I dj with vinyl only!

ok first things first....
"Adonis" released "No Way Back" all the way back in nineteen eighty fucking SIX??!?!?! wow wtf, I was only 13 and I wish I had heard it then, it would have changed my life for the better I'm sure, it took me almost 5 more years before I heard similar music and knew my destiny as a techno-head. we have come a long way and still tracks like that from Adonis hold a timeless spot in music where an amazing track can fill a dancefloor and make the people who dont know, come up and ask WHAT THE WHO THE WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!?!?

haha, one of my favorite tunes of all time. I could listen to it on repeat for an entire day and I have done that before.

DJ since '92... I love it all but stick to the tech-side of the sound and prefer a thoughtfully produced track over a commercial or cheesy sound. house, techno, minimal, hardcore, drum'n'bass, ultrabeat, chillout, there is so much to love but I really have a spot in my heart for robert armani's early work and jeff mills' ability to create something amazing with so few sounds. I did Live PAs with a friend as Point Alpha in the mid 90's and we had shows thru NY, PA and OH, sounds like, um, Rob Hood meets Daft Punk meets Robert Armani? We had a lot of fun thats for sure. Back into the production scene with new gear for 2008 and enjoying the search for old tunes that I missed in days gone by.

I have a great collection of vinyl still and I treasure almost every record I have. There is some great stuff from my favorite artists and crowd still go wild when you can drop an early Frankie Bones - Ghetto Technics tune or Adonis - No Way Back, because the n00bs havent heard much besides the new music being rammed down their ears by the massive conglomerate music scene of today. I wish I bought more vinyl in the early years and I find there was so much good solid techno that I missed out on, damn, labels like Dinko-B and Downwards put out so much good techno but I only bought a bit here and there, arrrrgh!

I have a new found respect for Detroit Techno and the originators of electronic music as well as how nice it was when techno was in demand around my area... not so much anymore, cheesy bars and top-40 remix club music is like a virus and it has taken over! =(

I've done some techno mixes lately to get back into my collection and because its been great to download so many other peoples mixes here thru Discogs I felt the need to give back to our community to help it prosper, long live vinyl and techno!!!
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just a damn good slab of tunes right here. could close my eyes and tell me it was Adonis or any other of the greats that made this. sure got it down proper!
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