A² (4) - Tales From The Archives 2.1 cunk

July 16, 2019
Pressing and tunes are both perfection. Nice one!
. . .

Highrise (6) - Swings & Roundabouts Part 2 cunk

July 12, 2019
I have a new, unplayed copy of this, would anyone want to swap for a copy of SNR001? Cheers

Various - Superloooongevity cunk

July 11, 2019
Please message me if you'd be interested in selling the C/D side only (UK)

Mik Poynter* - Fat Filters Vol 1 cunk

April 28, 2019
My copy sounds perfect, pressed loud and clear. Seems like the previous commenter was unlucky

Dust-e-1 - The Lost Dustplates EP cunk

October 9, 2018
Anyone else have an issue with loud noise all the way through the a2?