In the mid to late 80s I was about 15 and listening to 70s and early 80s punk. A good night out was to go to various punk rock gigs - The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, UK Subs, Exploited, GBH, Culture Shock etc. But however much I went to these punk gigs I couldn't help notice that the punk scene had definately peaked.

I distinctly remember attending a Citizen Fish gig at a squatted dole office in Peckham and not only looking alot younger than most people there but not really being into the whole Special Brew 'falling over to really hard music' type of vibe. I wanted something else. Not just music but a whole new scene.

A few weeks later I went to a club called Rage that had just been opened and I took extacy for the first time. I walked in as a wannabe punk and I walked out as a full on raver. I attended Rage pretty much every Thursday night for the next year and I started going to other clubs like Orange, Fun City, The Temple etc.. along with big legal raves like Raindance and Perception. I loved it!

After about a year of solid raving and buying tunes later I found myself sitting in a pub in Weybridge (Surrey) on a Saturday night in the early summer. A woman came up to me and, judging me by the way I was dressed (i.e raver!), asked if I wanted directions for an illegal rave taking place that night in the New Forest. Of course I said 'yes!' and off I went. After a convoy and getting lost I finally arrived with my buddies. The party, which I believe was a very early Spiral Tribe rave, had all the anarchic energy that I looked for in punk, but rather than Brew Crew crusties leering at one another this crowd was pure pilled up shiny eyed hardcore ravers of my own age. busting moves top some of the ruffest hardcore of all time. I was home!

I pretty much stopped going to clubs and pay raves from then on and instead I went to free raves - Spiral Tribe, Bedlam, Circus Warp, Techno Travellers, Fear Teachers, Circus Normal and others. It was the greatest time of my adult life. The parties just got bigger and better as more and more people caught wind of the free party vibe and by summer of 1992 the free party scene was absolutely massive. I thought it was going to last forever. Life had so much potential.

Then it all started to go wrong.

But by the end of 1992 Hardcore (the music I so loved) started to get cheesy and the beats got all skittery and over technical. Pills got really crap and the free party scene was in a terrible state due to a heavy clamp down by the old bill after Castlemorton. By early 93 Spiral Tribe - the sound system whose raves I most frequented - left for mainland Europe and although I respect how big they got out there I never felt the same vibe when I attended their various early technivals in France.

Despite the fact that things were getting messy on the rave scene and in my own life I kept going to warehouse parties in London week in and week out - somehow hoping for the scene to find its feet once more. But, for me at least, that never happened.

By 95 the free party scene had become like the punk scene that I had witnessed so many years before - dirty and jaded with people stumbling about hardly even listening to this really hard and relenteless music.

The wheel had turned full circle.

It was time to move on.
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