjust the weight if you are doing that to your records
posted a comment on RT* - States EP. about 1 year ago
Shitty opinions have no place as a review. My opinion is that you have no taste and that's why you don't like this record. You missed out on some real classics in Magic Woman and Can't We All Just Get Along, but you would never know.
posted a comment on Winx* - Don't Laugh. about 1 year ago
B sides for the win! I wouldn't mind if they released these tracks by themselves.
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posted a comment on Soul Capsule - Overcome. over 2 years ago
It's a record, slow it down to where you like it.
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posted a comment on The Advent. over 2 years ago
Okay well you can always listen to Hall & Oates or Jethro Tull, lol. Both of which were recently added to your Intelligent Techno collection?
posted a comment on Francys - Memories. over 2 years ago
It's due to the hole in the middle being a little to big as well
posted a comment on T99 - Gardiac. over 2 years ago
Revenge of the Gardiac is the instrumental version that is a clear archetype of early jungle breaks and is the only reason to play this record anymore.
posted a comment on Terminal M. over 2 years ago
I'm interested if you still got those slipmats? I'm in Texas, where are you?
posted a comment on Paul Nazca - Memory (Rmx). over 2 years ago
I just wonder how they make any money off 100 copies, I'm happy it was printed and to have a copy, but I just wonder why print so few copies?
posted a comment on Thomas Schumacher - Embody / Paradox. over 2 years ago
If you kept up with Schumacher in 2017 then you know he's been on a tear like few other producers as of late, so it's no surprise here that he hasn't let up and somehow continues to push his sound in an Old School/New Flavor combination that everyone... See full review
posted a comment on Gerd - The Prophetess. over 2 years ago
Instantaneous Classic that is timeless as space, I'm sure that if there is offworld intelligence then they are jamming this piece of wax.
posted a comment on ILK - Ilk's EP 3. over 2 years ago
It's crazy to think that just a few years ago you could of had this record for less than $5 now it's hard to come by and in high demand. Can someone tell me what happened?
posted a comment on Oliver Huntemann - Propaganda Remixes Pt. 1. over 2 years ago
This would be amazing as a 2LP, and considering how well the other Vinyl is selling you really should print this for the Wax Heads.
posted a comment on Materia. over 2 years ago
Please release all Marco Bailey on Vinyl that hasn't already been. There's a whole album between Acid Dragon, Dany Rodriguez, and Red/Blue Floor.
posted a comment on Drunken Kong - How Far Do We Go. over 2 years ago
I wasn't expecting this from Drunken Kong, much more developed than there previous work, every track is a killer.
posted a comment on Jerome Hill - Rump. over 2 years ago
One copy? That's utterly ridiculous, but it's most likely complete garbage so what's the point of even printing one?
posted a comment on Jerome Hill - Swerving The Community EP. over 2 years ago
This is a horrible record that sounds like the producer couldn't decide what he's trying to do.
posted a comment on Drumcode. over 2 years ago
It's hard to listen to a guy that has mostly House records in his collection talk about a Techno label. You don't have to like Drumcode to recognize that if they are still printing records then they aren't quite Mainstream, and you need look no... See full review
posted a comment on Sex-O-Sonique - I Thought It Was You. over 2 years ago
I have to throw my hat in on "Funk It Up", as it's one of my favorite B sides when it comes to 90s House.
posted a comment on Drumcode. over 3 years ago
Then why is he printing vinyl? You really think DC is like Armada or Anjuna, well that's not even close to the truth. Is DC and Adam Beyer unknown, well of course not because they've been around for 20+ years. There are plenty of underground Rappers... See full review
posted a comment on Various - A-Sides Vol.7 Vinyl Two Of Six. over 3 years ago
Some copies have the B side label on both sides, not really a mispress, a mislabeled. Other than that, this is an incredible release.
posted a comment on Expansives - Life With You.... over 3 years ago
Yeah, you need to adjust the weight on the tonearm and that should fix the problem.
posted a comment on Wastepaper - Origami. over 3 years ago
Unfortunately that's not possible considering this record came out in 1996.
posted a comment on Lorenzo Senni - XAllegroX / The Shape Of Trance To Come. over 3 years ago
I would have called this chip tune 20 years ago. Sounds like some festival shit in between setup now, or a DJ tool. Not really sure what happened to Warp records.
posted a comment on Pig & Dan - Deliverance. over 3 years ago
Ugh, it's already 10 years old so it's probably not moving in price or rating for a very long time. It's a great record though if you like Pig & Dan.
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posted a comment on Alex Stein (4) - Zeit. over 3 years ago
Please release this on vinyl with a picture cover. It would be nice to play with my other Senso records.
posted a comment on Umek. over 3 years ago
Most of Umeks early Hard Techno wasn't very good. It wasn't until the mid 2000's that he started to release good material. It's funny to see these old school Techno heads crying about the change many artists made to the New Techno sound. I give Umek a... See full review
posted a comment on Coyu - D Change. over 3 years ago
I want your Jack is a dancefloor Bomb! Looks like this is fairly unknown, shouldn't be considering it's on Cocoon. Either way if you're not already killing people with this you should do so soon.
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posted a comment on Sasha - GameOvr. over 3 years ago
Trigonometry (La Fleur remix) is the one for me, and it doesn't take 5 minutes to get going. Both mixes of GameOvr are really good Beat Tools for me. The La Fleur remix is thoughtful and has enough variation to keep my mind moving, but the original is... See full review
posted a comment on Sinfol - Unstable. over 3 years ago
This the kind of Techno that makes people leave the club, unfortunately it's too repetitive and just never goes anywhere. Realization is the best track and it's still pretty boring overall. I will never understand how records like this are expensive... See full review
posted a comment on André Winter - Lucide. over 3 years ago
It would be really cool to see this on vinyl, please?
posted a comment on Various - Lock The Doors / Shake That Ass / Better Days / Do You Believe. over 3 years ago
This is really good, especially the Sante remix. Some nice Acid Tech House for the fans.
posted a comment on Arpadys - Arpadys. over 4 years ago
Monkey Star and Stone Roller are some of the earliest examples of Deep Spacey Disco that clearly inspired the future of Electronic music. The other tracks are also pretty cool with interesting grooves and sounds, but also with some vocals (bad?).... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Soma 25. over 4 years ago
This is a great compilation and fitting tribute to their 25th year in business. Does anyone know how many copies were pressed?
posted a comment on Various - 15 Years of Pornographic Box. over 4 years ago
Amazing collection of Progressive Techno, Tech House. There are no bad tracks on this compilation, just preference at the time of listening. Maybe the Fcuk Me rework is my current fave.
posted a comment on Cybotron - Cosmic Cars. over 4 years ago
This is most certainly not a cover of Numan, but most likely inspired by it. Nothing wrong withat. My Cosmic Car!