Im 24,part time dj and producer.Crystalcity was a name for a label that we tried to get off the ground a few years back but it was never meant to be.I still have a soft spot for the name so my electro drum & bass productions are used under it.

I started buying 12's when i was about 10 because i loved the music i was hearing when i walked into cool record shops! I'd ask what it was and they'd pull a white label from under the counter and id pay about 2 weeks pocket money for it!

My collection is quite 'across the board'. I'm not at all close in getting it all on the 'ogs just yet.At last count i had about 2500. There is a lot of 'crap trance' from 1998-2000 as this is when i had residencies at the local pubs and ritzy's to pay the bills (you know how it is). Still, i had some great nights back then so they do hold a place in my heart!
Funky house is what i really like,chord stabs, funky bass lines and ass shakin' beats!
Love old jungle and hardcore (89-95), Rave, acid, techno(165+bpm)
Oldskool hip hop and breaks,electro and ragga.

I don't rip mp3's so don't even ask.

I am not selling any of my records at the moment.Go look on e-bay.
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The Andrea Doria Mix just blows everyone away when they here this.
This is such a class production.Laced with techno, this has brilliant beats and percussion, the bass is as deep as it gets and the 'nightmare before the upliftment' is just ... See full review
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Absolute classic label.
No self respecting house head should be without at least one of Salsoul's releases.From the originals to the remixes, the dj's, producers and the vocalists, it's all good.

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You have to get this, just for the tracks on the 'C' side!
"Burn for you" is a top deep houser that chuggs along nicely. Nice synth swooshes and bubbly bassline stabs.Not too much vocal which is nice.
"Space Lover" Is a slow burning trancer of the ... See full review
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"Rythmbox" Is by far the best track on this EP.The track sounds distorted throughout and sounds great.
"Glam 25" Is also brilliant.Old school sounding drum beats, a bad ass bass line and haunting pads.Like it alot.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 14 years ago