Plays hard, dark, harsh tekno-acidik sounds. From ambient to hardcore through techno and electro. Beatmorphing is the key.

"What is beatmorphing?" she asked.
"It's the KEY!" he answered.

Book me for your parties or buy my records under my seller profile -- I have bills to pay too.

Mixes by Cthulhu are to be found in the dedicated forum, and Official releases listed here.

Cthulhu is a resident DJ on Warm FM, a member of Narcosis and matos (movement against tracklistings of sets).
Recent Activity
posted a review of Adam X - Recon Mission. about 1 month ago
Pounding, no-nonsense techno with an industrial edge from this veteran Brooklynite. The general influences are relatively clear for anyone familiar with Adam's career: a combination of slowed-down, driving, bass-heavy techno and steam-hammer EBM, with ... See full review
posted a review of Dagobert vs MasterArp - Startopology. about 1 month ago
Vocoder havoc and retro-futuristic discopop alongside killer electro and downbeat. This is the album Daft Punk should wish they had managed to make.
posted a review of SNTS - Empire Of Loss. about 1 month ago
Back in the mid-1990s, it was a ritual to go to a dedicated place, club or warehouse, that, for a night, had been transformed into a spaceship on the road to perdition. The pilot, the DJ, would guarantee a safe passage and everyone's steady focus with a ... See full review
posted a review of Jaquarius (2) - Flying Deer EP. about 1 month ago
Staggeringly hallucinogenic from beginning to end, this EP solidifies Jaquarius as a force to recognise in the underworld of Acid music. From chilled breakbeats on Chaotic Memory to solid four-to-the-floor techno beats on [i]La Chasse Au ... See full review
posted a review of Lag (3) - All The Children Are Insane EP. 2 months ago
Despite its broken beat, Stari Grad is very forgettable, while Detelinara has a mystifying synth layer to die for. The other two tracks are useful in the mix, with their broken-record-like vocal samples. Salajka has a syncopated ... See full review
posted a review of Clouds (5) - Parkzicht. 2 months ago
Eclipser is an interesting old-school-meets-new-school number that will raise a few eyebrows before it sends butts into a shaking frenzy and raises the roof, with breakbeats, rave-y synths and samples plundered from old classics (chiefly Master ... See full review
posted a review of Merone - Electronique Lovelife. 2 months ago
Superb production all round, on this EP, with E Phunk a futuristic-if-somewhat-classic electro cut, Scene 44263 an uplifting, melodic number with a sliding Acid line, and Starburst a simple-yet-groovy party track.
The one to look out ... See full review
submitted Exzakt / The Dexorcist - The Bass Academy Vol.3. 3 months ago
submitted Axhan Sonn - Untitled. 3 months ago
submitted The Teknoist & Scheme Boy - Wet Bent Grannies (The Teknoist's VIP, Well I Just Added Some Strings To It Mix). 4 months ago
posted a review of Scalameriya - Diamond Star Crusader EP. 5 months ago
The whole EP is good, as has become expected, with Scalameriya. But Piercing Through An Armored Heart is on another level altogether. Combining traditional string instruments and moody synths with deadly percussion, it manages to create a ... See full review
submitted Ontal - Ikari. 5 months ago
submitted Draag - Detox EP. 5 months ago
submitted Restive Plaggona - Unready To Exist. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Cyberian Knights - This Is The Sound Of Underground. 6 months ago
Two excellent cuts, but the title track with the in-your-face monochord vocoder simply stands out.

