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posted a review of Kensington Market - Aardvark. about 1 month ago
This is such an incredible and underrated record. Can't believe it's not more widely know, especially in Canada.
submitted Force Fields - Subtle Hanky. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks. over 2 years ago
Anyone else have a consistent scratch on every rotation at the end of SideA just before the needle settles into the end-groove?This also happens at the start of SideB.

I also find it very strange that there's a gatefold package with two open pockets ... See full review
submitted Rev. Ted Dencher - I Accuse Jehovah's Witnesses. over 2 years ago
submitted The Olympic Symphonium - Chapter 1. over 2 years ago
submitted Bachman* - Heavy Blues. over 2 years ago