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posted a comment on New Order. 18 days ago
I must disagree the term of survivour comes most probably from their status of surviving dinosaur of the new wave period the same all those Hippibands had in the 70ties . And personally I think this is one of the most meaningless and importantly terms ... See full review
posted a comment on The Sisters Of Mercy - Anaconda / Phantom. 21 days ago
I agree to a point. this sounds like the stuff they´ve been doing later let me say up from 1985 although this is a very early song of them. but what would you think could follow alice and temple of love on the same hight ? And by the way have you ever ... See full review
posted a comment on Sky Saxon Blues Band - A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues. about 1 month ago
Well well well the record from the seeds I can renounce most. But it is a funny example of riding down the latest wave without the needed ability. Save your money
posted a comment on The Ronettes Featuring Veronica* - Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes. about 1 month ago
Ph. Spec. a genius ? Die laughin !!! Though there a some entertaining songs and yesterdays hits.
posted a review of Momo Lamana - Two Is A Gang. 2 months ago
The better one of their two releases with some charming pop and some solid rock songs. And although this record doesn´t seem as tired as many other bands from the late zeros, like many of the alleged or real garage duos playing rock music (which they ... See full review
posted a review of Alien Sex Fiend - R.I.P. / New Christian Music. 2 months ago
Oh wei what a .... 6 7 8 9 10
posted a comment on Hüsker Dü - Savage Young Dü. 2 months ago
Does someone already ow this ? What´s about the remastering ? Usally I´m not a fan of this but can someone share his experience please?
posted a review of The Shadows Of Knight - Gloria. 2 months ago
I hate to say it but the R+B stuff they are doing was done better by the most English Bands of the time. This lacks of teenage punch and desperation in my opinion, that is the advantage of many American Bands. And off course of some own ideas and style. ... See full review
submitted Various - Girls In The Garage. 3 months ago
posted a review of Howard Carpendale - Das Schöne Mädchen Von Seite 1 / Du Hast Mich. 5 months ago
O.K the Flipside is much liked In- Kraut- Stuff. The Schlager Songwriters gave the song to the then english singing Michael Holm and his Dasy Clan Project at the same time ,who´s english Version is some kind of bubblegum -psychodelia . But the half ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Broadcast - Tender Buttons. 6 months ago
Nothing new nothing fresh but quite charming british pop music as we know it. But I don´t know waht the fuzz is all about think i´s some kind of overrated
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Nervous Gender - Music From Hell. 6 months ago
Vinyl On Demand Hallo hallo ?? This is your stuff reissue this
posted a comment on The Gents (10) - Modern Time. 6 months ago
Someone should reissue this you can make a lot of money
posted a comment on Andi Arroganti. 7 months ago
Where is Vinyl On Demand if you need them the very limited and rather cutted sampler on Was Soll das Schallplatten is the only vinyl release of this Queer Fad Gadget from the Saar ? I think his works demand a Vinyl Box Edition so come on and don´t let us ... See full review
posted a comment on Andy Human And The Reptoids - Sarcastic. 7 months ago
Neo Punk and Neo New Wave in charming 4 Track Recording Sound. My favourite from 2016
posted a comment on Nico (3) - The End.... 8 months ago
Really great don´t miss it. One of the best albs that have been recorded. Reminds me on someone I used to know. Miss you
posted a review of Tom Waits - Rain Dogs. 9 months ago
Sorry but this is just nostalgic pop with alleged street credibility in my opinion. Just an
embarrassing image sales gimmick . Wanna be as wanna be can be. Squary and dated. When Waits does this toothless music be sure it really doesn´t matter at all ... See full review
posted a comment on Tom Waits - The Heart Of Saturday Night. 9 months ago
What a poser ! :-) Actually I thought he´d be copying styles and poses not before Raindogs. But that was naiv ! That much of alleged originality and so called style the main-stream can bear. Though I must admit that he writes good lyrics. (though I ... See full review
posted a comment on Putrid Girls. 9 months ago
Yeah they were great and I`ve really loved their Track on the We Got Power Sampler. So that I´ve been really disapointed that they didn´t record some more songs but I found some videos on You tube and I put it here
posted a comment on The 2x4's - Bridgeport Lathe. 9 months ago
Yeah they´ve been listening to Pere Ubu really a lot. But it´s great
posted a review of Freddy* - Eine Handvoll Reis. 10 months ago
This is a must have !! Not only for everyone who thinks that Heino is the far right in the German post- war Schlager scene. No this is the invention of right wing populism with different means. Post fact Boulevard squareness on BILD Level. Self-righteous ... See full review
posted a comment on The Minneapolis Uranium Club - The Minneapolis Uranium Club Performs Human Exploration. 11 months ago
Really great neo-punk one of the best bands from the last years in my opinion and my favourite from 2015. Don´t miss it
posted a comment on Acid Arab - Musique De France . 11 months ago
In my personal top ten from 2016. To hell with terrorism and islamophobia. Let´s party. Don´t miss it !
