dubstep, dub, dnb, jungle, grime and uk garage
noise, drone, field recordings, abstract, ambient and experimental
techno, hardcore, and breakcore
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submitted Zac Boardman - Netrunner Ep. about 19 hours ago
submitted LV* & Quarta 330* / Dong* - Hylo / Suzuran (LV & Quarta 330 Remix). 9 days ago
submitted Sirpixalot - Cenobites. 14 days ago
submitted Dusk + Blackdown Ft. Trim (2) - The Bits / Northside Cheng Dub. 15 days ago
submitted Fallow* & Grizzle* - Fallow & Grizzle EP. 23 days ago
submitted BigKev - Untitled. 25 days ago
submitted Cryptomnesia* - Towers Open Fire. 26 days ago
submitted BigKev - Family Ride. 27 days ago
submitted Garna* & Hektik* - Magic Circle. 27 days ago
posted a comment on Stirling, Dallen, DJ Garna, As.If Kid - Slimzos All Stars Volume 1. 29 days ago
Glad to see Slimzos Recordings back pushing out great releases like this.
One of the best grime 12"s I have heard in a loong time. All the tunes on this are great.
submitted BigKev - Count Cond. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on madmaid - Workingholic EP. about 1 month ago
Since this label seems to defunct, where can you purchase/dl this from now?
posted a comment on Various - Peace Edits. about 1 month ago
yea according to Mitch "PEACE002 out in 2017", keep those eyes open
submitted Quarta330 - Mokelembembe EP. 5 months ago
submitted Kromestar - Mere Sher VIP. 7 months ago
submitted Dj Badman - Trance & Jungle. 8 months ago
submitted Westernsynthetics - No Holiday. 8 months ago
submitted Gnischrew - Transmission Failure / Fluid Foundation. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Nox Produktionz* - There Can Be Only One. 10 months ago
Man trying to charge $1000 for this is insane. wow
posted a comment on Bwana (2) - Capsule's Pride. 10 months ago
Would have enjoyed this alot more if it had the original Japanese voices.