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Ææ Ãã Ââ Āā Ăă Ąą Ää Åå Àà Áá Þþ ßÇç Čč Ćć Ðð Ď Ěě Ĕĕ ℰƐ Êê Ēē Ëë Ęę Èè Éé Ģģ Ìì Íí Îî Ïï Īī Įį Ķķ Ĺĺ Ļļ Łł Ññ Ņņ Ňň ṅ Ôô Õõ Øø Ōō Œœ Öö Òò Óó Ŗŗ Řř Şş Šš Ţţ Ûû Üü Űű Ųų ùú ÿ Żż Žž ¡µsµ)∅ℕℚℤℝℂΩ₯
record-fairs: http://www.discogs.com/group/2264 http://www.recordshows.net/
remember seeing:
Jeff Beck,Big Sugar,The Blind Boys Of Alabama,Terry Bozzio,Buckwheat Zydeco,Jason Buie,Burning Spear,Jim Byrnes,Canned Heat,Eric Clapton,James Cotton,Crosby, Stills & Nash,Culture,Dayglo Abortions,Bo Diddley,Donovan,Dr. John,Dread Zeppelin,Cornell Dupree,Bob Dylan,Joe Ely,Fishbone,Dizzy Gillespie,The Grateful Dead,Buddy Guy,Ken Hamm,Herbie Hancock,The Harper Brothers,Ian Hunter,Colin James (2),Jethro Tull,Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings,Mark Knopfler,Leo Kottke,Ladysmith Black Mambazo,Daniel Lapp,David Lindley,Little Charlie And The Nightcats,Little Feat,Los Mocosos,Wynton Marsalis,Hugh Masekela,Dave Mason,Cash McCall,,Les McCann,Coco Montoya,Nomeansno,NOFX,Maceo Parker,Pink Floyd,George Porter, Jr.,Duke Robillard,Paul Rodgers,Mick Ronson, Roots Roundup, Don Ross (2),Otis Rush,Mitch Ryder,Santana,Carlos Santana,John Scofield,The Skatalites,Soundgarden,Sugar Blue,Supersuckers, Taj Mahal,Mick Taylor,The Tea Party,Toots Thielemans,Toots & The Maytals,Robin Trower,Stevie Ray Vaughan,Velvet (12),Joe Louis Walker,Roger Waters,Junior Wells,David Wilcox (2),Johnny Winter, Xavier Rudd,Yo La Tengo, [Invalid Artist], [Invalid Artist], [a=],

Pretty sure I saw CJ Chenier, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Jets Overhead, Reverend Horton Heat, Lee Oskar, Modest Mouse, Bedouin Soundclash, Jeff Healey, Tegan and Sara. Nashville Pussy, Sloan (2) and lots others 'lost' in my cloudy past.....I like seeing bands in the intimate setting of a bar ☺
>>>>"My Collection" is for VINYL ONLY__gotta prioritize.....
View my collection for questions related to the releases only in respect to the site.
Data I enter is attempted to be inclusive and done out of respect to the artists & indebtedness to the great music ⋐heard⋑ ◁:-)
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"'You Could Have Been A Lady" is a good tune though credited to Hot Chocolate band members, but the melody is exactly as the earlier song from Eddie Harris ... See full review
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I got a Tommy James & The Shondells "Greatest Hits" record in the eighties as a teen, I knew all the tunes from the radio play they had received growing up in the 70s, definitely some real 60s pop standards. "Crimson & Clover", "Crystal Blue Persuasion", ... See full review
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"Lucite Wedgies" is cool, good guitar; composed by guitarist Art Johnson too.
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The King of Rock. Chuck Berry, guitarist, singer, songwriter, performer.
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Herbie Mann's underrated.
His LP's feature great lineups, normally featuring strong lead guitarists too.
Mick Taylor, Sonny Sharrock, Larry Coryell, Duane Allman, Cornell Dupree, to name a few.
Rock encyclopedis fail to mention him. Too much ... See full review
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