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posted a review of Duo Infernale - Positive Vibes / Pipe Dreams. over 13 years ago
Incredible songs on this release. Both are great to dance to, both are of the highest quality production. Positive Vibes has a great fun vocal, sure to get anyone moving. Pipe Dreams is a more subtle song, it creeps up on you slowly, with a great ... See full review
posted a review of Skynet - Severe Trauma / Telemetry. over 13 years ago
The real gem on this release is Telemetry. It has a sleepy quality but enough of a pace to get you movin'. Great rolling bassline and not too fast. This song is very much a precursor to the work that Stakka & Skynet did on the Clockwork LP.
posted a review of Cameo - Word Up. over 13 years ago
I recently heard this song and can honestly tell you that it is everything that you love and hate about 80's pop. For it's time, the production is of a descent quality, but it is sadly dated and silly by now. Irresistably fun though, with the old drawn ... See full review
posted a review of Rob Sparx - Atomic Supermen / Tree Hugger. over 13 years ago
Atomic Supermen contains a quote from the movie Ed Wood. It also samples Howard Shore's score. It's a very frantic song. Tree Hugger is much more mellow than the usual Twisted Individual stuff. It has an ambient female vocal, and sounds a bit like the ... See full review
posted a review of Amit - Village Folk / Lost Voices. over 13 years ago
Village Folk is truly an amazing song. I haven't stopped listening to it for months. It builds like you can't imagine. Heavy rolling bass but powerful, emotional and wonderful. You've got to hear/feel it. And FYI, the vocal sample in Lost Voices ... See full review