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posted a comment on Japan - Quiet Life / Life In Tokyo. about 1 month ago
I have to echo some of the commenters here - what is the point of releasing this when the sound is possibly the worst I've heard on vinyl for several years: distorted and jumpy as all hell on both sides. It looks pretty I suppose....
posted a comment on Sigur Rós - Variations On Darkness. about 1 month ago
As is usual with these LPs, the vinyl looks as if its been dragged across a wooden floor two or three times before being packaged up, which for a brand new piece of vinyl is a little bit annoying. This one plays absolutely fine so the marks are purely ... See full review
posted a comment on Mark Ayres - The Shining / A Clockwork Orange. about 1 month ago
My copy is numbered! 0411 of 1200 printed on a sticker affixed to the outer plastic bag
added This Will Destroy You - New Others: Part Two to their wantlist. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. 10 months ago
This is a really super pressing, a lot of care and attention has been afforded this release: no pops or hisses, fantastic dynamic range, a great listening experience. Packaging is great as well: poly inner sleeves, a substantial outer. I'm impressed!
posted a review of Exit-Stance (2) - Bring Back The Witan. about 1 year ago
Really quite an amazing release! Turned into Feud soon after and that record is well worth checking out as well.
submitted Exit-Stance (2) - Bring Back The Witan. over 3 years ago