posted a review of Make-Up* - In Mass Mind. 12 months ago
Hot shit man ! I know that´s all about left-wing politics (for example like The Seeds claimed at Pushing Too Hard) and that if they´re singing about slavery they mean modern capitalism. So What ! One of the sexiest bands that I know. Some songs remind me ... See full review
posted a review of Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth. about 1 year ago
Yeah it´s great, but I´m sorry it´s in difference to many postpunk bands a first step back to 70ties rock aesthetics. Am I the only one who hears a strong folk and rock influence ? The same that becomes students 90ties Indie-Poprock. But I really like it ... See full review
posted a review of Goethes Erben. about 1 year ago
Interesting to which creepy schlager-level new- wave and industrial innovations can be deepened. Music for regions in which liberations and new ways of life don´t arrive before they´ve turned into new conventions and rules ! And sure with the ... See full review
posted a review of Beck's Pistols - Pöbel Und Gesocks. about 1 year ago
Actually the title says it all. (racktag and riff raff) W.W. fanzine editor and hard trying chief -thinking key figure of the Duisburg Punk Scene on his way to the artifical and self-pitting paradise of semi-moronic asociality. The lyrics: whiny, ... See full review
posted a review of P.I.G.Z. - Bloody Belgium. about 1 year ago
Absolute great Killed By Death Punk from Kortrijk in Belgium, near the french border. One of the first Punk-Bands in Belgium and one of the best in my opinion. Some kind of garage basher with Punk -Guts. Great snotty singer and great songs. Don´t miss it.
posted a review of Grauzone - Grauzone. about 1 year ago
I´ve been 15. I´ve been heavily in love in those days and I always heard it on walkman walking home from my girlfriend through the neon lighted streets. Starring at the illuminated factories and the motorway. I can´t describe this kind of industrial ... See full review
posted a review of Die Alliierten. about 1 year ago
Nothing really exiting but faster than some other Skin-Punk-Oi Bands after all. Anyway a typical product of Germany´s notorious Rock O Rama label with all expectable non-qualities. After Caspar Brötzmann son of Free Jazz- Legend Peter Brötzmann and now ... See full review
posted a comment on Suicide - A Way Of Life. about 1 year ago
Great Record ! Suicide on their way to tranform their sound after the reunion. I remember that my former girlfriend gave it to me in 1989, as her first present. It has been given to her from one of her formers, as she had always liked Alan Vegas ... See full review
posted a review of Borsig* - Hiroshima. about 1 year ago
Neubauten offspring. I´ve always thought, that Hiroshima on the A-side is great art. A teenage hate parody on the drivel of the older generation. Eaven if the tape version might be better wich I don´t want to decide. It starts off with industrial air ... See full review
posted a review of Sprung Aus Den Wolken - Sprung Aus Den Wolken. about 1 year ago
I´ve always thought this band sounds like a rehearsal space version of the Neubauten not as intense and more casual. And that with partially overlap of the band members. Who cares. Great record !! Don´t miss it.