[quote]Miami is the home of the motherfuckin' bass
Detroit Motor City is always in the place
Germany can't you see is where it all began
Kraftwerk and ... See full review
posted a review of Rhyw - Droogs. 6 months ago
Assuming B2 was pressed only for me, I would have preferred if the good folks at Tar Hallow had spelled my name properly (it is Cthulhu).
Because of that typo, I did not buy this. :o)
posted a review of Resonance Committee* - Curvepusher Sessions Vol 1. 7 months ago
The killer here is Sound Bites, despite what the title may suggest. Instead of samples and, well, sound bites from the "title" tracks (aka B1, in this case), the track, on top of epilepsy-inducing electro action (epilectro, from now on), delivers ... See full review
submitted Various - Free Album Sampler. 8 months ago
posted a review of Libido (4) - Encore (Oh C'Quelle Est G...). 8 months ago
Comedy gold, this one, with absurdly-obscene dialogue snippets and moaning samples from a porno (can anyone identify it?) repeatedly played on top of a decent eurodance composition, very typical of the era.
The originality award goes to the first tracks ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Red Light District. 8 months ago
Any Acid lover out there who does not think Martin Damm is a genius seriously needs to listen to his track on this record. It hisses, it creaks, it growls, it erupts, it gallops, it squawks, it squeals. Total and utter madness.
submitted Lex - Blood. 8 months ago
submitted Drvg Cvltvre - New York Trax Imports 03. 9 months ago
posted a review of Kavaro - Thiera EP. 11 months ago
Both versions of Odous are mechanical affairs with noisy alarms signals -- or is it electricity beams? -- but the original is the most interesting, with its syncopated rhythm pattern.
Thiera is a useful, if conventional, straightforward ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Acesone, Geronimo, sPDK - A Record Like That EP. 11 months ago
A Record Like That is a fast-paced, Acid gabber track that will certainly breathe life into many a party. It has excerpts from an interview with a band (unknown, but possibly hip-hop, considering the accent) talking about their biggest hit and how ... See full review
posted a review of The Untitled - Uncompromising Analog Terror #2. 11 months ago
The Untitled is now a household name for no-nonsense hardcore Acid jams, and has released many of those fast, uncompromising pieces on various labels. The early Uncompromising Analog Terror 4 on his own imprint might well be the most furious of ... See full review
posted a comment on A Cryo Chamber Collaboration - Nyarlathotep. 12 months ago
\(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/ \(;,,;)/
submitted Ether - Civilization Makes Oppression. about 1 year ago
submitted Draugr (7) - Obnoxious​/​Shame. about 1 year ago
submitted DJ Acesone, Geronimo, sPDK - A Record Like That EP. about 1 year ago
submitted Vdd-Energise - Future Galactic Eight. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Kuno (7) Vs Spaceinvasion - Terminal Operations 002. about 1 year ago
All-round winner release on Terminal Operations, very much in the vein of the recent-ish Ekman/Klankman output, a modern-day equivalent of i-f in his heyday, which is to say crunching 808 drums and squeaking 303 lines.
All tracks are efficiently dirty, ... See full review
posted a review of Alpha Delta Division - Outer Rim. about 1 year ago
Outer Rim is the reason this got a reissue, and let us face it, it deserved it. Driving, minimal, space-y techno that is designed for lengthy motorway driving at night, with the stars as sole companions.
The previously-unreleased Region 114 ... See full review
submitted Various - Barry Lyndon (Music From The Academy Award Winning Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
posted a review of Ekman - Sturm Und Drang / First Mover. about 1 year ago
Sturm Und Drang -- long, monotonous, robotic, moody and slightly Acidic electro. And then, halfway in, that melancholic synth layer settles in and never fails to bring trance.
posted a review of Antenes - Shifting Zones. about 1 year ago
Strong release by Antenes, with two meandering, beatless pieces of musique concrète on side B and a long, building, cavernous, industrial-tainted dark techno on A. Very useful in the mix.
submitted Ossian (11) - Necessary Illusions. about 1 year ago
submitted VDA* vs. Antistatik - VIP 01 Recut. about 1 year ago
submitted Philippe Geluck - Le Docteur G. Fait Le Point (Disque 2). about 1 year ago
submitted Philippe Geluck - Le Docteur G. Répond À Vos Questions (Disque 1). about 1 year ago
submitted Philippe Geluck - Le Petit Roger - Encyclopédie Universelle. about 1 year ago
submitted Umwelt, D-Leria, Beat Movement, Endlec - 00Z. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Zanias* - To The Core Remixes. about 1 year ago
Only one thing comes to mind: why? The original tracks were things of beauty, ethereal and mystifying. At best, those remixes cannot approach that beauty. At worst, they sound frankly vulgar, with straightforward, pounding kickdrums, the ... See full review
submitted Klankman - Untitled. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Various - Support Optimism EP. about 1 year ago
Express Erase Evolve is a decent, galloping track, yet the Sheila Chandra sample (Like a desert bloom / I sit at your feet, from Waiting) is more annoying than effective, as it is processed to oblivion. Sheila's famous lowish-key ... See full review
submitted Foundation Hope / Council Of Nine / Alphaxone / Coph'antae Tryr - Tomb Of Empires. about 1 year ago
submitted Blasted (5) - Aelien II. about 1 year ago
submitted Drone (13) / Acid Up Dub - Untitled. about 1 year ago
submitted Klankman - Information Overload EP. about 1 year ago
submitted Mike Ash - Return To Acid. about 1 year ago
submitted Unconscious - La Caduta Di Lucifero. about 1 year ago