posted a review of Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line. about 1 year ago
I always thought this is how Germanys Der Fluch might have wanted to sound like. Although no intellectual or artisticall outburst and quite late the title track is great ! On the other hand the other songs on the item show the limitations of the band ... See full review
posted a review of Alien Sex Fiend - Here Cum Germs. about 1 year ago
Cool record eaven if it seems a bit tired and overproduced and off course has some weaker songs. This will be a hit in your barbershop ! Don´t forget your docs
posted a review of Alien Sex Fiend - Curse. about 1 year ago
Tired and worn out ! Nothing exiting just gothic pop in vampire habit. Bombast that´s just sound and fury. The few ideas most of them in matters of rythm stuck in the approach. Superflous in my opinion. 1990 !!! , Save your money
posted a comment on Doctorella - Drogen Und Psychologen. about 1 year ago
Only The Shaggs are better !!! 1, 2, 3, 4
posted a review of Ski Und Der Rest - Saus Und Braus. about 1 year ago
Someone there has sniffed a lot cocain in munichs nightclub scene of the time. This is as extraordinary and original as the recordings. Boring mediocracy that looses the two good ideas by renoucing to follow them consequently. A pitty I somehow liked the ... See full review
posted a review of OHL. about 1 year ago
What to say about this poorly made contribution to so called punk-musik. Absolut intelligence reduced and free of any talent. The thing here is that this has been released at all. And eaven that could be more entertaining if it would have been a ... See full review
posted a review of Deine Lakaien - Deine Lakaien. about 1 year ago
100 % conventions 0% own ideas. Kitsch as Kitsch can be , tastless and liveless. Dark whiny idylls that are as exiting and sexy as a cup holder. And to be true some kind of Schlager. Only plus is the cheap production that counteracts the intendet ... See full review
posted a review of Der Fluch. about 1 year ago
OHL offspring and as well free of any talent. So called "Indie-Music" on boulevard level.(BILD) Remarkable how they try to get a connection to the Cramps stuff or to Psychobilly, but without the needed ability. Therefore some hooch between the intendet ... See full review
posted a comment on The Cure - Rare 70s Recordings. about 1 year ago
Well I´ve expected something like the early Wire or Joy Division (Warsaw) Demos or at least anything like the ones from The Sisters of Mercy. And I must admit that this was somehow rather naiv, as the band has never been as good as the others. But why ... See full review
posted a comment on Minor Threat. about 1 year ago
A band we disliked in those days in cause of ideological blindness and heavy dislike to the straight edge thing. That´s how stupid you can be. Great Band. Great Punk.
posted a comment on John Cale & Band* - Live. about 1 year ago
Unfortunately contains the vinyl- version just a few songs of the concert in bochum (wich has been the better one in my opinion) but it´s a high quality-pressing of a great concert and superior to the regular live alb that has been released from this ... See full review
posted a review of Tom Diabo. about 1 year ago
Tja one of Wuppertals Finest that went early at the age of 30 in 1988. Bedroom recordings in dark-wave tradition but due to the production conditions with garage charme instead of the usual bombast. And some nice songs ! And if you really want to you can ... See full review
posted a comment on Bobby Soxx - Learn To Hate In The 80's. about 1 year ago
Though a little late Great Texas-Punk ! Hard as bone and absolut no hardcore !
posted a review of The Penetrators (2) - Kings Of Basement Rock. about 1 year ago
Absolut great Neo-Sixties- Garage-Punk- Album that compilates the "7"s of the band. Snotty, agressiv and funny . Don´t miss it !!
posted a review of The Jesus And Mary Chain - Upside Down. about 1 year ago
Vegetable Man is a great Cover from the Pink Floyd Song by Syd Barret ! Think he´s wanted to sound it like that anyhow ! And it shows what Pink Floyd had lost for the pined monster success. They don´t want us to hear the original of it up to the day and ... See full review